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24 hirings during 18 months | Dotmatics

24 hirings during 18 months | Dotmatics - Alcor BPO
24 hirings during 18 months | Dotmatics - Alcor BPO
24 hirings during 18 months | Dotmatics - Alcor BPO
1.5 years
Node.js, Java, C++, React, JavaScript, AWS, Cypress TECH STACK


Dotmatics (acq. by Insightful Science) is a US product company that develops scientific software which connects science, data, and decision making. The company produces digital products used by scientists at every step of the research process, such as patient treatment solutions and clinical trial platforms, etc.


Having offices in America, Ireland, and New Zealand, Dotmatics decided to continue its active business expansion. The company wanted to step back from traditional IT outsourcing and supervise the development of its unique product for biologists. Therefore, they chose Eastern Europe for building their own software team. However, Dotmatics was concerned about fast and quality IT recruitment due to wishing to grow upwards of 30+ new talented people within a year.


We provided the client with consultations on recruitment process outsourcing in Eastern Europe and helped adjust the vacancies towards the local tech market. Once a right value proposition was created and the ideal candidate profile was discussed, Alcor started the executive search for IT talents.

A group of researchers and 4 headhunters provided Dotmatics with full-cycle IT recruitment. In addition, the company received a key account manager who was giving individual support and managing all the arising queries. We used premium HR sources, social media, networking, and our own database of candidates to find eligible developers. And only after that, our recruiters conducted job interviews and forwarded the best programmers to the client so they could make a final decision.

Throughout the hiring process, we had direct contact with Dotmatics and provided them with weekly reports on the number of processed CVs and conducted interviews. Sometimes our team had to deal with counter-offers and persuade the candidates to take this gripping opportunity. Today, most of these developers still work at Dotmatics and form the core Eastern European IT team.



With our assistance, the company assembled a team of 30 IT specialists within a year. Alcor hired a Director of Engineering, Full Stack, React, QA Automation, DevOps, Node.js, and other developers. They comprise a development team in Eastern Europe that works on software which lets researchers perform statistical tests, analyze and produce graph data.


A lot of the Dotmatics positions were filled with the first candidate, including Product Manager and QA Engineer. Sometimes it was difficult for the client to select only one applicant. Moreover, we provided the company with perfect candidates even before some job descriptions were created! When the client announced a С++ vacancy, our recruiters presented qualified candidates straight away - which turned out to be a superior hire.


We hired top-notch programmers, whose coding proficiency was praised by the client. They had vast professional experience, exceptional soft skills and were a perfect cultural fit. What is more, we provided the client with a skilled Back-End Developer who eventually joined the Dotmatics team as a Full Stack Java Engineer thanks to unexpectedly good Front-end knowledge. This case proved the versatility of the Eastern European programmers once again.


We were requested to take care of some other operational processes as well. We managed payroll & procurements of laptops for developers, plus provided the client with legal compliance services, so that Dotmatics could run a fully transparent business both in the US and Eastern Europe.


The software developers enjoyed uninterrupted recruitment as much as the client. There was no place for bureaucracy or time-consuming assignments, instead a short hiring process with brief interviews. All in all, candidates got a positive perception of both Dotmatics and Alcor recruiters who formed the developers' first impression of the company.


Alcor not only liberated the company from tedious recruitment and back-office operations but provided a vision of doing business abroad in a new way. Today, Dotmatics works with its engineers with no intermediaries, thus has complete control over team management and software development. The company has secured IP rights, runs a fully transparent business, and continues its growth with Alcor!

24 hirings during 18 months | Dotmatics - Alcor BPO
24 hirings during 18 months | Dotmatics - Alcor BPO
24 hirings during 18 months | Dotmatics - Alcor BPO

Read about our collaboration with the world’s largest consignment store ThredUP here. We explained how we created a completely transparent model for doing business both in Eastern Europe and the United States.


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24 hirings during 18 months | Dotmatics - Alcor BPO

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24 hirings during 18 months | Dotmatics - Alcor BPO

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