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4 Tips on How to Outsource Recruitment Process

Head of IT Recruitment at Alcor
4 Tips on How to Outsource Recruitment Process - Alcor BPO profile
8 February 2021
6 min

During times of crisis, some businesses collapse while others keep flourishing. What’s the magic formula? They prioritize their work based on a long-term strategy and distribute available resources properly. For instance, a great percentage of companies outsource hiring to recruiting firms in order to focus on the main business tasks. They delegate the recruitment process (outsource it) and enjoy a number of benefits, which we will talk about in detail. In this article, you’ll find out who needs to outsource recruitment and how to do it efficiently, so let’s get down to it and answer all your questions.


4 Tips on How to Outsource Recruitment Process - Alcor BPO


Why Outsource Recruitment?


Today, more and more companies use IT recruitment service to assemble their software development teams. The remaining ones still wonder what are the benefits of an RPO model and when to outsource hiring. After all, why should companies adopt professional tech RPO services? Let us clarify the reasons to outsource recruitment.     


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First of all, delegating your recruitment processes to external service providers enables you to optimize expenses and minimize time for filling vacant positions. As a result, hiring procedures become much more effective because of the significant reduction of such important metrics as cost-per-hire and time-per-hire.

Focus on the Product

The next vital point to outsourcing a hiring process is the possibility to get rid of mundane and exhausting tasks. Instead of that, you can concentrate on keeping the core business functions and your competitive advantage at the highest level. 


Outsourced recruiting is also a beneficial solution because of the vendor’s ability to scale up hiring activities rapidly. Advanced technologies, large contacts databases, and effective recruiting methodologies are the means of handling your high business demands.

Better Retention Rate

Among other benefits of RPO is the possibility to manage a high turnover rate. Usually, it serves as a hint that there are problems with in-house recruitment. Outsource it and see the difference. It’s that easy. The external team of qualified specialists will define the existing issues and find suitable candidates for each position to ensure your long-term cooperation. 


All these points persuaded SBTech a provider of interacting sports betting solutions to outsource recruitment processes. After one month of collaboration with us, 16 open vacancies were successfully filled with qualified software developers. Our recruitment team hired them on the most favorable terms (5% of payroll tax and direct employment agreements). As a result, SBTech now enjoys low costs in payroll and accounting. Alcor helped the company to grow promptly by assembling a team of dedicated IT experts. While we were responsible for all operational tasks, SBTech was mostly focused on improving its product and the core business.



The Question is: Should you Outsource Recruitment or Should not?


Most IT companies try their best to employ unique talents to represent their business. Thus, delivering this task to a third party may be a hard decision to make. Keep reading and you’ll find out whether you need to outsource the IT recruitment process – or it’s better to refrain from this activity.


It’s Time to Implement an RPO Model if…


Before addressing the IT recruiting agency for help, conduct research as regards the time and money you spend on hiring software developers. Recruitment process outsourcing performed by a headhunter company could make sense in comparison to in-house talent acquisition regarding financial benefits and efficiency. Alternatively, it might be a good idea to delegate IT recruitment if you can’t cope with current business demands and you dont want to opt for IT outsourcing (for instance, Argentina software outsourcing). Similarly, you may require some external help in case of rapid expansion due to the need for fast and quality position filling. Finally, an employment agency may be useful if you experience a lack of expertise in HR matters. You can outsource HR functions as a means of filling the knowledge gap. At the same time, you’ll be able to focus on your core business operations.  


But It’s Always Better to Hire IT Staff on Your Own 


The truth is that the hiring process is the opportunity to gather valuable data, such as marketplace insights and immediate candidate feedback. Therefore, recruitment outsourcing prevents you from identifying the trends and improving your employer brand. What is more, some businesses may face the problem of choosing reliable recruitment outsourcing providers. Consequently, it may result in low-quality hiring or a wide range of “hidden costs”. 


Nevertheless, Alcor knows how to deal with the possible risks. We have more than 40 professional tech recruiters on board and 10 years of market experience to ensure smooth talent acquisition and support even the most ambitious hiring plan. Our recruitment services cover such countries as Poland, Romania, and other Eastern European states, so our clients receive continuous advice regards local markets, trends, and pay scales.


Alcor recruiters will keep you up-to-date through the entire hiring process by providing weekly reports on the processed CVs, conducted job interviews, and more. We will present you only with the best software developers with a proven track record: 4 out of 5 of our candidates receive invitations to interviews, while 98,6% pass the probation period. Our internal database consists of over 200,000 verified candidates, allowing us to get to 1 accepted offer just in 8 CVs.


All of these perks are accompanied by transparent pricing and a list of guarantees:

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We guarantee:


software developers within 1 month


software developers within 3 months


software developers within 1 year


months warranty to substitute our candidate free of charge

4 Tips on How to Outsource Recruitment Process - Alcor BPO
4 Tips on How to Outsource Recruitment Process - Alcor BPO

If we do not meet the deadlines we will hire the rest at no charge to you!

A Definitive Guide on How to Outsource the Hiring Process


1. Choose your Partner

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing a recruitment provider. Do not rush into a business relationship with the first option you find. Instead, make a list of several local recruitment outsourcing agencies using review websites. Then make some research about their scope of services, pricing, and the company’s background, which includes references from clients and successful cases. It’s also important to check whether vendors comply with necessary laws and regulations. After that, you are ready to choose the IT recruiting agency which works best for your business.

2. Prepare a Job Description & Define the Size of the Team

An employment agency ought to have direct instructions from you concerning the IT staff you are looking for. Therefore, one of the most important IT recruitment tips is to clarify your needs in the detailed job descriptions. State the expected number of new employees and the exhaustive requirements for applicants. Those might include specific skills, a definitive number of years of working experience, a certain level of expertise, and knowledge of foreign languages. If you’re looking for a Senior/Lead programmer, you can also discuss engineering manager interview questions with a recruiter to find a perfect match. After doing that you increase your chances for fast and quality position filling.


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3. Negotiate with the Recruiters

The next step is discussing your model of cooperation and whether you’ll be involved in the in-between processes of candidate screening and conducting interviews. It’s also the right time to state hiring deadlines and say what kind of reports you would like to receive. Apart from that, you can use the chance of communication to establish rapport and make sure that you understand each other clearly. What is more, it’s vital to stay in touch with a vendor and reply promptly. This is due to the fact that in such regions as Eastern Europe, IT talents are in high demand and that speeds up the hiring process. Give feedback on candidates right after the interview and don’t drag out your decision.

4. Take Part in Candidate Selection

It’s unreasonable to give full responsibility for hiring people to the external provider. You should keep in mind that only you are the actual employer. Thus, it’s highly important to take an active part in selecting people who will represent your company. Once you’ve made a final decision, it’s time for a job offer.


Final Thoughts


So what does all this mean? In a nutshell, delegating secondary business tasks, such as recruitment, helps companies to save time and money to concentrate on business growth. Recruitment outsourcing has a good deal of advantages. However, the crucial moment is the selection of a trustworthy service provider.


If you consider assembling a professional development team in Eastern Europe, opt for a collaboration with Alcor. Such enterprises as, Ledger, Dotmatics, and Sift have already benefited from delegating their recruitment to us.


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We can also offer you a bunch of other back-office services, including IT infrastructure setup, accounting, and legal compliance. All of them together can even make up a successful R&D office.



🟣 What are the advantages of recruitment process outsourcing?

The most significant benefits of delegating IT recruitment to external providers include lower cost-per-hire and time-per-hire, the ability to focus on core business tasks, rapid team growth, and a better retention rate.

🟣 When should I outsource tech recruitment?

A company executive should consider getting IT recruitment services in case of sudden seasonal spikes, urgent business expansion, low performance, or insufficient expertise of the internal talent acquisition team, etc.

To choose a reliable recruitment provider you should make some research about their scope of services, pricing, and compliance with necessary laws and regulations. Then use review websites to read feedbacks and collect references from previous clients.

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Contact us to receive a free analysis of your positions!

It includes the salary ranges and availability of the requested developers in Poland, Romania, and other countries in EE (as well as time-to-hire metrics and other KPIs for your case).

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