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Ми надамо вам статистику про кількість потрібних вам розробників в Польщі, Румунії, Україні та їхні середні зарплати. Під час спілкування ми також обговоримо очікувані терміни найму і дамо рекомендації з приводу закупівлі обладнання, юридичних вимог, платіжних відомостей і розрахунку заробітної плати програмістів.

Average Node.js Developer Salary: Worldwide Rates Overview

Team Lead of IT Researchers at Alcor
Experienced IT researcher with a solid knowledge of sourcing tools for attracting the best tech talents.
21 Листопада 2022
14 min

More than 6.3 million websites use Node.js (or Node), making it the most widely used platform in the US. Areas of its use include IoT, payment processing, and e-commerce, so programmers with great Node knowledge remain in great demand. In order to hire software developers with this skill and still benefit from moderate salary rates, tech companies tend to look for Node.js coders in foreign locations, often via professional recruitment services providers like Alcor. We provide IT recruitment and staffing services and have already helped numerous tech companies to build their own dev teams in Poland, Romania, and other Eastern European countries. Why Eastern Europe? My team and I have compiled this worldwide overview of the Node.js engineer salary to help you find the best destination for assembling a team of talented developers! 


Node.js Developer Market Size: Worldwide Overview 


Before moving to the remuneration rates around the world, let’s look at Node.js developer market trends.  


Node.js is a backend framework used for executing JavaScript code. With the help of Node, software engineers build websites and API services. Notable statistics reveal that Node.js is the most common web technology, followed by React.js and jQuery, while Python ranked 4th. According to StackOverflow, 36% of software developers around the world work with Node.js frameworks, libraries, and tools. Thus, considering that there are 26.8M software engineers globally, the number of Node coders may equal more than 9.6M worldwide 




A lot of world-known companies integrate this technology, experiencing better performance and lower costs. These include Netflix, Amazon, PayPal, eBay, AliExpress, and many others. That is why the demand for Node.js programmers in the IT market is vigorous. On LinkedIn, for instance, there are almost 167,000 open job vacancies in the USA, Glassdoor offers around 2000 career opportunities, and Indeed has 16,500 job openings (as of October 2022). 


All of these facts paint a picture of Node coders belonging to the most sought-after developers in the world. But what skills and qualifications must such a software engineer obtain to show outstanding results?  


Expertise & Education of Node Developers  


Mostly, Node.js developers have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science, math, or a related field. Regarding must-have skills for such tech specialists, it’s important to consider the following competencies:


– Good knowledge of Node.js and its frameworks  


First and foremost, a competent specialist has to be well-versed in Node.js architecture, JSON files, and pre-built libraries. What is more, the excellent knowledge of some Node frameworks like Koa.js, Total.js, and Express.js is also of great importance.   


– Front-End Development Expertise 


Even though Node.js is mostly used for backend development, a skillful Node programmer must deal with front-end technologies from time to time. Some of them are React.js and Angular (or Angular 2+) frameworks which help to craft a top-quality user experience 


– Database management 


If you need to develop a product that comprises a large bulk of data, your Node.js coder should possess strong database management skills. A competent Node developer must handle several databases, maintain their security and create schemes to support business processes.  


– API communications 


Every product has its own needs that change regularly. That’s why a Node coder has to be competent in interpreting existing API codes and adopting them. A Node.js coder with this skill makes the development process quicker and more efficient.  


– Managing errors 


A Node.js developer position also includes troubleshooting and syntax manipulation competencies. It’s also essential to know when to crash and log an error, as well as when to give the code another try.  


The tech stack and experience are the main factors that predetermine Node.js developers’ wages.  Let’s have a closer look at the numbers around the world while considering the levels of expertise.  



Average Node.js Developer Salary: Key Takeaways 


My team collected data from reliable resources from each region to represent the salary rates of junior, middle, and senior Node.js developers. The tables below represent average gross annual remuneration rates worldwide:  


Gross annual income, USDNorth AmericaSouth America
Junior Node.js developer$53,000$12,000
Middle Node.js developer$70,000$18,000
Senior Node.js developer$92,000$25,000


Gross annual income, USDEastern EuropeWestern & Nordic
Junior Node.js developer$27,000$39,000
Middle Node.js developer$52,000$60,000
Senior Node.js developer$83,000$87,000


Gross annual income, USDMiddle EastEast AsiaSouth Africa
Junior Node.js developer$42,000$47,000$25,000
Middle Node.js developer$70,000$61,000$37,000
Senior Node.js developer$82,000$77,000$44,000


Now let’s have a look at the wages in specific counties and continents in detail.  


Node.js Developer Salary in North America 



The USA offers the most generous remuneration for Node specialists. On average, junior-level programmers make $78K annually, while the senior Node.js developer salary starts at $114K. Yet the wages in different cities can vary, so here are the average wages in the biggest American cities: 


Gross annual income, USDLos AngelesNew YorkSan FranciscoSeattleBoston Washington, DC
Junior Node.js developer$78,000$78,000$78,000$75,000$78,000$75,000
Middle Node.js developer$110,000$112,000$102,000$102,000$108,000$108,000
Senior Node.js developer$141,000$141,000$138,000$138,000$144,000$138,000



Canadian salaries are slightly lower than American ones. A Node.js developer with 1-3 years of experience earns about $69K a year. A mid-level specialist makes $84K 


Gross annual income, USDTorontoMontréalVancouver
Junior Node.js developer$72,000$68,000$89,000
Middle Node.js developer$90,000$84,000$86,000
Senior Node.js developer$120,000$105,000   $108,000



In comparison to Canadian and American wages, Mexican devs earn the least in the region. The entry-level specialist’s salary starts at only $13K while a coder with 5+ years of experience makes $26K per year. 


Gross annual income, USDNorth America
The USA Canada Mexico 
Junior Node.js developer$77,000$76,000$13,000
Middle Node.js developer$107,000$86,000$20,000
Senior Node.js developer$140,000$111,000$26,000


Node.js Developer Salary in South America 



Node developer rates in Brazil are rather low: a mid-level developer earns on average $20K, whilst a senior programmer makes $28K. 



Salary rates in Argentina are lower than in Brazil: the average Node.js developer income equals $17K per year. 


Gross annual income, USDSouth America
Junior Node.js developer$14,000$12,000
Middle Node.js developer$20,000 $17,000
Senior Node.js developer$28,000$24,000


Node.js Developer Salary in Western & Nordic Europe 


The United Kingdom

The average Node programmer income in the UK spans between $43K-$120K per year. 


Gross annual income, USDThe United Kingdom
Junior Node.js developer$68,000$57,000$50,000$43,000
Middle Node.js developer$93,000$78,000$72,000 $65,000
Senior Node.js developer$120,000$105,000$96,000$88,000



German programmers are one of the highest paid in Western & Nordic Europe: the senior Node.js developer’s salary is approx. $75K per year.



Node coders from France earn slightly less than their German fellows: senior-level specialists make $72K annually.  



Italian programmers with 1-3 years of Node experience receive $33K, while seniors about $63K annually. 



Just like in Italy, a senior Spanish Node.js coder makes $63K a year. At the same time, junior devs with this skill earn slightly less than their Italian colleagues – $30K. 



Norwegian wages are the highest in the region – an entry-level Node.js programmer receives $51K a year and developers with more than 5 years of experience make $99K.  



The average pay rate for a mid-level Node coder in the Netherlands is $53K, while their senior colleagues earn $69K a year.



Junior Node.js programmers from Sweden receive $51K, their mid-level counterparts getting $69K annually.  



Austria offers rather modest average salaries for Node.js engineers: a developer with 5+ years of experience makes $60K.  



In Belgium, a mid-level Node.js developer’s salary is approx. $66K. Senior coders receive $90K per annum 


Gross annual income, USD 


Western & Nordic Europe
Junior Node.js developer$42,000$36,000$33,000$30,000$51,000 $33,000$51,000$34,000$40,000 
Middle Node.js developer


$57,000$48,000$45,000$75,000$53,000$69,000 $42,000


Senior Node.js developer


$69,000$63,000$63,000 $99,000 $69,000$90,000$60,000 



Node.js Developer Salary in Eastern Europe 



Polish entry-level Node devs make approx. $24K. Their colleagues with more than 5 years of experience receive $78K.



Mid-level Node.js talents from Hungary get $43K per year, while seniors – $58K.  


Czech Republic

The Czech Republic offers the highest wages in Eastern Europe: the average salary of a Node.js senior developer is $81 



Annual salaries in Romania are slightly higher than in Poland: junior Node devs receive $27K and senior–level coders get $56K. 


Gross annual income, USDEastern Europe
PolandHungaryCzech RepublicRomania
Junior Node.js developer$24,000$21,000$36,000$27,000
Middle Node.js developer$45,000$43,000$60,000$38,000
Senior Node.js developer$78,000$58,000$81,000$56,000



Node.js Developer Salary in Eastern Asia 



Chinese Node coders with 1-3 years of experience get around $39K, mid-level programmers receive $50K, and seniors – $66K. 



Node devs from Japan earn significantly more than their fellows from China: mid-level coders make $64K, while senior-level software engineers can earn $79K per year.  


South Korea

Annual Node.js developer income in South Korea is almost the same as the Chinese one: a senior-level programmer earns approx. $67K annually.



Singapore offers the highest wages for Node.js programmers in East Asia: entry-level coders are paid $59K, while devs with 5+ years of expertise get $96K.  


Gross annual income, USDEast Asia
ChinaJapanSouth KoreaSingapore
Junior Node.js developer$39,000$48,000$41,000$59,000
Middle Node.js developer$50,000$64,000$52,000$76,000
Senior Node.js developer$66,000$79,000$67,000$96,000


Node.js Developer Salary in India


India provides one of the lowest salary rates worldwide. An entry-level Node developer makes only $6K annually, while seniors around $30K. 


Gross annual income, USDMumbaiDelhiBangalore
Junior Node.js developer$4,000$6,000$5,000
Middle Node.js developer$10,000$13,000$11,000
Senior Node.js developer$21,000$36,000$27,000


Node.js Developer Salary in Israel 


Node.js software engineers from Israel receive generous remuneration: an entry-level developer earns $66K+- a year, whilst senior coders can make $126K. 


Gross annual income, USDTel AvivHaifaJerusalem
Junior Node.js developer$66,000$63,000
Middle Node.js developer$100,000$96,000
Senior Node.js developer$126,000$114,000


Node.js Developer Salary in Australia 


Australian Node programmers earn almost the same as their colleagues from Israel: salary rates span between $54K-$126K depending on the developer’s experience.  


Gross annual income, USDSydneyMelbourneBrisbane
Junior Node.js developer$66,000$54,000
Middle Node.js developer$102,000$90,000
Senior Node.js developer$126,000$108,000


Top Countries to Hire Node.js Developers 


As you can see, Node.js wages differ significantly, not only from region to region but also country to country. That’s why tech entrepreneurs have an opportunity to hire such programmers in beneficial offshore locations to both cut down on expenses and not sacrifice software quality. For example, Eastern Europe is one of the most promising destinations for offshore web development because of the following key drivers:  

  • Salaries 

Eastern European Node.js developers’ wages are moderate, being lower than in most of the other regions of the world. To illustrate, the annual compensation of a senior Node programmer in Romania is $56K, while the full-stack Node.js developer’s salary is about $60K. In comparison, a Node.js software engineer with the same level of expertise in the USA earns $140K and $161K respectively.  

  • Vast talent pool  

Eastern Europe can offer more than 1M tech specialists with different skills and qualifications. With reference to the survey which states that 36% of developers worldwide use Node.js, it’s fair to assume that there are more than 360K of these coders in Eastern European countries. A leading country in terms of the number of these talents is Poland – approximately 155,000 Node coders.  Romania numbers nearly 53,000 Node.js programmers while the Czech Republic offers ca. 47,000 devs with this skill. At the same time, Slovak and Hungarian IT markets account for more than approx. 43,000 Node software developers together.  

  • High education level  

The ICT education sector in Eastern Europe is greatly developed and extremely popular among young people – only in Poland, there were more than 65,000 applicants last year. At the same time, a lot of universities are listed in QS World University Rankings 2023: Top global universities. Some of the most popular ones are the Warsaw University of Technology, the Politehnica University of Bucharest, and the Czech Technical University in Prague. Moreover, there are plenty of other educational opportunities for people who decide to work in IT, having no prior experience. For example, some well-known programming schools and bootcamps in Eastern Europe are CodeCool, Wild Code School, and others.  

  • Good command of English  

If you decide to do software engineering and hire Node.js developers in Eastern Europe, the English language won’t be a stumbling block. Romanian developers rank 15th in terms of English skills while tech specialists from Poland are 16th, followed by Hungary at 17th. Thus, you can easily maintain working relationships with your team without getting lost in translation.  

  • Working style 

Eastern European tech specialists follow the western-inspired working culture. Developers from this region are hardworking, highly motivated, good team players, and open to constructive feedback.  



Looking for the Top Node.js Talents?


Have a look at Dotmatics – a US-based product enterprise that develops digital scientific products. With the intention to expand abroad, the company decided to build its own development team in Eastern Europe. The goal was to hire 30 talented programmers within a year, so that’s why Dotmatics teamed up with an experienced IT recruitment provider Alcor. The lists of positions to close included Node.js, React, DevOps, Full Stack, and other developers. Our attentive hiring approach led to the WOW effect – a lot of positions were filled with the first candidate! All programmers had both exceptional hard & soft skills as well as an excellent cultural match. Within just one year, Dotmatics got its own team of 30 top-notch programmers in Eastern Europe with the help of Alcor!  


If you also decide to build your own team of dedicated tech talents in Eastern Europe, we at Alcor would be glad to be your reliable partner. With more than 10 years of experience in IT recruitment outsourcing, we know how to hire programmers who will be a perfect fit for your team. Our tech research and recruitment team focuses on hiring senior and lead developers from Poland and Romania, including tech specialists with rare tech stacks. With 40+ headhunters on board, we guarantee to hire 5 developers within one month and more than 100 programmers in a year. Recruitment quality speaks for itself – 98,6% of our candidates successfully pass the probation period! We also provide a 3-month warranty to substitute a candidate free of charge 


Apart from Dotmatics, Alcor has also helped successful companies like Sift, Ledger, and BigCommerce to assemble their remote development teams in Eastern Europe!  


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🔎 1. Which countries offer the highest salaries for Node.js developers?

The United States, Canada, Israel, and Australia offer the highest salaries to Node.js specialists. There, a Node programmer earns $90k – $112K per year on average.

🔎 2. Which countries have the lowest Node.js developer compensation rates?

India offers the lowest compensation for Node.js specialists: $12K-$18K per year. Brazilian and Argentinian salaries are also rather low, compared to other countries: $17K-$20K.

🔎 3. Is it a good idea to hire Node.js developers in Eastern Europe?

Hiring Node.js programmers in Eastern Europe has a number of benefits. One of the most evident ones is low salaries. Coders from these regions earn $49K-$57K per year, which is two times less than in the USA. Read this article to learn more about other benefits!

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