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It includes the salary ranges and availability of the requested developers in Poland, Romania, and other countries in EE (as well as time-to-hire metrics and other KPIs for your case).

IT Recruitment in Uruguay

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  • Swift headhunting of Senior, Lead, and C-level tech candidates
  • Finding cultural matches for your company
  • Local tech market guidance
  • Pay scale & availability report in Argentina on your positions

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8 CVs = 1 accepted offer*

It includes refusal of offers, counteroffers, and other matters that may arise from time to time

80% - CV pass rate

4 out of 5 candidates that we introduce to our clients are invited for an interview

98% of our candidates

Successfully pass the probation period

5 business days

to send you CVs of verified candidates ready to consider your vacancy

IT recruitment in Uruguay - Alcor BPO

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Alcor provides full-cycle IT recruitment service:

All recruitment pipeline stages

40 experienced tech recruiters

Employer brand promotion in Uruguay

Payroll, procurement, and other operational support



software developers within 1 month


software developers within 3 months


software developers within 1 year


months warranty to substitute our candidate free of charge

IT recruitment in Uruguay - Alcor BPO

If we don't meet the deadlines, we will hire the rest of your team at no charge!

IT recruitment in Uruguay - Alcor BPO

You will be in good company:

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IT recruitment in Uruguay - Alcor BPO
Andrey Akselrod

CTO at


“IT recruiting services are top-notch, getting very difficult senior roles closed quickly and efficiently.

“Alcor has successfully hired 15 R&D professionals in one year. The team’s project management is excellent, with prompt delivery, transparent relationships, and responsiveness to feedback. They consistently meet expectations, answer all the client’s questions, and communicate professionally.

Grigoriy Didorenko

R&D Director at BIScience

Boris Glantz

CTO at Tonic


Ultimately, the quality of what we produce in our R&D center depends on the people we hire and the culture we create. Alcor has never led us astray in that regard.

It’s extremely important to US companies to be confident as to legal structures and operational comfort for doing business in a foreign country. Since Alcor specializes exclusively in IT and possesses the best practices, we are happy to launch our own branded R&D center with their full cycle of Recruiting & Compliance Support. 

Farhad Shamshirzan
Farhad Shamshirzan

Director, Software Engineering at Certent DisclosureNet

Elena Leonova

Director of Product Management at Bigcommerce


Thanks for helping us make our dreams come true! We are very excited to have our own R&D presence in Eastern Europe with your offshore recruitment services!

“We have built a full stack engineering team in 1.5 months. We had multilple candidates that we considered for each position. 95% of candidates presented by Alcor’s recruitment team passed the resume review. And ongoing team management is easy and effortless. They’ve solved every problem we’ve faced, even crazy things like buying certified hardware in the middle of nowhere on Bali and ship it to EU :)”


Dmitrii Iermiichuk 

Head of Engineering at Gotransverse 

Our cases:

When it was time to expand their development team abroad, the company chose to hire professional Eastern European developers via a recruiting agency.
30 experienced developers for Sift in Eastern Europe
After a series of successful hires, Alcor suggested IT recruiting services in Poland. Our recruitment team closed the positions of Head of R&D, Front End Developer, and Back End Developer with rare tech stacks.
Dotmatics decided to set up a new software team in Eastern Europe and move from the IT outsourcing model to oversee the development of its products. The client found sufficient assistance from Alcor as an experienced IT hiring agency in Poland.
Top-notch IT recruitment for Dotmatics in Eastern Europe
As a result of our cooperation, Dotmatics obtained 24 IT professionals on board in just 12 months, plus received administrative support.
When Ledger wanted to create a team of 20 QA engineers in Eastern Europe, they needed stellar IT recruitment and back-office management. Even though they already had some employees in Eastern Europe, the other part of their team was located in Paris. Thus, Ledger was looking for an experienced Eastern European provider that could also ensure legal compliance, handle taxes, protect their IP rights, and perform other functions.
Professional IT recruitment and legal compliance for Ledger
Ledger reached out for assistance to the Alcor agency and we started our collaboration by engaging 10 Alcor tech researchers and recruiters. On top of QA recruitment, we also appointed our finance managers and lawyers with IT law expertise to help Ledger abide by Eastern European and French laws and deliver other operational functions.
Gotransverse needed to set up a remote full-stack development team and manage its operations in three EU countries.
Hiring a full-stack engineering team for Gotransverse
Alcor acted not only as an IT recruiting company in Poland, but also as an EoR provider. We helped the client hire 6 skilled software developers and after that provided employment services along with constant payroll & legal support.

Why IT staffing in Uruguay?

IT recruitment in Uruguay - Alcor BPO

Talent pool of skilled engineers

Uruguay shines with a talent pool of around 22,000 IT specialists, leading the region in tech skills per 10,000 inhabitants. The country's IT talent flourishes primarily in its two largest hubs: Montevideo and Canelones.

IT recruitment in Uruguay - Alcor BPO

Real-time cooperation

Uruguay, with only a one-hour difference from the US East Coast and two hours from the West Coast, is one of the best nearshoring destinations for American tech companies.

IT recruitment in Uruguay - Alcor BPO

Slashed costs

IT staffing in Uruguay is both convenient and cost-effective. American IT companies can substantially reduce labor costs, as developer salaries in Uruguay are typically 2-3 times lower than in the United States. And that's not all — Uruguay sweetens the deal with advantageous tax initiatives tailored specifically for IT businesses!

IT recruitment in Uruguay - Alcor BPO

Highly skilled talent

Uruguay's IT talent, with an impressive 77% holding higher educational degrees, proudly stands among the most literate countries in South America. These skilled developers dazzle with their expertise in popular programming languages like Java, JavaScript, Go, Rust, and Python.

IT recruitment in Uruguay - Alcor BPO

Solid language skills

Uruguayan developers are highly multilingual, bringing more than just technical expertise to the table. In addition to their native Spanish, over 80% are fluent in English. The country ranks 4th in English proficiency among 20 Latin American countries, making it an excellent choice for international tech collaboration.

IT recruitment in Uruguay - Alcor BPO

Big tech players on the scene

IMB, Oracle, Microsoft, and Netflix are just a few examples of industry-leading businesses that are already reaping the benefits of nearshoring to Uruguay. Join the club!

of working
with us:

40 recruiters

Acting like a professional IT recruitment agency in Uruguay, our researchers study the market, build the right candidate’s profile, and use specific communities, while our IT recruiters are experienced negotiators and HR professionals. They know how to present the employer value proposition and make candidates interested in your company.

IT recruitment in Uruguay - Alcor BPO

3-6 weeks - average vacancy closing time

Contact us to see the closing time of your specific positions. We will prepare an analysis of your positions with our time-to-hire commitment & guarantee. Get results, not promises.

IT recruitment in Uruguay - Alcor BPO
IT recruitment in Uruguay - Alcor BPO

Focus on senior-level candidates

Our IT headhunters in Uruguay select candidates with only 4+ years of experience and specialize in executive search (senior, lead, and C-level IT roles). It requires exceptional treatment and attitude, which we guarantee to our clients - 98,6% of all candidates successfully pass the probation period.

80% - CV pass rate

On average, 4 out of 5 candidates that we introduce to our clients are considered good and invited for an interview. No spam, no need to waste your time on irrelevant CVs.

IT recruitment in Uruguay - Alcor BPO

8 CVs = 1 accepted offer*

It usually takes us to send you eight CVs to get to one accepted offer. It includes refusal of offers, counteroffers, and other matters that may arise from time to time (*updated in August 2023).

IT recruitment in Uruguay - Alcor BPO

IT recruitment in Uruguay - Alcor BPO

Here is how Alcor IT recruitment company works for you in Uruguay:


Our IT recruiters in Uruguay meet with you offline/online to agree upon the profile of an ideal candidate


Create the right value proposition for you in Argentina and write a catchy advert


Use active search and pre-screen eligible candidates in Uruguay


Our recruiters conduct job interviews with the best candidates


Congratulate you on a superior hire!


Support for payroll, accounting and/or legal matters in Uruguay, if needed


Make a job offer and work with counter-offers, if any


Our recruiting team forward the most appropriate candidates to the client for a job interview


Your own dedicated team of developers in Uruguay!

can be also leveraged as a part of our bigger solution“Your own Development Office”


1. Is it cheaper to hire developers in Uruguay than in the USA?

Yes, and with Alcor, you can save 30% to 70% compared to IT outsourcing providers while scaling your company at the same time. Here’s what makes it possible: the difference in salaries & taxes and Alcor’s comprehensive software R&D center model. In the US, a senior software developer earns up to $180,000 a year, while software engineering experts from Uruguay make, on average, $53,000. The regional taxation policies also offer lower tax rates. Lastly, Alcor’s approach goes beyond recruiting in Uruguay. We get you a team that’s yours from day one — cut costs by not paying buy-out fees!

2. How fast can Alcor hire IT staff in Uruguay? 

We pride ourselves on expeditious IT recruiting services in Uruguay — stellar quality within tight timeframes. Alcor’s average time to close a vacancy when hiring a developer is 2-6 weeks. In just 1 day of our cooperation, you’ll get blind CVS. In the next 5 days, we’ll start sending you CVs of pre-vetted candidates whom you’d want to invite for an interview right away.

3. Can you headhunt C-level management in Uruguay?

That’s an ace up our sleeve. We’ve amassed 8 years of experience in the industry and have access to an internal network of hundreds of thousands of candidates! That’s why C-level management positions, such as CTO, CIO, CMO, CFO, and others, come to our IT recruiters in Uruguay as easy as pie. Our clients attest to it: we hired the Head of R&D for Sift, an online fraud detection application development firm, from the second CV. Other successful cases include the Director of Engineering for Dotmatics and the Deployment Lead for Ledger.

4. What about payroll, accounting, and office lease?

If IT staffing in Uruguay with Alcor as your trusted partner, there’s no need to establish your legal entity in a target location. With our comprehensive EoR support, we take care of all the nuts and bolts for your software development team in Uruguay.

It includes the employment of software engineers, monthly payroll management, tax payments, compliance with all local laws, and even more. With our turnkey solution, you can rest assured – we guarantee 100% compliance while handling all the paperwork.

Finally, if you want to pump it up, opt for our R&D services with full operational support, office lease, and equipment procurement.

5. Where is it better to hire software developers in Uruguay?

If you’re considering remote IT recruitment in Uruguay, you’ll find three bustling IT hubs: Montevideo, Canelones, and Maldonado. Montevideo is home to the majority of software engineers—around 18,000, followed by Canelones with approximately 1,100, and Maldonado hosting around 600 IT talents. Hence, while Montevideo may offer the most extensive talent pool, the other tech hubs contribute their share of skilled engineers.

IT recruitment in Uruguay - Alcor BPO
IT recruitment in Uruguay - Alcor BPO

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It includes the salary ranges and availability of the requested developers in Uruguay and other countries in Latin America (as well as time-to-hire metrics and other KPIs for your case).


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