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Worldwide Research: Offshore Software Development Hourly Rates
Sergey Ovcharenko
With AI and machine learning being on the rise, the IT sector is at its best. However, Korn Ferry informs us t... Read more
02 June 2023
12 min
What is a Dedicated Offshore Product Development Center and How to Set it up Right?
Sergey Ovcharenko
In 2023, the IT industry continues to get more and more globalized. With the intention to refrain from ou Read more
25 May 2023
19 min
7 Successful and 4 Bad Offshoring Examples
Dmitry Ovcharenko
Today, more and more IT entrepreneurs are implementing innovative approaches for doing business. The global ... Read more
17 May 2023
11 min
Software Development in Czech Republic: IT Sector Overview
Sergey Ovcharenko
The Czech Republic is a country in central Europe that has already caught the interest of Google, Microsoft ... Read more
05 May 2023
9 min
6 Tips for Managing an Overseas Team and Key Challenges
Dmitry Ovcharenko
6 Tips for Managing an Overseas Team and Key Challenges... Read more
11 April 2023
8 min
Work-Life Balance for a Software Engineer
Sergey Ovcharenko
About 75% of developers are actively looking for a new job and 36% of those are dissatisfied with their work-l... Read more
23 March 2023
10 min
Key Factors and Challenges of Building Startup Culture
Dmitry Ovcharenko
With 2022 called the ‘Year of Work Culture’ by Forbes, the question of which approach is better inevita Read more
22 March 2023
10 min
Are Taxes Higher in the USA or Europe?
Viktoriia Keliar
Since tax rates differ in each country, the question of where to set up your company and recruit employees ... Read more
16 March 2023
9 min
IT Outsourcing to Eastern Europe: Major Trends & Insights
Dmitry Ovcharenko
According to a McKinsey survey, about 87% of tech executives see the talent gap as their main challenge in ... Read more
14 March 2023
15 min
13 Facts You Didn't Know Before About Software Developers
Sergey Ovcharenko
13 Facts You Didn't Know Before About Software Developers... Read more
06 March 2023
8 min
5 Best Books a CTO/CIO Must Read (and 3 they shouldn’t)
Dmitry Ovcharenko
C-level information technology positions are always challenging, as only a few software engineers can take ove... Read more
17 February 2023
8 min
IT Talent Gap: How to Pass the Challenge
Sergey Ovcharenko
In recent years, the number of Computer Information Sciences and Support Services graduates has been growin Read more
31 January 2023
7 min
8 Insightful Books on Engineering Management (and 5 that Aren't)
Dmitry Ovcharenko
Engineering management is a prestigious career step for most software engineers. Alcor is an expert in recr ... Read more
19 January 2023
9 min
Work Environment for a Software Engineer
Marina Panchuk
Qualified software engineers are the most valuable asset of any IT company. Along with decent wages, these ... Read more
13 January 2023
6 min
Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Java Development Projects: How to Bypass the Cons with a Turnkey Solution
Sergey Ovcharenko
Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Java Development Projects: How to Bypass the Cons with a Turnkey Soluti... Read more
10 January 2023
7 min
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