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Legal & Compliance News

How Shares should be Allocated among Startup Founders
Once you’ve decided upon the number of co-founders your startup needs, it is high time to think about... Read more
22 July 2019
О Твиттере, номиналах и деловой репутации
Номинальные директора, деловая репутация и твиттер   Read more
07 February 2019
Build-Operate-Transfer Model in Tech: how to ensure that everything goes smooth
Nowadays IT industry seems to be flourishing as never before, especially in Ukraine. This sph ... Read more
08 January 2019
Как получить визу в США сотрудникам R&D?
For US Tech companies running R&D centers in Ukraine, it's extremely important to have its developers regularly traveling to the US. Read how to secure a visa. ... Read more
20 December 2018
Employment of expatriates in Ukraine
In the process of their legal employment in Ukraine, expatriates have always encounter Read more
17 November 2017