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Average Salary for ASP.NET Developer: Global Salary Rates Overview

Head of IT Recruitment Department
Professional IT recruiter for product tech companies with over 10 years of experience. Specializes in hiring senior engineers in Eastern Europe.
14 February 2023
7 min

ASP.NET is an open-source framework by Microsoft, notable for its high performance, robust security, and easy deployment. 7.3% of all websites use this framework, while more than 12,000 companies such as Slack, Mastercard, HBO, SpaceX, Deloitte, CNN, Dell and others developed their tech solutions with the help of ASP.NET. All these factors make ASP.NET programmers sought-after talents, thus IT companies look for these people all over the world. But what’s the best destination for hiring them?  


In this article, I’ll share ASP.NET dev market trends, provide salary rates in different countries / regions, and describe the best way and destination to hire top-notch ASP.NET programmers.  


3 Major Factors Affecting the ASP.NET Developer Salary 


1. Desired Skills & Knowledge

The level of expertise and set of competencies of ASP.NET coders can be different. The more profound their technical skills, the higher the remuneration. Nevertheless, the must-haves among ASP.NET hard skills are knowledge of .NET frameworks, web API, SQL server, JavaScript, and С#. At the same time, the necessary soft skills for these programmers are attention to detail, creativity, problem-solving, and an analytical mindset.


2. Experience Level 

Job descriptions on Glassdoor show that the more professional experience an ASP.NET dev has, the higher the wages. To get an entry-level job, a programmer is expected to have 1 year of experience for an average salary in the US of $82K a year. Mid-level developers have 3-5 years of coding experience and might get $112K+- annually. Senior-level positions (with higher pay up to $134K yearly) require 5-7+ years of ASP.NET development.  


3. Location  

Location is another factor that impacts the ASP.NET web developer’s salary. The highest pay is in the USA – $78K$125K a year for a mid-level dev while programmers in Poland earn just $51K-$53K. The lowest salaries are in India and Argentina – $19K-$20K annually for the same position.  



Review of Trends in the ASP.NET Developer Salary Market 


ASP.NET is widely used by top tech companies, providing great solutions for software development. It’s in the top 10 most used frameworks in 2022, due to numerous advantages. Experts in the IT field claim that the future of ASP.NET is very strong and promising, as this framework established itself as a high-performing, modern, and responsive technology. Thus, the demand for ASP.NET programmers will continue increasing while their salary rates will remain competitive. 


In addition, about 16.15% of software engineers around the world use the ASP.NET framework. If we consider that there are around 31.1M programmers globally, the number of ASP.NET devs in the world would be approximately 2M. Interestingly, ASP.NET Core technology is more popular – 20.3% of programmers worldwide use it. This framework allows one to develop mobile backends, IoT applications, web apps, and hybrid apps, etc. It also enables building both a user interface and web API. 




ASP.NET Developer Salary: Key Takeaways 


In the table below, my team and I collected data from reliable internal and open resources about the average base pay of ASP.NET developers in different regions around the world (as of February 2023). 


Gross annual income, USDNorth AmericaSouth America
ASP.NET mvc developer $68,000 $91,000$108,000$22,000$26,000$33,000
ASP.NET Developer $66,000$88,000$107,000$19,000$23,000$29,000


Gross annual income, USDWestern & Nordic EuropeEastern Europe
ASP.NET mvc developer $53,000$70,000$86,000$25,000$46,000$76,000
ASP.NET Developer $52,000$69,000$84,000$23,000$44,000$74,000


Gross annual income, USDEastern & Southern AsiaMiddle EastAfrica
ASP.NET mvc developer $36,000$48,000$58,000$43,000$54,000$66,000$31,000$41,000$57,000
ASP.NET Developer $33,000$46,000$57,000$41,000$52,000$63,000$29,000$38,000$55,000


Average ASP.NET Developer Salary in North America 



The ASP.NET developer salary in the USA is the highest worldwide, spanning between $80K-$147K per year.  


Gross annual income, USDSan FranciscoLos AngelesNew York City 
ASP.NET mvc developer $80,000 $125,000$147,000$70,000$110,000$125,000$80,000$122,000$147,000
ASP.NET Developer $80,000$125,000$147,000$70,000$110,000$125,000$80,000$122,000$147,000


Gross annual income, USDSeattle BostonWashington, DC  
ASP.NET mvc developer $88,000 $105,000$126,000$75,000$90,000$108,000$102,000$114,000$135,000
ASP.NET Developer $83,000$98,000$120,000$66,000$78,000$99,000$97,000$108,000$127,000




Gross annual income, USDTorontoMontréal Vancouver  
ASP.NET mvc developer $57,000 $72,000$87,000$51,000$69,000$87,000$57,000$72,000$90,000
ASP.NET Developer $60,000$72,000$99,000$51,000$69,000$90,000$57,000$72,000$90,000




North America

Gross annual income, USDUSACanadaMexico  
ASP.NET mvc developer $83,000 $111,000$131,000$55,000$71,000$88,000$21,000$28,000$32,000
ASP.NET Developer $79,000$106,000$128,000$56,000$71,000$93,000$20,000$26,000$29,000


ASP.NET Developer Income in South America 



The salary of an ASP.NET developer from Brazil is slightly higher than in Mexico: $22K-$38K a year.  



The ASP.NET developer average salary in Argentina is a bit lower than in Brazil: $16K-$28K per year.  


Gross annual income, USDBrazilArgentina
ASP.NET mvc developer $25,000 $28,000$38,000$19,000$23,000$28,000
ASP.NET Developer $22,000$27,000$34,000$16,000$19,000$23,000


ASP.NET Developer Salary in Western & Nordic Europe 


The United Kingdom 


Gross annual income, USDEnglandScotland
ASP.NET mvc developer $55,000  $68,000$82,000$53,000$67,000$80,000
ASP.NET Developer $53,000$67,000$81,000$52,000$65,000$79,000


Gross annual income, USDWalesNorthern Ireland
ASP.NET mvc developer $52,000$66,000$79,000$47,000$61,000$74,000
ASP.NET Developer $51,000$65,000$77,000$46,000$60,000$73,000



The wages in Germany don’t differ much from the ones in the UK. For example, the entry-level ASP.NET developer salary is about $53K. 



Developers from France earn slightly more than their colleagues in Germany. The compensation varies from $53K to $89K per year.  



Italy offers slightly higher remuneration than France: $56K-$90K a year.  


Gross annual income, USDGermanyFrance Italy
ASP.NET mvc developer $55,000 $70,000$88,000$56,000$73,000$89,000$57,000$73,000$90,000
ASP.NET Developer $53,000$69,000$87,000$53,000$71,000$87,000$56,000$71,000$89,000



Norwegian yearly compensation for an ASP.NET developer doesn’t differ much from the rest of European countries: $56K-$96K. 



The Netherlands offers $54K-$89K to ASP.NET programmers.  



The ASP.NET programmer salary in Sweden is lower than in other European countries: $40K-$68K a year.  


Gross annual income, USDNorwayNetherlandsSweden
ASP.NET mvc developer $56,000 $81,000$93,000$56,000$74,000$89,000$40,000$53,000$68,000
ASP.NET Developer $57,000$79,000$96,000$54,000$72,000$87,000$43,000$57,000$59,000



In Austria, the compensation is the highest in this region. The average salary for an ASP.NET developer spans between $54K-$97K. 



Belgian annual remuneration is almost the same as in Austria: $51K-$97K.



Spanish ASP.NET programmers make almost the same as their German fellows: $54K-$88K.


Gross annual income, USDAustriaBelgiumSpain
ASP.NET mvc developer $56,000 $79,000$97,000$53,000$73,000$97,000$55,000$70,000$88,000
ASP.NET Developer $54,000$78,000$96,000$51,000$72,000$96,000$54,000$68,000$86,000


ASP.NET Developer Salary in Eastern Europe 



Junior Polish ASP.NET developers make $24K-$26K a year, while senior programmers earn $84K-$89K 



The ASP.NET developer salary in Romania is slightly lower than in Poland: $22K-$84K per year.  


Gross annual income, USDPolandRomania
ASP.NET mvc developer $26,000$53,000$89,000$24,000$49,000$84,000
ASP.NET Developer $24,000$51,000$84,000$22,000$45,000$81,000



The salary range for ASP.NET developer in Hungary is lower than in Poland: $22K-$59K annually.  


Czech Republic 

ASP.NET devs from the Czech Republic yearly earn more than their Hungarian colleagues: $22K-$74K.


Gross annual income, USDHungaryCzech Republic
ASP.NET mvc developer $24,000$41,000$59,000$24,000$41,000$74,000
ASP.NET Developer $22,000$39,000$57,000$22,000$39,000$72,000



Salary of ASP.NET Developers in Eastern Asia 



The Chinese IT market offers the lowest compensation for ASP.NET developers in this region: $32K-$47K annually.  



Programmers from Japan earn approximately $34K-$67K a year.  


Gross annual income, USDChinaJapan
ASP.NET mvc developer $35,000$44,000$47,000$37,000$50,000$67,000
ASP.NET Developer $32,000$42,000$44,000$34,000$48,000$66,000


South Korea 

Devs from South Korea earn almost the same as their fellows from Japan. For example, a senior ASP.NET developer salary is $60K-$62K per year.  



A Junior ASP.NET developer salary in Singapore is the highest in Eastern Asia: $49K. Programmers with 5-7+ of experience can earn $85K+- 


Gross annual income, USDSouth KoreaSingapore
ASP.NET mvc developer $40,000$50,000$62,000$49,000$74,000$85,000
ASP.NET Developer $36,000$48,000$60,000$48,000$72,000$84,000


ASP.NET Developer Salary in India 



Gross annual income, USDMumbaiDelhiBangalore 
ASP.NET mvc developer $18,000 $22,000$31,000$17,000$19,000$32,000$16,000$21,000$31,000
ASP.NET Developer $16,000$21,000$30,000$15,000$19,000$30,000$15,000$19,000$30,000


ASP.NET Developer Salary in Israel 



Gross annual income, USDTel AvivHaifaJerusalem
ASP.NET mvc developer $32,000 $56,000$82,000$30,000$53,000$77,000$26,000$47,000$70,000
ASP.NET Developer $30,000$54,000$78,000$28,000$50,000$72,000$25,000$45,000$69,000


ASP.NET Developer Salary in Australia 



Gross annual income, USDSydneyMelbourneBrisbane  
ASP.NET mvc developer $72,000 $86,000$98,000$76,000$91,000$116,000$69,000$81,000$93,000
ASP.NET Developer $75,000$98,000$119,000$71,000$90,000$108,000$66,000$86,000$101,000


Salary Range for ASP.NET Developers: The Best Price-to-Quality Ratio


While looking for talented ASP.NET developers in different countries and regions, tech entrepreneurs consider such factors as the IT ecosystem, talent pool, salary rates, as well as cultural peculiarities and English proficiency. Comprising all these points, Eastern Europe is one of the most promising and beneficial destinations when seeking an ASP.NET developer for hire 


Benefits of the EE region


* ASP.NET full-stack developer salary in Romania is $63K, while a colleague from the US earns $113K. 


Building a software research and development center or assembling their own development teams (via providers in the EE region) allows prominent IT companies to benefit from these aspects.   



Consider Alcor BPO Your Trusted Partner for Hiring the Best ASP.NET Developer for Your Team 


When American product tech company SBTech encountered difficulties in filling 20 vacancies, they decided to look for external support. Eventually, the company chose Alcor as its IT recruitment services provider. Our headhunters had tight deadlines – 1 month to find desirable candidates for the client. Thus, the recruitment department opted for various tools and techniques to hire developers with a .NET tech stack. Our headhunters designed a perfect candidate profile, studied the required skills, and as a result of thorough sourcing, provided the client with several blind CVs. After we agreed on all the details, our recruiters started full-scale recruitment activities. And in just 1 month the Alcor team successfully hired 16 skilled software developers for SBTech (as well as helped with payroll and accounting services)! 


Apart from SBTech, we’ve already helped Sift, Ledger, Dotmatics, and others assemble their development teams in Eastern Europe. At Alcor, we focus on hiring Senior/Lead developers in Poland, Romania, and other counties in the EE region. Our recruiting department consists of 40+ experienced headhunters who thoroughly source, screen, and select skilled developers following your hiring needs. The quality of the hires speaks for itself – 98,6% of our candidates pass the probation period with flying colors!  


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🎯 1. What is the salary of an ASP.NET developer?

The ASP.NET programmer’s salary greatly depends on the region and country. For example, a mid-level ASP.NET developer in the US makes between $106K-$111K per year while a programmer with the same level of experience in Poland earns just $51K-$53K annually.

🎯 2. Which countries provide the lowest senior ASP.NET developer salary?

The lowest annual salaries for senior ASP.NET engineers are in Argentina, India, and Brazil, where they span between $23K and upwards.

🎯 3. What is the most beneficial region to hire ASP.NET developers?

One of the most promising destinations is Eastern Europe, due to moderate ASP.NET programmer salary rates, a favorable taxation system, well-developed IT infrastructure, and the vast pool of skilled software developers. Read this article to discover how to hire the best devs in EE!

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Contact us to receive a free analysis of your positions!

It includes the salary ranges and availability of the requested developers in Poland, Romania, and other countries in EE (as well as time-to-hire metrics and other KPIs for your case).

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