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10 QA engineers during 6 months | Ledger

10 QA engineers during 6 months | Ledger - Alcor BPO
10 QA engineers during 6 months | Ledger - Alcor BPO
10 QA engineers during 6 months | Ledger - Alcor BPO
2 years
Java, Python, AWS, Kubernetes TECH STACK

IT recruitment and legal compliance for Ledger

Ledger is a software product company from France that develops hardware wallets for managing cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Ledger wallets enable you to purchase, store, swap, grow, and keep your crypto assets secure through various technologies, such as sensor data, the Internet of Things, ICOs, etc. The company has clients in over 200 countries and already sold more than 3 million wallets. In 2021, Ledger received $380 million from 10T Holdings and became a French unicorn company.


In 2020, Ledger decided to create their own development hub in Eastern Europe and hire 20 QA engineers there. At that time, our client had several people in their Eastern European team who were working in a co-working space while the rest of the team was in Paris. In order to expand, Ledger needed both effective tech recruitment and full legal compliance, including tax management, labor law assistance, IP rights protection, employment contract support, and other functions by experienced IT lawyers.

At this point, Ledger realized that they needed the assistance of a professional recruitment and operational services provider that specializes in hiring developers in Eastern European countries, thus reached out to Alcor.


In order to achieve all IT recruitment goals of Ledger, we engaged our 10 talented IT researchers and recruiters to hire the best QA specialists. What is more, our legal and finance specialists helped our client to comply with Eastern European and French legislation, as well as be transparent in all operations without having to register their legal entity in Eastern Europe.

Even though the management team of Ledger’s product was in Paris, we successfully communicated with them remotely. For faster recruitment, our team suggested that Ledger conduct all the recruitment stages in one day in our office. Their managers from France decided to come to Eastern Europe and as a result, together we interviewed 5 select candidates and made an offer to a QA Manager that same day.

At the present time, our team keeps working with Ledger and hiring professional developers for them.



Alcor hired over 10 quality assurance engineers for Ledger, including QA Manual, Automation, Lead, and Manager positions. Our client is planning to hire 12 more QA specialists in Eastern Europe in 2022.


Ledger’s business operations completely abide by both Eastern European and French laws due to the efforts of Alcor’s legal & compliance specialists. Our IT law expertise has made it easy for us to manage all risks, handle tax processing, take care of documentation and SLAs, and provide IT security for Ledger in Eastern Europe.


The legal & compliance activities for Ledger are carried out openly and honestly. The client controls hiring, team, and manages the scope of services from Alcor. In turn, we provide detailed invoices and legal consultations. We are confident in our services and offer full reimbursement in case of any fines due to our mistakes.


When Ledger requested us to hire QA Manual Engineers, our recruitment team managed to hire a QA Lead and 3 QA Manual specialists in just 2 weeks. This impressed our client so much that they immediately asked us to fill other open vacancies in the QA Manual direction.


When filling the position of Site Reliability Engineer for Ledger, we faced a bottleneck in the hiring process. To address the situation, our team engaged different IT recruiters who provided a fresh look at the candidate profile. This is exactly what helped us find a perfect match from the first candidate.


Once we hired a Junior QA Manual Engineer for Ledger that became a QA Automation Specialist in 1,5 years. Now this candidate works in Paris and keeps bringing amazing results at Ledger.

10 QA engineers during 6 months | Ledger - Alcor BPO
10 QA engineers during 6 months | Ledger - Alcor BPO
10 QA engineers during 6 months | Ledger - Alcor BPO

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10 QA engineers during 6 months | Ledger - Alcor BPO

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10 QA engineers during 6 months | Ledger - Alcor BPO

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