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We will provide you with statistical data regarding the number of developers in Ukraine and their average salaries. The discussion will proceed with the expected hiring deadlines and our recommendations on managing payroll, equipment procurement, and compliance matters.

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Own software R&D office:

Real Estate and IT Infrastructure Setup

Find, verify, negotiate, rent and get your office ready for your development team.

Our services include:

Finding office space

Verification of office and landlord

Negotiations with landlord

Lease agreements review

Building /developing IT infrastructure




Property management

We offer:

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Full Real Estate Services
Alcor is more than just real estate procurement services. We also take care of all office arrangements / facilities, so that you receive a cozy and ergonomic place to work in right away.

IT Infrastructure Management

Our clients keep in constant touch with our IT Manager who is responsible for setting up their R&D office and addressing any further issues.

Variety of Choices

Alcor has a big pool of available and verified office spaces and constantly works at its expansion. We can definitely find that special office place for your local R&D team.

Legal Support

Our legal team is always there for support in reviewing and negotiating a lease agreement and other real estate documents.

How it All Works:

We contact you on- or offline
Create a detailed checklist to understand your needs
Find office spaces most suitable for your team
Show you 3-5 best locations within five days
Negotiate favorable lease terms with the landlord
Assist in signing the lease agreement
We might have stopped here… but there is even more we do for you:
Furnish and redecorate your office space
Make procurements of equipment
Check all workplace facilities
Set up, install and maintain all necessary devices / software
your new R&D office is ready to meet its team!

can be also leveraged as a part of our bigger solution “Your own Development Office”

Why Alcor?

IT Specialization and Market Knowledge

Alcor works with numerous IT product companies from the USA and Europe. We know how a software R&D center should both look and function - and how to make it attractive for your developers.

Legal Support of your Deal

We want to make sure that you run a fully legit IT business in Ukraine and keep your brand reputation on a positive note: verifying an office, landlord, maintenance subcontracts, review of documents, and negotiations with suppliers to get the most favorable conditions, etc.

Complete Control

You control the process. We maintain accountability for our work, retain detailed records, and keep all processes under control to attain the best quality. One of our main principles is to never leave our clients in the lurch.

A La Carte Services

The all-in-one place to establish and run your team and office. Pay only for what you need.

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We guarantee:

Up to 5 days to show you 3-5 appropriate locations according to your requirements;

Verified subcontractors for redecorations, furnishing and procurements;

Our prime responsibility for getting results;

Transparent and fully legal lease deal;

On-going support in maintaining your office.

Look at some examples of our work.

You will be in good company:


What are types of offices for software companies in Ukraine?

There are 4 categories of business centers: A, B, C, D. The most popular are A, B, B+ because of good location, parking lots, and a developed infrastructure. Usually, such offices are shell & core with no furniture and equipment.

How much does an office for a development team cost?

If you lease a co-working place in Kyiv, a dedicated desk costs around $350 per month. For a separate office, companies pay $25-15 per 1 m2 monthly.

Coworking Vs Office in Kyiv – what are the available options?

Technology companies opt for separate offices over coworking spaces for security and financial reasons. Offices allow for fast team scaling and confidentiality of your product development. Coworking is more suitable for small teams but is costly.

Do office spaces work amid the COVID-19 pandemic in Ukraine?

Yes, office buildings are open for its residents during the lockdown with limited access. The landlords take protective measures against spreading the COVID-19: facemasks are required inside, disinfection of rooms, cleaning, air quality control, free hand sanitizers.

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We respect your privacy and will never share your data with any third party.

We respect your privacy and will never share your data with any third party or spam you

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