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R&D team with back-office support for Sift in Ukraine

Sift: R&D center and operational functions in Ukraine

Sift is a leading USA-based IT product company that develops online fraud detection and management solutions by using machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). The company’s Digital Trust & Safety Suite helps businesses safely access their revenue whenever they create accounts, make online purchases, or post reviews. 34,000 websites and applications already use Sift technologies to protect and boost their revenue. In 2021, Sift became a unicorn company after raising $50 million of funding from Insight Partners.


Sift decided to open its new software R&D branch in Ukraine and narrowed down the candidate search to Kyiv. Their team already accounted for 180 people worldwide, 50 of which were developers, and they had an ambitious aim to hire 100 more talented specialists. The plan was to hire 30-35 developers in Ukraine in a year (5-10 in the first quarter). Sift had one in-house recruiter that could help with hiring developers in Ukraine, but this specialist focused only on support positions.

Thus, Sift made a decision to seek assistance from the best Ukrainian recruitment & back-office services providers. They analyzed the Ukrainian tech market and collected reviews from local IT companies about such vendors. Shortly after that, they reached out to Alcor.


The first thing that we did for Sift was the engagement of 10 IT researchers, 3 IT recruiters, and an account manager to work on their vacancies. The primary position was Head of R&D in Kyiv which we managed to close from the second CV. Then, we started looking for a Full Stack Engineer with rare tech stack that was difficult to find. We applied one of our recruitment techniques – an executive search and soon discovered that it was more reasonable to hire 2 candidates – a Front End Developer and Back End Engineer. The client agreed with us and we quickly closed these two vacancies. At the beginning of our cooperation with Sift, we were making job offers every week despite their long panel interviews.

Simultaneously with IT recruitment, we conducted a powerful employer branding campaign for Sift in the Ukrainian tech market. Our team participated in shooting a video with a Hiring Manager of Sift which helped recruiters to encourage candidates to opt for Sift over other companies. What is more, we provide legal & compliance assistance, make procurements, and are currently looking for a perfect office for Sift.



With Alcor’s assistance, Sift received a legally compliant remote branch in Kyiv that contributes to faster product development and income growth. And now we’re working on the final step – leasing an ideal physical office space for Sift.


The client managed to fulfill its initial goal of hiring nearly 30 programmers in 1 year with the help of our recruitment team. Alcor continues working on Sift positions and attracting skillful candidates for the client.


The effectiveness of IT recruitment was multiplied after the creation of an employer branding video with Sift’s Hiring Manager who spoke about company values & the team. We took care of the video shooting and managed a social media campaign for its promotion. After watching it, candidates were more motivated to proceed with interviewing stages, which sped up hiring and improved the image of Sift on the market.


Our company became a one-stop-shop for business navigation in Ukraine for Sift. Our client outsourced to us compliance with Ukrainian and American laws, tax management for their offshore developers, labor & contract law assistance, and IP rights protection.


Alcor has been purchasing equipment for Sift developers since the beginning of our cooperation. As a result, the client doesn’t have to worry about getting new laptops, monitors, headsets, or any other hardware.


Alcor IT recruiters and our lawyer helped to clarify the importance of stock options to Ukrainian candidates who didn’t believe in them. As a result, these candidates changed their opinion about stock options and now perceive them as a tangible benefit of Sift.


Sift was first astonished when we hired a Senior Product Designer on the first try in 2021. Then we impressed our client again when our team managed to persuade and hire a professional developer who already had an offer from another company. After that, we swiftly closed 2 Infrastructure Engineer positions and hired a Ruby on Rails Developer in just a week.

We also recommend checking out another case study with Ledger here to see how tech companies benefit from having an R&D office in Ukraine backed by Alcor. 

We respect your privacy and will never share your data with any third party or spam you


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We respect your privacy and will never share your data with any third party

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