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Code of Ethics and Business Conduct

Alcor-Ukraine LLC, together with its affiliates, associates, and partners (“Alcor”, “Company”, “we” or “us”) is committed to conducting its business and affairs with honesty, integrity, and in accordance with high ethical and legal standards. This Code of Ethics and Business Conduct (the “Code”) provides a set of ethical standards to guide all individuals working for us, whether on a permanent or temporary basis – including full-time and part-time employees, contract workers, agency workers, business partners, consultants and vendors of the Company and its subsidiaries worldwide (collectively – “Personnel” and separately – “Member of Personnel”) in the conduct of their business, thus constituting the conditions of cooperation with the Company.


This Code is designed to promote integrity and deter any wrongdoing. It provides an overview of the Company’s expectations for its Personnel and Parties with whom it deals – and is supplemented by other current policies adopted by Alcor (and additional policies that may be adopted by Alcor from time to time).




  1. Focus


Every day as we begin our to-do list, we should identify one important task for today that corresponds to the most important tasks for the week, in turn, that corresponds to the most important tasks for the month, the most important tasks for the quarter, and finally the most important tasks for the year. Just as one little “domino” can set thousands of others in motion, one disciplined effort every day in the right direction could lead to stunning successes!


Understanding that “one thing” allows us to “not get drowned” in routine, looking at ways to streamline processes and new ideas that will make most tasks easier (or even unnecessary). As a result, it’s “head work” that we value in pulling off Alcor victories, rather than just the number of hours spent at the desk.


  1. WOW Effect


We should exceed our clients’ expectations by making them exclaim “WOW!”, because a happy client not only stays loyal to the Company but also brings in new clients, thus helping Alcor’s rapid growth. How can it be done? First and foremost, you must truly comprehend the client’s fundamental requirement. To do so, get as connected with the client as possible (product, markets, latest news, etc.), ask the proper questions, and carefully listen to the answers.


Templates and general Internet advice will not help here – you must immerse yourself in the idea and try to think “like the client”. We want to see love and care in our Personnel’s work, so that every client has genuinely pleasant emotions as a result of communication with us, shouting “WOW!”.


  1. Self-development


“Good people make good business; mediocre people make mediocre business” as the saying goes. But there’s more: “The best people make the best business”.


That’s how it works! Therefore, we need the best, no exceptions. If you become part of the Alcor team – you must take responsibility for ongoing personal and professional growth.


  1. Openness


The Company regularly shares information with all its Personnel on the current state of affairs, including the Company’s financial condition. We are honest and demand the same from all Personnel as part of business etiquette. We value feedback from colleagues and give constructive feedback to Personnel. We are open to dialogue and appreciate being reasoned and concise.


  1. Fun


A good sense of humor is valued by the company in addition to professional talents. After all, we spend a lot of time at work and it’s humor that allows us to unwind, form strong ties between seemingly different people, and celebrate every victory together. Humor elevates even the most routine activity, making us happier and healthier. Thus, it’s critical to us that everyone who joins the Alcor team feels free and cheerful.


Humor also assists in finding answers to challenging problems, approaching challenges in novel ways, and experimenting with curiosity to increase personal and team performance. So, please make jokes and have fun (only not by offending others).




We all deserve to work in an environment where we are treated with dignity and respect. Alcor is committed to creating such an environment because it brings out the full potential in each of us, which in turn contributes directly to our business success. Each Member of our Personnel should treat his/her colleagues, Alcor’s shareholders, customers, suppliers, and the communities in which they operate, fairly and respectfully, lawfully and ethically, with honesty and integrity, in a manner consistent with long-term relationships.


Therefore, we prohibit abusive or harassing behavior by Personnel toward others, such as aggressiveness, unwelcome sexual advances, discriminatory comments based on ethnicity, religion or race, inappropriate language, other non-business personal comments, or conduct that makes others uncomfortable in their cooperation with Alcor. We also encourage and expect Personnel to report harassment or other inappropriate conduct to our Head of People & Culture.




Alcor is committed to providing a work environment that enables all Personnel to be recruited and pursue their careers, free from any form of unwarranted discrimination, and commits to offering equal cooperation opportunities without regard to any distinctions based on age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, race, religion, citizenship, marital status, family situation, country of origin or other factors, in accordance with the laws and regulations of each country in which Alcor does business.


We recognize that an inclusive and diverse work environment respects the unique characteristics, skills, and experiences of all Personnel. Alcor celebrates multiple approaches and points of view, believing that diversity drives innovation. So, we’re building a corporate culture where differences are valued.


All Personnel are expected to support an inclusive workplace by adhering to the following conduct standards:


  • Treat others with dignity and respect at all times;
  • Address and report inappropriate behavior and comments that are discriminatory, harassing, abusive, offensive, or unwelcome, to Alcor’s Head of People & Culture;
  • Seek out insights from the Members of Personnel with different experiences, perspectives, and backgrounds;
  • Avoid slang or idioms that might not translate across cultures;
  • Support flexible work arrangements for co-workers with different needs, abilities, and/or obligations;
  • Confront the decisions or behaviors of others that are based on conscious or unconscious biases.




Within the jurisdictions in which Alcor conducts business, it complies with all applicable laws, regulations, legal principles, and values, including (but not limited to) those regarding:


  • Labor and employment practices
  • Privacy rules
  • Human rights
  • Consumer protection
  • Health and safety
  • Financial disclosure
  • Tax rules
  • Competition and trade
  • Anti-bribery & Corruption
  • Anti-fraud
  • Intellectual property


Alcor looks for diplomatic approaches to conflict resolution, which is why we do not support military aggression and condemn Russia’s unlawful actions against Ukraine. In this regard, we don’t cooperate with Russia-related companies and specialists.




Alcor is concerned about securing the personal data it processes. Please read our Privacy Policy that explains (1) what personal data we collect; (2) how we use, maintain, and otherwise handle this personal data; (3) the conditions under which we may disclose personal data to others; (4) how we keep personal data secure; and (5) the rights and choices available regarding personal data.




Each Member of our Personnel must not – whether alone or together with others – engage in administrative business process outsourcing in the sphere of information technologies similar to, or competitive with, the activity of Alcor. Such activity includes the provision of recruiting, legal, accounting, financial intermediary services, HR and marketing services, co-working, and other services in the real estate industry – for the purpose of, complex servicing of IT R&D centres in countries where Alcor provides the above-mentioned services according to the website (hereinafter «Restricted Territory») and does not include the provision of recruiting, legal, accounting, HR and marketing services, co-working and other services in the real estate industry separately from one another.


Regardless of the initiator and reasons for termination of cooperation with Alcor, the Member of Personnel undertakes to refrain from competitive activity within the Restricted Territory during the entire period of cooperation with Alcor, and 12 (twelve) months forward from the date of termination.


The Member of Personnel agrees that for the whole period of cooperation with Alcor and twelve (12) months after its termination, not to directly or indirectly contact (or attempt to contact) Alcor’s customers, using any other form of oral, written, or electronic communication, including email, regular mail, express mail, telephone, fax, or instant message, or social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter, or any other social media platform, whether or not in existence at the time of entering into this agreement or will exist in future), or meet with the Alcor’s current, former, or prospective customers for purposes of offering goods/ services similar to, or competitive with, those offered by Alcor.




All Personnel are ambassadors of the Company in both their business and personal lives. While Alcor supports the freedom of the individual to pursue a life in his/her own way outside of business hours, Personnel are encouraged to act in a manner that upholds their good reputation and that of Alcor. Personnel must represent the Company in a professional manner at all times. Neither the reputation nor the image of the Company may be jeopardized at any time. The behavior of all Personnel is seen to reflect that of the Company, so all actions must reflect our policies.


If a Member of Personnel would like to make any public written (e.g. own publications, comments to publications of other authors, etc.) or oral statements (e.g. performance as a speaker at any event, comments to the media) using Alcor’s name or Alcor’s confidential information, such a Member of Personnel should obtain prior approval of Alcor’s Legal Department, Head of People & Culture, and Marketing Department. This limitation does not apply to the publication of available vacancies, greetings to Alcor or other Members of Personnel, and/or sharing of information published on Alcor’s website or official pages on social media.




We may from time to time modify or update our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, upon which we will also update the ‘Last Revised’ date on this document. You are advised to visit this page regularly for the latest version of this Code of Ethics and Business Conduct.




If you have any questions regarding this Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, please contact us by one of the following means:




Telephone: +380-44-359-13-60


Postal address: 01033, Ukraine, Kyiv, Simi Prakhovykh str., 58/10.




Last revised – August 8, 2022