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Alcor is an Eastern European IT recruitment services agency that focuses on hiring Senior/Lead software developers and other IT professionals for product tech companies. We operate in Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, and other Eastern European countries and not only perform full-cycle tech recruiting services but also provide legal compliance, accounting, HR payroll, and other back-office functions. 


Our audience is tech companies from the USA, Western European countries, Canada, and other countries. 90% of our traffic is either organic or direct, making it possible for us to earn new visitors in a natural way. So, if you’re a guest blogger, contributing writer or freelance author who wants to submit an article to increase brand awareness, get high-quality traffic, and boost the domain authority of your website, contribute to our site today! 

Topics to write on:

IT industry, software development market overviews in a specific region or country
IT industry crisis, turnovers and hiring freezes
Software developer salary worldwide research
New IT unicorns and startups
Silicon Valley news
Offshore software development center, software R&D Center
Outsourcing, outstaffing, staff augmentation, team extension
Dedicated development team
Management in software development

We will consider your expert article for publishing if it has:

100% unique content, not generated by AI
Logical and easy-to-read sentences
Semi-official tone of voice with occasional idioms and metaphors
1500+ words
Proper title, H1, H2-H3 structure
Bulleted and/or numbered lists
Relevant infographics (size - 700x500, weight – up to 100 KB), charts, and statistics with outlinks to trusted sources

We won’t publish your guest post if it has:

Low quality and unclear structure
Inaccurate data and questionable value to our audience
Direct website promotions
Links to our competitors
Links to prohibited niches like casino, betting, essay, cryptocurrency, etc.
Content that we have already covered in our blog

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Our editorial support

Each guest post undergoes a thorough check from our professional team of editors to ensure the highest content quality, relevance, and value to our readers. - Alcor BPO

Free plagiarism check

We use professional plagiarism-detecting software to check all articles before publishing. For all our guest contributors, plagiarism check is available at no cost!

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By submitting your guest post, you give us your permission to edit and publish it on without any further claims from you regarding payment or copyright infringement of the submitted article. Once the article is published on our website, it becomes our intellectual property, and you are prohibited from re-publishing it on other sources without obtaining our prior written consent. 

Publication procedure:


Email your guest blogging idea to us


Get our editorial team’s approval


Write your guest post and submit it


Receive our feedback and refine your article


Get additional coverage on our social networks


We post your article


Get notified about the publication date


Share the final version of your guest post


Your guest post is published and ready to generate more relevant traffic for your website!

How to start?


Once you’ve come up with a great guest article idea, we kindly ask you to follow our content contributor guidelines.  


Send the email to with the topic “Guest Post Article for Alcor”.


Include this in your email:


– Title of the article

– Short article description

– Short article outline

– Sample work of your writing


Once you’ve submitted your content idea, our editors will review it and get back to you with an answer. 


If your guest column suggestion is approved by our team, please submit your post and infographics. If not, please contribute another content suggestion that will be more relevant to our audience and repeat the procedure.


After that, our team will edit your article and provide feedback, so you can improve your content and make a final version submission. 


Before posting your content, we’ll notify you about the publication date on our website and social networks.