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10 Tips to Hire Node.js Developers. And a Pro Solution for That

Team Lead of Recruiters at Alcor
Accomplished tech recruiter with 8 years of experience building software teams for product tech companies in Eastern Europe.
31 May 2021
6 min

Node.js is considered to be the future of IoT platforms all around the world. This back-end JavaScript runtime environment is widely used across diverse industries to develop either web or mobile apps for healthcare, e-learning, and fintech. Therefore, loads of corporations strive to headhunt the best IT talents for this purpose.


Are you also wondering how to hire a Node.js developer? Then I guess this is the article you were looking for! I have a dozen tips on recruiting IT professionals that will ease your hiring process and help to select the best candidates. After that, I will present you with the Alcor turnkey solution Software R&D Center that consists of recruitment, legal compliance, payroll, real estate, and additional services. Let’s get started!


How to Hire Top Node.js Developers: 10 Master Tips


There are loads of things a CEO should take into account before moving part of their business abroad. Such a decision brings a completely new experience of managing corporate life, navigating an unfamiliar labor market, and discovering a foreign IT ecosystem. Therefore, I decided to facilitate your recruitment process and share useful pieces of advice to find the best Ukrainian Node.js developers for hire.

How to attract and hire Node.js developers?

Node.js is a back-end technology of choice for diverse enterprises and startups. That justifies a high demand for such specialists in the Ukrainian tech market. According to research from our recruitment team, on average there are six open vacancies per one Node.js candidate. Therefore, to stand out from hundreds of employers and headhunt the top IT talent, you should:


1. Shorten the recruitment process


Yes, you heard that right. Today loads of great companies are looking for skillful software engineers, so every redundant interview stage or additional technical test may be a moment when you lose your perfect candidate. Therefore, the shorter the hiring process will be, the better. Nevertheless, you probably don’t want to put your hiring quality at risk. Thus, to make the procedure more effective but less time-consuming, consider delegating this task to a reliable recruitment provider.


For example, a US-based IT product company which develops software designed to empower scientists at every phase of their research activities, recused themselves from a long recruiting process. The enterprise was expanding rapidly in Ukraine, so they decided to limit their hiring process to only three stages. Due to this, Alcor managed to hire two Full-Stack Node.js developers during the shortest period. What is more, one of the developers successfully completed all those recruitment steps within one week.



2. Make a tempting presentation


Considering that IT specialists have a wide range of companies to choose from, you should rehearse your “sales pitch” and make a list of points that will persuade a programmer to join your team. While hiring Node.js developers, emphasize exciting projects, your product stack, and approaches to developing applications such as microservice architecture.


3. Have other experts in your team


It’s no surprise that ambitious employees always strive for personal and professional growth. We all know that the best way to keep evolving is to surround yourself with other passionate IT talents. Therefore, it is useful to mention your A-players while presenting the company. In fact, the presence of experienced colleagues that are eager to share their knowledge is always a plus.


4. Prepare an impressive social package


Apart from a competitive salary rate, it’s good to offer an extensive list of benefits. For instance, one of our clients provides health insurance, free sports activities, paid vacation, sick leaves, and more for their Node.js developers. Some of the IT specialists valued the opportunity to work from home before it went mainstream, so we established remote offices for them with essential iOS equipment. When the pandemic broke out, some of our customers added more benefits to the list. For example, Grammarly launched a course of lectures and workshops for their employees to deal with anxiety.




Which are the key programming skills for a Node.js developer?

Node.js is a cross-platform web development environment, which enables building custom and scalable network applications. It is a quite mature and well-tested tool, so you have to make sure that your candidates meet all the essential tech requirements.


5. Check the basic technology stack


It includes 80+ microservices orchestrated with Kubernetes on Google CP, Drone for CI/CD, high architecture principals, and AWS.


6. Ask for efficient knowledge of Node.js Frameworks


Express is the most fundamental framework, while Koa.js, Hapi, and Total.js are aimed to expand the basic functionalities of Express.


7. Examine the proficiency within Front-End frameworks


Although a bigger part of Node.js developer responsibilities is related to Back-End, they sometimes use Front-End technologies to improve user experience. From my perspective, the most requested Front-End frameworks are React and Angular 2+.


8. Check the mastery of Cloud platforms


It is usually positioned as a great-to-have additional skill; however, Node.js developers often face related tasks even in the Middle positions. AWS and Azure are big names among cloud computing services.


9. Test the proficiency in API communications


This is important when you are looking to hire Node.js developers. Every specialist should know how to interpret existing API codes and make use of them in their own projects.

Where to hire Node.js developers?

10. Compare the pay scales


It’s necessary to discover the perfect offshoring location to hire Node.js developers. You may be surprised that the average Node.js developer salary rates differ dramatically across the countries (see also the iOS developer salary and AWS certified developer salary in different locations). For instance, Ukraine has a vast pool of IT experts, which consists of 12 600 Node.js developers, but their pay scales are several times lower than in the United States. What is more, due to the government tax incentive program, Ukrainian developers pay only 5% of their monthly income (contrary to the US where the tax makes up about 30-45% of salary). Let’s have a look at the table down below, which illustrates the relevant pay for April 2021. Please note that all salaries mentioned below are gross except for Ukrainian ones. To calculate gross salaries in Ukraine, add 5% of taxes.




Alcor Solution: A Development Team in Eastern Europe


As you can see, the recruitment of Node.js developers is a complex and multistage process. You may waste days browsing freelance websites to arrange a job interview with a worthy candidate. Alcor IT recruiters and researchers will be happy to take care of this task. We successfully hired 15 skillful Node.js developers for such companies as BigCommerce, Cubyn, Al Tayer, and others. Our team is ready to headhunt the best talents for you too. We will examine your requirements, consult you on IT recruitment process outsourcing, adjust the vacancy to the Eastern European tech market, and find rare specialists to build a strong engineering team for you in Poland, Romania, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Slovakia.


In essence, Alcor is a BPO (business process outsourcing) company that provides a wide range of services, apart from excellent hiring :). To illustrate our results, let’s look at the case study with BigCommerce. It’s an IT product company that provides innovative solutions for e-commerce businesses. They wanted to expand but faced a lack of skilled IT engineers in the USA. Consequently, BigCommerce turned to Alcor for a comprehensive and cost-effective solution in growing their professional team. In total, our professional recruiters engaged 30+ specialists, two of which were experienced Node.js developers


Recently, BigCommerce entrusted us to find eight more Node.js specialists, so we continue to stimulate the consistent growth of our client. To ease the management of the offshore development team, Alcor accompanied all aspects of BigCommerce activities in Ukraine and provided the company with legal, accounting, and real estate services. Eventually, it took us only one month to set up a successful R&D center.



Final Thoughts


Now you know how to find Node.js developers to match your business needs. Nonetheless, recruitment remains a highly time-consuming and complicated process. Collaborating with a vendor will relieve your pain and give you the chance to focus on your core business tasks, instead of managing operational ones. Therefore, if you consider assembling a team of dedicated developers in Ukraine, consider Alcor as a reliable partner. We offer a wide range of BPO services that together make up a fully backed-up R&D center.


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How do I test a Node.js developer’s expertise?

Check the basic technology stack, ask for efficient knowledge of Node.js Back-End and Front-End frameworks. Examine the proficiency within Cloud platforms and API communications.

How can I attract and hire Node.js developers?

Firstly, you should shorten your recruitment process and make a tempting presentation. Then mention your professional team and impressive social package.

What is the average salary of a Node.js developer in Ukraine?

In Ukraine, the Middle Node.js developer earns around $4 500, while developers on Senior positions can get $5 500+.

Are there any hidden costs I should consider regarding a vendor for hiring a Node.js developer?

Unlike other BPO service providers, Alcor does not charge any buy-out or hidden fees.

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Contact us to receive a free analysis of your positions!

It includes the salary ranges and availability of the requested developers in Poland, Romania, and other countries in EE (as well as time-to-hire metrics and other KPIs for your case).

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