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We will provide you with statistical data regarding the number of developers in Poland, Romania and Ukraine and their average salaries. The discussion will proceed with the expected hiring deadlines and our recommendations on managing payroll, equipment procurement, and compliance matters.

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Own software R&D office:

Outsourced Accounting, Bookkeeping and Tax Services

We provide accounting & payroll outsourcing services for your software R&D office in Poland, Ukraine and Romania.


You’ll get 100% compensation if you or your developers get fined due to our mistake.


Our complete accounting outsourcing service include:

Bookkeeping and tax services;

Tax planning and consultation;

Statutory and management reporting;

Tax record maintenance;

Preparation of financial statements;

BPO accounting services in Poland, Ukraine and Romania.

We offer:

Payroll and accounting services as a combined solution:
Bookkeeping services;
Accounting and tax services;
Salary processing for the IT industry.

Accounting services in Eastern Europe:

  • Outsourced accounting according to National Accounting Standards of Poland, Ukraine and Romania;
  • Tax planning;
  • Tax returns preparation.

Consulting on accounting and tax management:

  • Tax consultations;
  • Providing summary reports or
    analytical information on request;
  • Advising on the main steps
    to set up outsourced development.

Why choose Alcor as an accounting outsourcing service provider?

IT specialization

Alcor has been working for 10 years in the IT domain serving product tech companies. We are an active member of the IT Ukraine Association - the largest tech association in Ukraine. This community gathers top tech companies in Ukraine and enables them to closely communicate with each other and government authorities. We not only know the pains of the IT industry, but also tackle them on a daily basis (by helping IT product companies run their business in Eastern Europe).

English speaking professionals

Our certified accountants and auditors have a good command of English. Unlike other accounting outsourcing firms, at Alcor, we care about your successful communication with our team. Specializing in finance and accounting outsourcing, Alcor’s accountants and finance managers are English-speaking professionals with audit experience, ACCA/DipIFR certificates, and GAAP expertise.

Legal compliance

The Alcor team consists of specialists who save you both time and money. Our lawyers are involved in many aspects of accounting processes, so your business receives a seamless experience and complies fully with European/Ukrainian legislation and requirements.

A-la carte services

The all-in-one place to support your other operations of a development office in Eastern European countries, including outsourced recruiting services, financial services & accounting outsourcing in Ukraine, real estate, HR services, and legal support - to make you feel more comfortable while running your IT business abroad.

What our clients say:

“Alcor handles all of our accounting work (transactions, accounts) and the legal side of our reports and documentation. We are satisfied with the team’s performance because they communicate regularly, meet deadlines, and support their answers with substantive information. The teams are in touch daily,”


Executive Manager at Sitecore

“It’s extremely important to US companies to be confident as to legal structures and operational comfort for doing business in a foreign country. Since Alcor specializes exclusively in IT and possesses the best practices, we are happy to launch our own branded R&D center in Ukraine with their full cycle of Legal & Finance & Recruiting & Office Support, and the intention to grow up to 35+ by the end of 2017”


Farhad Shamshirzan, Director of Software Engineering at Certent DisclosureNet

“We hope to focus on building our products and not be concerned about legal problems, on-time payments, or tax liabilities. The real value of working with Alcor is never having to worry about those problems in all the years we’ve worked together,”


Boris Glantz CTO at Tonic Health

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How it works:


take care of accounting for your development team and office, including:

Tax compliance advisory and consultation;

Communication with tax authorities;

Clarifications of recent updates in law;

Checks of financial statements and accounting records;

100% guaranteed! If you or your programmers get a fine due to our mistake, we will compensate you fully!

keep full control over your bank account and cash flow;

work with subcontractors/customers independently.

fully transparent and fast accounting

can be also leveraged as a part of our bigger proposal “Your own Development Office”

Case studies we are proud of:

Outsourcing bookkeeping services for Sitecore
The need for remaining fully compliant in Ukraine brought a product tech company Sitecore to Alcor. Our team took care of accounting for their R&D team and optimized their bookkeeping outsourcing in Ukraine, so that...
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Full support for BigCommerce
BigCommerce decided to leave their IT outsourcing provider to keep product development in-house. They decided to open an offshore development center with their own team of engineers in Kyiv, Ukraine. Our cooperation started from office searches and hiring skilled software developers...
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Recruitment and accounting for
Case: develops an AI platform for sales teams, which requires rare engineering skills. The startup decided to hire IT talents with a special technology stack in Ukraine and started to work with several providers at once that resulted in...
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Are there any accounting services for tech businesses in Eastern Europe?

There are enough outsourcing accounting function vendors in Poland, Ukraine, and Romania but tech product companies must be careful in choosing the right BPO accounting partner. Most importantly, it shoud be a trustworthy provider that knows all specifics of software development companies, so considering Alcor for accounting services is a smart move. We specialize in providing BPO services in Poland and Ukraine for both small and large businesses in the IT domain. Our clients are technology enterprises from Europe and the USA, and we’re happy to be a great offshore partner for them.

Is it possible to outsource accounting services for a remote development team?

Sure! Find a trustworthy vendor with the experience of working with foreign tech enterprises from the United States or Europe. At Alcor, we play the role of your CFO and business partner in Eastern Europe, taking care of your distant engineering team. From hiring IT specialists, and finding a great office to employer of record services and legal support – we’re here to build an R&D office for you!

What are taxes for developers in Ukraine?

In Ukraine, the government offers a tax incentive for local software developers, who pay only 5% of income tax. To deploy this model, contact us and benefit from accounting processing outsourcing. We will help you keep up with local regulations as a reliable BPO company for your operations in Ukraine.

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We respect your privacy and will never share your data with any third party.

We respect your privacy and will never share your data with any third party or spam you

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