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We will provide you with statistical data regarding the number of developers in Ukraine and their average salaries. The discussion will proceed with the expected hiring deadlines and our recommendations on managing payroll, equipment procurement, and compliance matters.

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Additional Services - Alcor

We always go the extra mile for our clients (even if it requires forging additional services)!

Similar to other tech companies working in Ukraine, you might want to relocate your foreign employees here or hire IT specialists from other nearby countries). By law, these people need to get a Work Permit or Visa Type D, and later on a Temporary Residence Permit (TRP). To ensure your IT business stays transparent in Ukraine, Alcor can support you with additional legal services for your foreign employees:

Legalization of Foreigners in Ukraine Work permits You prepare: scan of passport photo Alcor provides: employment agreement up to 15 business days Long-term Visa (Type D) You prepare: visa application insurance bank statement Alcor provides: employment agreement photo document translation notarized copies up to 15 business days Temporary Residence Permits You prepare: original passport Alcor provides: work Permit employer letter insurance up to 15 business days

You would likely wish to see your Ukrainian employees on-site from time to time. However, getting an American visa takes much of your time and is very often troublesome for software developers. To avoid red tape and get guarantees, Alcor offers the following services:

Business Travel Support Visa and business travel consultations Get your personal guidelines on business trips to the USA Document support We are ready to help you prepare all necessary documents needed to get a B1 Visa to the US Travel booking Leave all travel worries to us and have your tickets, bookings, insurance, etc. done on time B1 visa interview support Let us estimate the risks and prepare your employees for any situation by conducting a trial visa interview Business travel expenses report We prepare an individual report template for your employees, which is afterwards submitted to the head office with total amount of travel expenses

Employer branding is the key to attracting the best IT talent in Ukraine, yet this appears to be a common problem among foreign tech companies. If your recruitment has become tough, or you experience frequent rejections of job offers, Alcor can help you out by providing our full cycle of employer branding services:

Employer Branding HR audit and analytics Get a detailed audit of your HR structure, policies, and procedures to reveal great opportunities for further development in Ukraine Employer brand strategy Develop your unique employer brand with Alcor to attract best talents in Ukraine Campaign management Promote the value of your team in the most effective way via social media, PR activities, event marketing etc.] Media consulting Discover where to get “heard” in Ukraine and how to work with media platforms in the framework of your employer brand strategy Corporate culture integration Bring your corporate culture to Ukraine or create it from scratch – we’ll integrate it perfectly into the local market

Why Alcor?

A La Carte Services

At Alcor, we strive for a “one-stop shop” solution, so you can save both time and money. There is no need in hiring different service agencies, as Alcor covers all operational aspects of your tech business in Ukraine.

IT Expertise

With over 10 years of experience, Alcor has a deep understanding of the tech industry. We work with IT product companies and solve their issues on a daily basis, and this enables us to stay proactive and master the expertise for our clients’ success.

Legal Compliance and Transparency

Our lawyers control each operation that is delegated to Alcor. We want to make sure your business is protected by law and complies with local legislation.

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Can I hire developers from other countries via Alcor?

Yes. We can attract, hire, and onboard foreign programmers for your company and legalize them in Ukraine. The process of legalization includes getting work permits, long-term visas (type D), and temporary residence permits in just 15 business days.

What can I do if senior and higher-level developers reject my job offers?

The most effective way to make your company attractive for local programmers is launching an employer branding campaign. Our marketing specialists will manage your social media campaign, work with media platforms to promote your company values, and integrate your unique corporate culture in Ukraine.

Why should you choose Alcor as your operational provider in Ukraine?

First of all, our customers trust us because we specialize in helping IT product businesses offshore to Ukraine. Secondly, we aim to be an “all-in-one” solution and engage different specialists – from IT recruiters to accountants – to save your resources. Last but not least, we stick to transparency in all our operations and fully comply with Ukrainian legislation.

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We respect your privacy and will never share your data with any third party.

We respect your privacy and will never share your data with any third party or spam you

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