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It includes the salary ranges and availability of the requested developers in Poland, Romania, and other countries in EE (as well as time-to-hire metrics and other KPIs for your case).

Healthcare IT Recruitment - Alcor BPO

Healthcare IT Recruitment

You save lives, we save your time & costs!

Alcor is a leading tech headhunting company that provides IT recruitment for the healthcare industry in Eastern Europe. High quality, speed, and cost-effectiveness lay at the heart of our tech hiring approach.


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Our healthcare IT staffing services include:

Full-cycle healthcare IT staffing in Eastern Europe

Executive search for top tech managers and developers with rare skills

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (dedicated recruiter)

Your employer brand promotion on the local market

Operational support

We guarantee to hire for you:


healthcare software developers within 1 month


healthcare software developers within 3 months


healthcare software developers within 1 year


months warranty to substitute our candidate free of charge


Healthcare IT Roles We Fill:

IT Infrastructure & Data Management

IT Engineer, Cloud Systems Expert, Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Data Architect, Data Engineer, Database Administrator, Data Operator

Electronic Health Records

Cloud Engineers, Data Administrator, Software Engineers

Business Applications

Technical Analyst, Software Developer, QA Tester, Cloud Architect, Software Development Engineer in Test, Technical Success Engineer

Leadership Positions

CIO, CTO, CMIO, IT Director, IT Manager, Chief Technological Officer, Chief Information Officer, Delivery Manager, Head of Software Engineering, Director of Engineering

Healthcare IT Talents' Skills Sets:


The advantages
of working
with Alcor – a global healthcare IT recruitment agency:

40 healthcare IT recruiters on board

Healthcare IT recruitment company Alcor provides full-cycle hiring services. Our researchers study the market, compile the right candidate profile, and make great use of tech communities, while our tech recruiters are experienced negotiators and HR professionals. They know how to present the employer value proposition and make candidates interested in your medtech company.

Healthcare IT Recruitment - Alcor BPO

3-6 weeks - average closing time

We offer Eastern European talents for key healthcare IT careers with a particular focus on rare technologies. Contact us to get an idea of the closing time for your specific positions. We will prepare an analysis of your tech roles with our time-to-hire commitment & guarantee. Get results, not promises!

Healthcare IT Recruitment - Alcor BPO

Healthcare IT recruiting agency Alcor hires Senior and Lead healthcare IT professionals with rare tech skills. This requires exceptional treatment and attitude, which we guarantee to our clients: medical product companies, organizations, research institutions, and hospitals, etc. As a result, 98% of all candidates successfully pass the probation period.

Maryna Panchuk

Head of IT Recruitment Department

80% - CV pass rate

On average, 4 out of 5 candidates that we introduce to our clients are considered good and invited for an interview. No spam, no need to waste your time on irrelevant CVs.

Healthcare IT Recruitment - Alcor BPO

8 CVs = 1 accepted offer*

Usually, it takes us sending you eight CVs to get one accepted offer. This includes refusal of offers, counter-offers, and other matters that may arise from time to time (*updated in March 2022).

Healthcare IT Recruitment - Alcor BPO

You will receive: - Alcor BPO

Key account manager

Our team provides individual support and delegates one account manager to work closely on your healthcare IT staffing in Eastern Europe. - Alcor BPO

Blind CVs

Within one business day, our healthcare IT recruiters prepare several blind CVs for you to approve the tech and soft skills required for your future IT employees. - Alcor BPO

Verified candidates in up to 5 days

Using our 600,000 IT talent network, we select and send you CVs of verified programmers who are perfectly matched with your job requirements and ready to consider your vacancy. - Alcor BPO

Weekly reports

You will be receiving weekly reports on the entire healthcare IT recruiting process with the number of processed CVs and conducted job interviews, including further recommendations for your talent acquisition in Eastern Europe. - Alcor BPO

Advice and support

Relying on our rich experience in IT staffing services, we help adjust your vacancies to the local market to make them more attractive for local tech experts. In this way you save considerably on cost per hire. - Alcor BPO

Candidates with proven track record

Our tech recruitment team works as a healthcare IT recruitment agency. They thoroughly check all CVs, request references, plus conduct your job tests and assessments to check all candidates’ proficiency in English and cultural fit.

Case studies we are proud of:

Dotmatics decided to set up a new software team in Eastern Europe and move from the IT outsourcing model to oversee the development of its ground-breaking scientific products. The company's main concern was the speed and quality of hiring since they had an ambitious goal to hire over 30 software engineers in 1 year. Thus, they started seeking assistance from an experienced RPO services partner with insider knowledge of the Eastern European technological market.
Top-notch RPO for Dotmatics in Eastern Europe
After Dotmatics reached out to Alcor to get professional IT hiring services, we first conducted consultations on the recruitment process outsourcing in Eastern Europe. Then, our team proceeded with adjusting the client's vacancies to the local tech market, writing the perfect value proposition for developers, and beginning the executive search. As a result, Dotmatics obtained 30 software engineers on board in just 12 months and received administrative support.
Being the leading American provider of AI fraud detection and management solutions, Sift values experience and high-quality development when it comes to software engineers. So when it was time to expand their engineering team abroad, the company chose to hire professional Eastern European developers. The only issue was that their in-house recruiter could only close support positions. That is why Sift started looking for the top RPO services and operational providers in Eastern Europe and found Alcor.
30 experienced developers for Sift in Eastern Europe
We started our cooperation with Sift by allocating 13 IT researchers and recruiters and 1 account manager. Then, our team closed the position of Head of R&D, Front End Developer, and Back End Engineer with rare tech stacks. In order to strengthen the reputation of Sift in the Eastern European technological market, Alcor conducted an employer branding campaign that helped us hire 30 engineering specialists for Sift in just 1 year.
When Ledger wanted to create a team of 20 QA engineers in Eastern Europe, they needed stellar IT hiring and back-office management. Even though they already had some employees in Eastern Europe, the other part of their team was located in Paris. Thus, Ledger was looking for an experienced Eastern European provider that could also ensure legal compliance, handle taxes, protect their IP rights, and perform other functions.
Professional tech RPO and legal compliance for Ledger
Ledger reached out for assistance to Alcor and we started our collaboration by engaging 10 Alcor's tech researchers and recruiters. On top of hiring IT specialists, we also appointed our finance managers and lawyers with IT law expertise to help Ledger abide by Eastern European and French laws and deliver other operational functions. All of this without registering the legal entity of Ledger in Eastern Europe. Eventually, Ledger received 10+ QA engineers and is planning to hire another 12 QA specialists in 2022.
Healthcare IT Recruitment - Alcor BPO

How we provide healthcare IT recruitment services:


Meet online with the client to agree upon the profile of an ideal candidate


Create a catchy value proposition


Screen our network of 600,000 vetted candidates


Conduct job interviews with the best matching candidates


Congratulations on a superior hire!


Support for payroll, accounting and/or legal matters, on request


Make a job offer and work with counteroffers, if any


Forward the most appropriate candidates to the client for a job interview


Your own healthcare information technology team in Eastern Europe!


🔎 1. What does Alcor’s full-cycle healthcare IT recruitment include?

Healthcare IT recruitment firm Alcor provides a whole spectrum of tech headhunting services. While our IT researchers take an active part in an ideal candidate profile creation and CV pre-screening, our tech recruiters conduct job interviews and work with offers / counter-offers. Our team also provides clients with market and payscale research, consultations, and reports (as well as can conduct an employer branding campaign on request). 

⚙️ 2. What healthtech recruitment does Alcor specialize in? 

The Alcor team focuses on recruiting senior and lead healthcare software engineers with various skill stacks, including Python, .NET, React, PHP, AWS, CSS/HTML, Node.JS, and Ruby, etc. By utilizing the best industry practices in combination with modern hiring techniques, we present our clients with the best-matched candidates.

3. How many IT recruiters does Alcor have on board?

Providing IT staffing services for over 10 years, our company has risen to become a mature expert in the field, comprising over 40 tech researchers & recruiters who possess broad expertise in IT talent acquisition.

💪 4. How long does it take Alcor’s IT recruiters to close one tech position?

On average, it takes us from 3 to 6 weeks to close one specific vacancy. To provide our clients with a projected time to fill, our IT recruiters for the healthtech field consider the specifics of the vacancy, check the availability of candidates in our network of 600,000 IT specialists, and analyze the local market to identify their demand and average rates, etc. To get more details on the matter, contact us!

🎯 5. What are the benefits of opting for healthcare IT recruiting in Eastern Europe?

Eastern Europe is among top destinations for building healthcare tech teams. This region has over 1 million qualified IT professionals with profound tech qualification and exceptional soft skills, affordable wages & taxes, convenient location, and robust data security. Such medtech companies as Johnson & Johnson, Stryker, Medline Industries, Baxter, Dotmatics, and Tonic Health have already taken advantage of this offshoring destination.

Healthcare IT Recruitment - Alcor BPO
Healthcare IT Recruitment - Alcor BPO

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Contact us and receive a free analysis of your positions!

It includes the salary ranges and availability of the requested developers in Poland, Romania, and other countries in EE (as well as time-to-hire metrics and other KPIs for your case).

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