SBTech: Recruitment Process Outsourcing

SBTech has become a global market leader, empowering over 80 customers worldwide and supporting operations in numerous regulated markets such as the UK, Ireland, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Romania, Portugal, Czech Republic, Denmark, Mexico, Argentina, Malta, Philippines, Poland, Croatia, Hungary, Serbia, Slovakia and many more.
  • At the end of the year, our client had a big gap between required and current employment. The gap of 20 vacancies had to be filled within one month.
  • Cooperation with Alcor since 2016.
  • Alcor was contracted as a third recruiting provider.
  • A Team of 4+ recruiters were delegated to work exclusively for this client.
  • 16 vacancies out of 20 were filled within that month (more than other recruiting agencies who delegated more recruiters).
  • The client was very happy that our company filled all planned vacancies on time.