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It includes the salary ranges and availability of the requested developers in Poland, Romania, and other countries in EE (as well as time-to-hire metrics and other KPIs for your case).

IT Contractors - Alcor BPO

IT Contractors

Eastern Europe is your answer to talent shortage and rising costs! 

Get skilled technical contractors and save up to 30% on labor costs with our ready-made solution. 


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Our service “IT contractors for hire” includes:

IT contractor recruitment services in Poland, Romania, and other Eastern European countries

Legal, payroll, equipment procurement, and other field support

Your employer brand promotion on the local market

Time-to-hire commitment & guarantees

The advantages of hiring IT contractors with us:

40 Tech recruiters on board

Acting like an entire IT contracting company, our researchers study the market, create the right candidate profile, and use specific communities, while our IT recruiters are experienced negotiators and HR professionals. They know how to present the employer value proposition and make candidates interested in your company.

IT Contractors - Alcor BPO

3-6 weeks - average closing time

Contact us to see the closing time of your specific positions. We will prepare an analysis of your tech roles with our time-to-hire commitment & guarantee. Get results, not promises.

IT Contractors - Alcor BPO

We recruit IT contractors of senior and lead level with rare tech skills & all technical positions. It requires exceptional treatment and attitude, which we guarantee to our clients - 98% of all candidates successfully pass the probation period.
Maryna Panchuk
Head of IT Recruitment Department

IT Contractors - Alcor BPO

80% - CV pass rate

On average, 4 out of 5 candidates that we introduce to our clients are considered good and invited for an interview. No spam, no need to waste your time on irrelevant CVs.

IT Contractors - Alcor BPO

8 CVs = 1 accepted offer*

On average it takes us to send you eight CVs to get to one accepted offer. It includes refusal of offers, counteroffers, and other matters that may arise from time to time (*updated in June 2022).

IT Contractors - Alcor BPO

We guarantee to hire IT contractors for you:


software developers within 1 month


software developers within 3 month


software developers within 1 year


months warranty to substitute our candidate free of charge

If we don’t meet the deadlines we will hire the rest at no charge to you!

You will receive:

IT Contractors - Alcor BPO

Key account manager

Our team provides individual support and delegates one account manager to work closely with your IT recruitment in Eastern Europe. The scope of issues that we cover are related to labor & contract law policy, tax payments, IP rights protection, payroll management, and contracting procurements, etc.

IT Contractors - Alcor BPO

Blind CVs

Within one business day, we prepare several blind CVs for you to approve the required tech and soft skills of your future IT employees.

IT Contractors - Alcor BPO

Verified candidates in up to 5 days

Using our network of 600,000+ people, we select and send you CVs of verified tech contractors ready to consider your vacancy.

IT Contractors - Alcor BPO

Weekly reports

You will be receiving weekly reports on our work with the number of processed CVs, conducted interviews, including further recommendations on the process of recruiting IT contractors in Eastern Europe.

IT Contractors - Alcor BPO

Advice and support

Relying on our rich experience in IT staffing services, we help adjust your vacancy to the local market to make it more attractive for local tech experts and to decrease your cost per hire.

IT Contractors - Alcor BPO

Candidates with proven track record

Our tech recruitment team works as an IT contractor agency. They thoroughly check all CVs, request references, conduct your test assignment for candidates, or test their level of English.

Case studies:

Being the leading provider of AI fraud detection and management solutions in the United States, Sift values experience and high-quality software development when it comes to software engineers. So, when it was time to expand their engineering team abroad the company chose to hire professional Eastern European developers. The only issue was that their in-house recruiter could only close support positions, thus why Sift started looking for top IT recruitment and operational providers in Eastern Europe and found Alcor.
Head of R&D and rare developers for Sift
We started our cooperation with Sift by allocating 13 IT researchers and recruiters and 1 account manager. Then our team applied executive search that enabled filling the Head of R&D position from the second candidate, as well as helped them close the positions of Front-End Developer and Back End Engineer with rare tech stacks.
Dotmatics decided to set up a new software team in Eastern Europe and move from the IT outsourcing model to oversee the development of its ground-breaking scientific products. The company's main concern was the speed and quality of tech recruitment since they had an ambitious goal to hire over 30 software engineers in 1 year. Therefore, they started seeking assistance from an experienced recruitment services partner with insider knowledge of the Eastern European technological market.
Skilled Director of Engineering for Dotmatics
After Dotmatics reached out to Alcor to get professional IT staffing services, our consultants first guided them on recruitment process outsourcing in Eastern Europe. One of the positions was Director of Engineering with a strong technical background. In order to hire the best candidate for this role, our recruitment team proceeded with adjusting the client's vacancy to the local tech market, writing the perfect value proposition, and only then beginning executive search. As a result, Dotmatics obtained a skilled Director of Engineering who still works in the company, plus hired 30 software engineers in just 12 months.
When Ledger wanted to create a team of QA engineers and hire a strong Deployment Lead in Eastern Europe, they needed stellar IT recruitment and back-office management. Even though they already had some employees in Eastern Europe, the other part of their team was in Paris. Therefore, Ledger started looking for an experienced Eastern European provider that could also ensure legal compliance, handle taxes, protect their IP rights, and perform other functions.
Deployment Lead in Eastern Europe for Ledger
Ledger reached out for assistance to Alcor and we started our collaboration by engaging 10 of Alcor's best tech researchers and recruiters. To close the position of Deployment Lead who would manage the client’s team of Deployment Engineers, our headhunters started a technology executive search. After precise sourcing and interviewing, the desired candidate joined Ledger’s team. This candidate still demonstrates great management skills and takes an active part in hiring other programmers for Ledger. On top of this, we also hired 20 talented QA specialists, as well as delivered other operational functions.


🏆 1. Should you consider hiring IT contractors for your company?

If you’re a tech product business planning to increase your development team without hiring them in-house, cooperation with IT contractors is what you’re looking for. Not only does this solution provide flexibility in terms of team scaling up, but also lets you save considerable costs on hiring and maintaining in-house employees.

⚖️ 2. What is the difference between an in-house software developer and IT contractor?

The first and foremost difference between tech contractors and in-house workers is the type of employment. In-house programmers become your official employees, while IT contractors are hired on B2B terms. Secondly, employers usually make higher tax payments for in-house workers (personal income tax in Poland – 12%-32%) than they pay for IT contractors (lump sum tax under B2B terms in Poland – 8,5%-12%).

⏳ 3. How long does it take to hire an IT contractor?

Depending on the complexity of the role, a professional IT contracting company usually needs from 3 to 6 weeks to hire 1 tech contractor that perfectly fits your technical, interpersonal, and cultural requirements.

⭐ 4. What is an ideal destination for hiring IT contractors?

One of the top destinations for hiring IT contractors among western tech companies is Eastern Europe. There are a few reasons for that: over 1 million IT talents with exceptional hard & soft skills, 2-4 times lower wages (than in western countries), affordable taxes, convenient location, and data security.

IT Contractors - Alcor BPO
IT Contractors - Alcor BPO

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It includes the salary ranges and availability of the requested developers in Poland, Romania, and other countries in EE (as well as time-to-hire metrics and other KPIs for your case).

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