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Your own R&D office news

What is a Dedicated Offshore Development Center and How to Set it up Right?
Sergey Ovcharenko
In 2020, the IT industry continues to get more and more globalized. Having stopped outsourcing software develo... Read more
Updated on 10 November, 2020
8 min
Open R&D in Ukraine: How Tech Companies Can Leverage IT Talents
Sergey Ovcharenko
In terms of R&D, Ukraine can boast of more than 100 software development offices of global tech compani Read more
05 June 2020
10 min
Why Ukraine is a Great Fit for International Tech Companies
Dmitry Ovcharenko
When looking for an offshore location, you might find a range of articles claiming that Ukraine is the best ... Read more
21 April 2020
7 min
How to Manage Software Development Team
Dmitry Ovcharenko
Managing software development teams is never without challenges, yet when running an R&D office abroad ... Read more
25 March 2020
8 min
Why IT outsourcing does not work for startups?
Sergey Ovcharenko
Why IT outsourcing does not work for startups?... Read more
July 2019, updated in October 2020
What is offshoring and how it benefits businesses?
The arrival of new technology companies boosts the demand for IT specialists. Already now, the Western ... Read more
13 June 2019
Why Startup Pitches to Investors Often Fail
Last week I had the chance to judge in the Ukraine-UK Startup Competition in Kyiv. There were 10 bri Read more
05 June 2019
Do not get into the trap: TOP 12 mistakes IT companies make when opening R&D center in Ukraine
Dmitry Ovcharenko
More and more American tech companies are becoming enthusiastic to set up their own R&D center i ... Read more
04 March 2019
7 min
From Idea to Software Product: outsourcing or product company?
Dmitry Bechutskiy
In the Ukrainian IT industry, especially in the sphere of software development, new companies spring ... Read more
31 January 2019
7 min
How to open your own R&D office in Ukraine
Dmitry Ovcharenko
How to open your own R&D office in Ukraine... Read more
25 January 2019
5 min