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Career at Bunny

Bunny is a Global Content Delivery Platform “that truly hops.” We help our clients speed up content delivery with our next-generation technologies — CDN, Edge Storage, and Optimization Services. Hyundai, Unicorn, Astra, and NitroPack have already scaled their performance with Bunny.

Here’s what Dejan Grofelnik Pelzel, the Founder & CEO of Bunny, says about the product, ‘What started with trying to build a great CDN has grown into a passion to speed up the internet and really innovate the market.’

Our team is on a mission to shape and power the Internet of tomorrow. Put simply, Bunny makes the Internet hop faster!

The Bunny Team

Ambitious Visionaries
Bunny originated as a response to a straightforward problem — how to develop a website without draining funds on CDN? The solution was to craft one in-house. Bunny's CEO, Dejan Grofelnik Pelzel, took it a step further, reshaping the CDN landscape and slashing content delivery costs.

A decade down the road, here's our track record:
- 40.000+ active customers;
- 1.000.000+ powered websites;
- 650+ billion delivered monthly requests.

Our commitment to delivering value to clients is paramount, and we take pride in precisely hitting the mark by aiding developers in bringing their projects to life. But the journey doesn't end here.
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Relentless Innovators
Innovation tops the list of our core corporate values. Others include integrity, diversity, positive impact, excellence, transparency, open communication, contributing to the world, and continuous development.

In 2021, we realized that our influence could extend far beyond solving specific challenges. A much loftier goal appeared — to make the Internet a better place. Now, our vision is to build a network of innovators spanning the globe. Thus, we’ll create a win-win Internet: companies will hop ahead while developers will construct the network of the future.
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Collaborative Teammates
We’re all hopped up to welcome new team members. If you feel like driving global innovation, join and help us take the Internet by storm.

This is your map to joining our trailblazing team:
1. HR interview with Alcor;
2. Technical interview;
3. People Ops interview with the Head of People Ops;
4. Final interview with Team Lead and Founder.

Bunny offers you paid time off & sick leave, carves out a budget for your own home office and education, and covers medical, dental, and vision insurance globally. We can’t wait to change more in the Internet world. So, let’s hop to it!
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Senior BED(Storage) - Alcor BPO
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