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From employer branding to R&D: How Tonic Health appeared on Ukrainian IT market

From employer branding to R&D

Tonic Health is a product software company from Silicon Valley that produces a medical patient data collection platform. This product, which also embraces CRM system, is now used by many healthcare providers, including the leading medical organizations in the USA.


The client was in need to build its own R&D center in Ukraine. Firstly, Tonic Health tried to deal with this challenging task by its own. Actually, the first problem for them was employer branding. The client wanted to hire 5-6 new employees per month but the company faced frequent job offer rejections. Ukrainian senior IT specialists were not ready to work for Tonic Health because it was new on the local market. The client realized it was high time to start a sufficient employer branding campaign in Ukraine. This is the problem which firstly brought Tonic Health to Alcor.

After our successful cooperation, Tonic Health reached out Alcor once more. This time the company asked for assistance in arranging and managing their own R&D center. Business solutions provider was the main scope of the company’s interest then.

"Traditional outsourcing firms work well for certain projects, but we wanted to build our own R&D center in Ukraine and align it with our values and business processes. We wanted to have more control than is typically afforded in an outsourced engagement,” says CTO Tonic Health Boris Glants (read his full feedback on Clutch).


The solution was found in Alcor since our team consists of the leading professionals, who have deep and insight knowledge about the IT industry in Ukraine. Tonic Health received the full cycle of marketing services, which involved SMM, KPI establishing and tracking, as well as employer brand promotion.

The next step involved a wider range of services, starting from negotiating a lease for office rent up to registration of the new employees. We also managed all recruiting, accounting and human resources processes.


Development office

The client opted for an R&D office as the most rational business solution. Tonic Health received a complete insight into the Ukrainian market. Together we drafted a business plan where the concept of the future development office was clearly described. By comparing the initial idea with what Tonic has now received, we see that the goal was successfully reached.

Managed recruitment

The hiring processes have accelerated and become more efficient. The client received a possibility to employ the best IT specialists in Ukraine. With the help of Alcor this goal was achieved in the shortest terms.

No rejections of job offers

The main need for reducing the number of job offers rejections was satisfied. In-house recruiters are happy to make bigger contributions to the company’s growth.

Regulated back-office services

R&D center implies that all operational services are going to be properly managed. We have organized the whole system of office management and regulated their accounting, payroll, and legal systems

Every 2nd candidate knows Tonic Health

Thanks to the active social media marketing on Facebook, Linkedin and PR activities on IT websites, today Tonic Health enjoys popularity among Ukrainian developers. The client noted that every second candidate who comes to the job interview has heard about Tonic Health before.

Trust and partnership

“We hope to focus on building our products and not be concerned about legal problems, on-time payments, or tax liabilities. The real value of working with Alcor is never having to worry about those problems in all the years we’ve worked together,” says Boris Glants.

We also recommend checking another case study with here to figure out how other tech companies benefit from havingn R&D office in Ukraine backed up by Alcor.

We respect your privacy and will never share your data with any third party or spam you

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