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5 Successful and 4 Bad Offshoring Examples
Dmitry Ovcharenko
In an unprecedented 2021, it’s important to stay responsive and flexible. Today, more and more entrepreneurs... Read more
22 February 2021
7 min
Offshoring IT Services: Pros and Cons, Benefits, Challenges and Trends 2021
Dmitry Ovcharenko
No matter what drives you crazy these days – the lack of qualified employees or huge expenses on staff - Read more
28 January 2021
8 min
IT Outsourcing Best Practices: Do You Need to Develop an IT Outsource Strategy?
Sergey Ovcharenko
The prominent feature of the tech industry is its ever-shifting environment. Thus, keeping the budgets alon ... Read more
25 January 2021
7 min
12 Things a CEO Should Know Before Starting IT Outsourcing in Ukraine
Sergey Ovcharenko
Creating a technology business requires considerable outflow, and its expansion will cost even more. Sooner ... Read more
31 December 2020
10 min
4 Tips How to Manage Offshore Development Team Effectively
Dmitry Ovcharenko
4 Tips How to Manage Offshore Development Team Effectively... Read more
Updated in December 2020
8 min
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