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It includes the salary ranges and availability of the requested developers in Poland, Romania, and other countries in EE (as well as time-to-hire metrics and other KPIs for your case).

Marina Panchuk
20 May 2022
12 min


Polish Developers: Pros, Cons, Rates & Insights
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21 September 2017
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27 September 2021
Employment of expatriates in Ukraine
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17 November 2017


Team Augmentation in Poland: Reasons, Benefits and Current Market Overview
Marina Panchuk
Poland holds an exalted position as one of the most regarded offshoring destinations; therefore, tech compa ... Read more
23 September 2022
8 min
Software Team Inspiration: How to Motivate Team Members as a Leader
Dmitry Ovcharenko
Software Team Inspiration: How to Motivate Team Members as a Leader... Read more
20 September 2022
12 min
How Shares Should be Allocated Among Startup Founders and Employees
Sergey Ovcharenko
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08 September 2022
15 min
How to Work Effectively with an Offshore Hybrid Mobile Development Team
Sergey Ovcharenko
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25 August 2022
7 min
Key Engineering Management Skills Tech Companies are Looking for Today
Alina Grytsenko
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23 August 2022
9 min
How to Hire a Team of Offshore AI Developers for Your IT Сompany
Marina Panchuk
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15 August 2022
11 min
3 Benefits of QA Testing Outsourcing and Why They Won’t Pay Off
Sergey Ovcharenko
3 Benefits of QA Testing Outsourcing and Why They Won’t Pay Off... Read more
11 August 2022
6 min
Mobile App Development Outsourcing: Challenges & Solutions
Sergey Ovcharenko
Many non-tech companies and startups want to build their mobile applications but lack in-house technical exper... Read more
02 August 2022
11 min
Average Automation Engineer Salary Worldwide Research
Nadiia Kovalchuk
Nowadays, software becomes more complex, its production pace speeds up, and the application updates can occ Read more
01 August 2022
14 min
Average iOS Developer Salary: Worldwide Research Among Tech Companies
Nadiia Kovalchuk
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29 July 2022
10 min
Average Salary for Business Intelligence Developer Worldwide Research
Marina Panchuk
The Business Intelligence developer is a prestigious and much-in-demand role among product tech companies w ... Read more
22 July 2022
11 min
Average Indie Game Developer Salary: Analysis of Worldwide Research
Marina Panchuk
Average Indie Game Developer Salary: Analysis of Worldwide Research... Read more
19 July 2022
11 min
Talent Acquisition in IT Sector: Challenges & Best Practices for Hiring
Marina Panchuk
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12 July 2022
9 min
11 Recruiting Tips & Tricks to Get Best IT Talents
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30 June 2022
11 min
13 Remote Team Management Tools to Boost Effectiveness
Dmitry Ovcharenko
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23 June 2022
10 min