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Legal & Compliance News

How Shares should be Allocated among Startup Founders and Employees
Sergey Ovcharenko
Once you’ve decided upon the number of co-founders your startup needs, it is high time to think about the be... Read more
22 July 2019
8 min
О Твиттере, номиналах и деловой репутации
Номинальные директора, деловая репутация и твиттер   Read more
07 February 2019
Build-Operate-Transfer Model in Tech: how to ensure that everything goes smooth
Sergey Ovcharenko
Nowadays IT industry seems to be flourishing as never before, especially in Ukraine. This sph ... Read more
8 January 2019
7 min
Как получить визу в США сотрудникам R&D?
Elena Talalay
For US Tech companies running R&D centers in Ukraine, it's extremely important to have its developers regularly traveling to the US. Read how to secure a visa. ... Read more
20 December 2018
Employment of expatriates in Ukraine
In the process of their legal employment in Ukraine, expatriates have always encounter Read more
17 November 2017