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It includes the salary ranges and availability of the requested developers in Poland, Romania, and other countries in EE (as well as time-to-hire metrics and other KPIs for your case).

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Own software R&D office:

Legal and Compliance Services for IT Business

Your shelter while navigating throughout Poland, Romania, or other Eastern European countries.


You will get 100% compensation if you or your developers get a fine due to our mistake.


With Alcor, you get the full set of IT compliance managed services needed for accreditation and successful operation of an R&D office in Eastern Europe!

You can get:

Tax Planning

We share best practices on how to work efficiently from the tax regulation point of view. Learn how to use tax incentives and get prepared for any inspections with proven legal BPO services.

Labor Law

How to hire and fire an employee, vacations, bonuses, confidentiality, intellectual property, stock options, and other important items.

Real Estate & Negotiations

Our legal team will handle all operational matters with a landlord, including background checks of an office/landlord, negotiations of the lease agreement, and pertinent daily support issues.

Intellectual Property Law

Protect commercial confidentiality and intellectual property to be assured that your company will keep its competitive edge.

Contract Law

We handle contract reviews and negotiations with your suppliers in Eastern Europe to support your daily operations (and make sure you receive the best procurement services possible).

Legalization of Foreigners

Getting work permits, residence permits, residence registration, document legalization, and other support items necessary to bring foreign developers to Poland.

Visa Support

Visa services for software developers in getting a B1/B2 visa to the USA, business/travel visa to the EU, and/or other countries (as well as support arrangements for business trips).

M&A Deals Support

Due diligence, corporate restructuring, purchase agreement drafting and negotiations.

You will receive:

Full Legal Support

Our lawyers have vast experience in working exclusively with technology companies and startups. We are able to provide a one-stop shop to provide legal compliance services outsourcing in Eastern European countries, supporting your risk management, IT security, and compliance operations of tech businesses.

Team of Lawyers

Instead of only one in-house lawyer, you have access to a team of professionals in IT compliance consulting services who act as your Chief Compliance Officer with international experience and education in TOP US/EU law schools.

Account Manager

Each client has a dedicated Account Manager who is responsible for the project and communicates with you on a regular basis. This is your personal advisor for doing a fully legit tech business backed up by our legal compliance services.

First-hand Information

Our clients receive regular updates with the latest news regarding European legislation (including comments by our compliance and legal management services experts). We make sure that you stay informed and comply with all applicable laws.

The benefits of working with us:

Proven Expertise in the IT Field

Our key advantage is competence in tech law, which makes the Alcor BPO compliance company one of the TOP legal firms on Clutch. Each year our legal support services outsourcing team holds the biggest legal & finance conferences to share the best practices with IT business owners.

Pay as You Grow

A comfortable pricing policy with flexible subscription plans. Pay as you grow with legal process outsourcing in Poland, Romania, or other CEE countries.

Strong Government Relations

Our BPO services team actively participates in developing a better environment for legal services outsourcing in Eastern Europe. We have drafted many new laws concerning the local IT industry, which were successfully adopted by Parliament (thus making the life of tech companies better). We often meet with government officials to sustain this effective dialogue.

SLA: 1-2 days

As your IT compliance services provider, we realize that a quick turnaround is critical for a successful business, and that is why we commit that our team will respond to standard volume requests in 1 or 2 days.

Lawyers with Extensive International Practice

Each lawyer at our BPO compliance solutions company previously worked for major global tech companies and was educated in leading American/EU law schools. We value foreign experience and strive for excellence in legal compliance services for the IT industry on the international level.

A La Carte Services

The all-in-one place to support other operations of your development office. In addition to providing compliance and legal support for your R&D office, we also cover recruitment, real estate, HR payroll, and accounting services - to make you feel more comfortable running your business offshore.

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Clients say about us:

“Alcor’s expert services eased relationships and tensions. Renegotiated and renewed contracts were a direct result. Their professional team strives to understand a company’s needs, focusing on what is crucial. Their high-performance level supplemented their professional management style.”


Valeryi Kozlov, CEO of PL Vision

“Alcor’s expertise and implementations have enabled us to run our company in the way and at the level we want. We don’t always have a solution in mind, but Alcor has answered all of our questions. We couldn’t have implemented those best practices without them.”


Executive Manager at Sitecore

“We hope to focus on building our products and not be concerned about legal problems, on-time payments, or tax liabilities. The real value of working with Alcor is never having to worry about those problems in all the years we’ve worked together.”


Boris Glantz CTO at Tonic Health


How do I transfer IP from the offshoring team to my company?

Before starting offshore development, make direct agreements with the offshore engineers and steer clear from software development providers. Instead, work with compliance specialists to take care of non-disclosure agreements, a separate office, and direct management. They will help keep your intellectual property safe. Working with Alcor as a legal processing outsourcing firm, you won’t need to worry because we sign NDAs with all contractors, plus our team doesn’t have access to your software engineering.

Can I open a subsidiary for a foreign software company in Poland?

Yes. De jure foreign technology companies may work with Polish developers directly (through a contract or provider) or open a legal entity there. Both options function as a subsidiary, yet most IT companies refrain from legal entities to get more benefits.

Is my intellectual property safe in Poland or Romania?

If you’re up for offshoring software development with no intermediaries and seek a safe solution, with Alcor, the IP rights of your business are fully under your control. BigCommerce (NASDAQ: BIGC), ThredUP, Grammarly,, Snap, Ring (Amazon), Payoneer, Reddit, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and other technology corporations have their offshore development offices in Poland or Romania. They don’t experience difficulties with local developers in this regard, and their IP is protected by the GDPR and European law.

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Contact us and receive a free analysis of your positions!

It includes the salary ranges and availability of the requested developers in Poland, Romania, and other countries in EE (as well as time-to-hire metrics and other KPIs for your case).

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