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Recruitment News

4 Tips on How to Outsource Recruitment Process
Marina Panchuk
During times of crisis, some businesses collapse while others keep flourishing. What's the magic formula? They... Read more
8 February 2021
6 min
Transformation of IT Labor Market: What Has Changed during the Quarantine
Marina Panchuk
The year 2020 became a challenge for all of us by transforming every single sphere of life. The active, div Read more
17 December 2020
5 min
What’s a Recruitment Process Outsourcing and How it Works
Marina Panchuk
Those who have ever considered getting external recruiting assistance have probably heard about RPO — Rec ... Read more
15 December 2020
5 min
What You Should Know before Hiring Software Developers in Ukraine
Marina Panchuk
Do you have a great idea for a product to bring to market, but not a clue where to find the needed IT speci ... Read more
10 March 2020
8 min
Unlock Your Business Potential – Leave the Operational Work to Experts
Dmitry Ovchareko
Unlock Your Business Potential – Leave the Operational Work to Experts... Read more
11 October 2019
4 min