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Hire Offshore Laravel & PHP Developers Fast & Easy

Head of IT Recruitment Department
Hire Offshore Laravel & PHP Developers Fast & Easy - Alcor BPO profile
01 June 2023
8 min

Laravel web development gives the opportunity to create scalable, attractive digital platforms and applications. Thanks to various tools for improving the authentication process, this framework is widely recognized for reliability of the final product. Thus, coders who master this feature-rich programming language are in high demand today. Due to this fact, it might be difficult to hire a Laravel developer without outer assistance. That’s why I prepared a list of tips and tricks to help you along the way.


If you’re looking for a fast solution to hire offshore Laravel developers, check out our turnkey IT recruitment services. So, how recruitment process outsourcing may be of help in your search of skillful Laravel developers? We can build for you a turnkey offshore development center. Where to search, how to hire and what aspects to take into consideration to pick the best of the best Laravel programmers? Coming up right now!


Build Your Own Offshore Dedicated Development Center with Alcor 


If you are looking for a Laravel developer for hire, we have a brilliant solution to offer – your own offshore development center. Our professional recruiters and IT researchers will be happy to find the best specialists for you. They provide executive search for rare developers along with analytical reports on pay scales and benefits. Thanks to our rich experience in IT recruitment services, we know how to perfectly adjust your vacancy to the Eastern European tech market – and that helps to attract top talents and reduce your cost-per-hire.


Our model is different from traditional offshore outsourcing, since you can get your own team of IT talents in Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, or any other country in the EE, with no intrusion into your management or software development. What’s more, stepping back from offshore outsourcing of PHP & Laravel web development also reduces the risks of data leakage and strengthens your IP rights protection, as you keep all the core processes fully in-house.


But wait – there’s more! Our leading lawyers provide clients with full legal support and compliance in accordance with European labor laws. In addition, they handle lease negotiations, while our real-estate managers prepare the best office premises for software engineers. As you can see, Alcor is an all-in-one place to set up a successful offshore development center in Eastern Europe.



Where to Find a Laravel Developer for Hire in Eastern Europe


Eastern Europe is considered a perfect spot to look for top IT experts. Therefore, I decided to list the best platforms where a business owner can hire a Laravel coder or other types of software developers. Let’s have a look at local freelance portals, job-searching websites, and other resources.


  • is an IT recruitment marketplace that helps product tech companies hire programmers in Eastern Europe with various skills and tech stacks, including Laravel developers. As an employer, you can post your job vacancies on Huntly to increase the candidates pipeline while the recruitment community will help close your positions by referring the best-fitting candidates on the market.
  • is a prominent website for searching freelancers. There are many convenient features, such as filtering developers by specializations and selecting those who look for either project-based cooperation or long-term work.
  • Although is a quite similar platform, there is one distinct point: a client can discuss the project details and conditions with a freelancer only at the stage of looking for a contractor.
  • NoFluffJobs is a Polish-based IT job board that can help you find an offshore Laravel developer for hire. As an employer, you can create job listings and look for candidates with different skills or experience, etc. You can also check a candidate’s profile to get more information about the dev’s work history and job requirements before reaching out to them.
  • Jooble is a job search engine with simple but effective tools to match companies with their ideal candidates. Moreover, the platform doesn’t charge money for vacancy publishing, but instead for views it gets.
  • is one of the biggest job searching portals in Poland. It is popular among renowned companies and experienced specialists. What is more, there is a great pool of available CVs of software developers looking for new opportunities, so you are likely to find a Laravel developer for hire.


It’s an ambitious decision to browse all these websites in search of specialists. I must admit that it’s a very time-consuming and uneasy task that often requires knowledge of the local language. If you are looking for a more effective solution to hire an offshore Laravel developer (for instance, team augmentation in Bulgaria), consider collaboration with a recruitment provider. You can more easily receive fast and quality filling of positions, local tech market analysis, consultations, and a list of guarantees to relieve the stress of a complex hiring process.


hiring-offshore-developers - Alcor BPO


How to Hire an Offshore Laravel Developer?


Once you’ve found a suitable platform or partnered with a reliable service provider, it’s time to give some thought to details of the recruitment process. To make it less complicated, I noted down the most crucial points you should take into account when you decide to hire a Laravel programmer.


  • Hiring Process

In essence, it’s important to shorten the recruitment process as much as possible because great specialists are in high demand today. Keep in mind that alongside your invitation for an interview, a coder receives dozens of emails from other employers. Therefore, I advise you to get rid of the redundant talks and instead introduce short panel technical interviews, coding sessions, technical pre-screening, and other methods to quickly test the hard skills of your candidate.


Checking a candidate’s portfolio may be an obvious part, however there are some crucial aspects. Examine not only the quality of their work but also pay attention to the industry, product, and corporate compatibility. Look over the previous experience of Laravel developers to see whether they used to work with companies and products similar to yours. A corporate website is aimed at representing your brand, so the developers should have a general understanding of your industry. Apart from that, find out if you share common values to start an effective collaboration and avoid possible misunderstandings.


Following the same strategy, Alcor managed to headhunt 7 PHP developers for BigCommerce – the IT company that provides an outstanding product with solutions for e-commerce brands. Using advanced analytics, our experienced recruiters presented the client with the strongest candidates with common cultural points. Because of that, today the enterprise enjoys comfortable working relationships with its offshore employees.


Note: Read our article on managing an offshore development team to be better prepared for your own Laravel team abroad!


  • Expenses

Before the salary discussion starts, think about a suitable business model you’d like to stick to. Usually, there are options of full-time, part-time, and hourly hiring. What is more, it’s not a surprise that the salaries of Laravel developers can differ dramatically across the states, so think thoroughly about your nearshoring or offshoring destination. Recently, my team and I prepared worldwide research on the average ETL developer salary and the wages of other programmers, such as PHP and .NET developers. Have a look at the table down below to compare approximate pay rates for April 2023 in the United States, Canada, and Eastern Europe.


Average base pay US Canada Poland Romania
Junior $95,000 $80,000 $24,000 $21,000
Middle $110,000 $95,000 $35,000 $30,000
Senior $135,000 $113,000 $43,000 $37,000

Sources: Glassdoor, SalaryExpert, Talent 


As you see, offshoring Laravel development in Poland or Romania will cost you 20%-30% less than onshore or nearshore locations.


  • Hard Skills

1. Expertise in PHP language. Considering that the Laravel framework was built for PHP, good command over this programming language is a first must-have. Moreover, an experienced PHP developer should know such frameworks and libraries as Symfony, CakePHP, and Zend.


2. Web development skills. There are three fundamental programming languages every Laravel developer should know: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. They are crucial for the website’s functioning, so you’d better reject a candidate who is not skillful enough in any of these.


3. Understanding of MVC architecture. MVC (Model View Controller) is a technology that software engineers use while writing apps. Laravel is based on MVC, therefore additional knowledge is required.


4. Solid understanding of OOP (object-oriented programming). Laravel is completely object-oriented and helps developers to create products with better performance.


5. Extensive experience in Laravel and knowledge of its best practices, including unit testing, developing templates, and routing, etc.


6. Ability to handle Project Management frameworks – Agile, Scrum, Waterfall, etc.


7. Knowledge of database migration system as there could be a necessity to move the data from one platform to another. Two common tools are used for this purpose: MyBatis and Rails rake.


8. Good command over server administration tools (Apache, Nginx, etc.) is preferred.


  • Soft Skills

1. Curiosity

Although Laravel is quite a stable and widely used PHP framework, it updates and evolves constantly. That’s why curiosity is a great personal trait for a developer to create reliable, effective, and attractive web applications.

2. Creativity

This quality is needed to develop new approaches and provide creative custom solutions. In fact, out-of-the-box thinking helps IT specialists to handle the challenges of a fast-paced tech environment. So, hire a Laravel developer who is not afraid to experiment.

3. Ability to work independently or in a group

No doubt that IT professionals need patience, focus, and self-organization to work as solo players and code with high quality. At the same time, they also need excellent communication skills to listen to the ideas of other specialists and strengthen the existing development team.



Final Thoughts


To sum up, Laravel is a classy PHP framework that enables IT professionals to build the highly functional back-end of a web product. Business owners see the advantages of using the Laravel framework, so there is high demand for such specialists on the tech market. Moreover, there are multiple things to keep in mind in order to hire Laravel developers. Nevertheless, a reliable vendor can relieve the pain of this complex process.


If you choose Eastern Europe as an offshoring destination to find PHP Laravel developer for hire, consider Alcor as a service provider. We are a BPO company ready to take care of your recruitment and other operational processes – while you focus on your product. Our IT recruitment department consists of 40+ experienced headhunters who need less than 6 weeks to close your position(s). For this, we use our internal database with more than 600,000 verified candidates, recruiting platforms, and other paid HR resources. Before we start the recruiting process we agree on your hiring needs, including both hard & soft skills you look for in your candidate. After thorough interviewing, we pass the developer to you to make the final decision. As a result, you get a skilled software development team with a dedicated attitude to your product.

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What is the average salary rate for a Laravel developer?

It highly depends on the offshoring country. For instance, a Polish Senior Laravel developer earns $43,000 per year, while in the USA such a specialist gets around $135,000.

How can I easily hire Laravel developers?

You can source Laravel talents through job boards, freelance websites, or developer communities. However, these approaches are time-consuming and often require local expertise to hire skilled talents. That’s why IT companies prefer to delegate the recruiting process to experienced providers.

Which hard skills are the most important for Laravel developers?

Important hard skills include expertise in PHP language, understanding of MVC architecture and OOP, ability to handle project management frameworks, knowledge of database migration system, and some more.

Where is the place to find a Laravel developer for hire?

To find a Laravel developer for hire in Eastern Europe, use local freelance portals (,, job searching websites (Jooble, NoFluffJobs,, and IT recruitment marketplaces such as Alternatively, you can contact Alcor to recruit the best Laravel developers for you.

Contact Us

Contact us to receive a free analysis of your positions!

It includes the salary ranges and availability of the requested developers in Poland, Romania, and other countries in EE (as well as time-to-hire metrics and other KPIs for your case).

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