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40 hirings during 12 months |100 during 2 years | BigCommerce

40 hirings during 12 months |100 during 2 years | BigCommerce - Alcor BPO
40 hirings during 12 months |100 during 2 years | BigCommerce - Alcor BPO
40 hirings during 12 months |100 during 2 years | BigCommerce - Alcor BPO
1,5 years
PHP, JS, Scala, Ruby, Angular, React, MySQL, GCP TECH STACK

Setting Up an R&D Office

BigCommerce is an IT product company with outstanding e-commerce solutions for powering successful brands. Launched in 2009, the company currently has over 500 employees and offers its product in 120+ countries.
In 2018, BigCommerce raised approximately $64 million from Goldman Sachs, General Catalyst, GGV Capital and Tenaya Capital. With $155 million in prior investments from names like Telstra and SoftBank, BigCommerce has gained vast financial resources to develop their platform.


Our client wanted to take a more aggressive approach for developing their product and this required extensive investments in human resources. Given the shortage of software developers in the United States BigCommerce have been seeking more accessible as well as cost-effective solutions (without compromising on quality).
For some time, BigCommerce had been working with outsourcing companies from Romania and Ukraine; however, they soon understood that they needed developers to focus solely on their product - and that is why they opted for creating an R&D team in Ukraine.


Among Eastern European countries, Ukraine takes a leading position in software development outsourcing - and high competition in the market keeps Ukrainian developers at the top of outsourcing rankings.

40 hirings during 12 months |100 during 2 years | BigCommerce - Alcor BPO

Those who have had experience with Ukrainian software engineers praise their independence, creativity, and determination to solve even the most complicated problems. That is why our developers have become an asset to international companies like Samsung, Ring, Astound Commerce, Huawei, and Playtech.


Alcor provided BigCommerce with comprehensive support for their entry into the Ukrainian IT market. We assisted them in opening an R&D center from scratch and took care of the real estate, recruiting, legal, and operational activities.


We found an office in a co-working area to house BigCommerce R&D team; after a thorough search, we offered an option that perfectly fit our client and met their expectations. Our team also negotiated all terms with the landlord to ensure that our client got the best conditions.


At the same time, Alcor’s experienced recruiters took care of finding the right tech specialists. When entering Ukraine, foreign companies usually struggle to engage the best professionals (as they are new and unknown here), yet with our help BigCommerce had already started working with its first developers in around a month.


Our legal specialists have accompanied all aspects of BigCommerce activities in Ukraine. We organized all processes in compliance with the best national and international practices and the client enjoys entirely legitimate, transparent operations.


We have also taken care of all payments so that BigCommerce doesn’t need to deal with all local pitfalls of finance and taxes. Our accountants ensure that all activities flow properly in what concerns the remuneration of IT specialists.


New office in a month

After engaging Alcor to help secure a new R&D center, BigCommerce was able to move into their new office in only about a month. Driven to achieve results, we did our best to find a place for the newly created team as soon as possible - and in short order the first team members were comfortably settled into their separate office.

Team of 30+ software engineers in 6 months

With an understanding of the Ukrainian job market and vast experience in recruiting, we have helped BigCommerce to engage over 30 specialists. Although the company was new to our country, we made sure they attained the best talents.

Enhanced expertise in Software Development

BigCommerce's head office has characterized their Ukrainian IT R&D team as a competitive one. This serves as a recognition that local Ukrainian specialists offer world-class service and benefit the companies that hire them.

GDPR compliance solution

To ensure that our client has a completely legal business, we have consulted them regarding GDPR requirements. As a result, we developed a special solution for BigCommerce to be GDPR compliant (in case European authorities express any concerns regarding the matter).

Managed payroll and accounting

The Kyiv team of BigCommerce enjoys timely payments in accordance with local laws. The corporation stays 100% transparent in an offshoring location to do legal business and engage new investments.

Rapid team growth

Although the BigCommerce team in Ukraine has grown from 4 to 30+ specialists in just half a year, they still plan to engage 10 more specialists. This implies that the local team shows great promise and the company is open to further growth.

BigCommerce’s Exceeded Expectations

When opening an R&D center in Ukraine, BigCommerce did not expect such instant results; yet we managed to find the office in a short time and their team grew at a rapid pace (which was far beyond their expectations). With their team in Ukraine, the company doesn’t benefit from high developers' qualification only.

• BigCommerce is now a 100% intellectual property owner. Moreover, they don’t need to compete for developers - as is the usual case with outsourcing service providers – as they now have a highly-skilled team completely focused on their product;

• We have structured the activities of BigCommerce business in a way that takes advantage of special taxation incentives. They also maintain lower maintenance costs.
This outstanding result is the outcome of close cooperation between Alcor and BigCommerce teams!


Opening an R&D Center in Ukraine with Alcor

Alcor is a one-stop shop where companies can get all back-office support at once, bringing our customers large time-saving benefits as they don’t need to work with multiple service providers. Our clients also save money as we don’t have any buy-out fees or hidden payments.

40 hirings during 12 months |100 during 2 years | BigCommerce - Alcor BPO
40 hirings during 12 months |100 during 2 years | BigCommerce - Alcor BPO

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40 hirings during 12 months |100 during 2 years | BigCommerce - Alcor BPO

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40 hirings during 12 months |100 during 2 years | BigCommerce - Alcor BPO

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