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Need to Hire an Asp .Net Developer? Consider This Turnkey Solution

IT Recruitment Team Lead
Need to Hire an Asp .Net Developer? Consider This Turnkey Solution - Alcor BPO profile
26 April 2021
4 min

Technology-savvy ASP .NET developers have helped companies such as SpaceX, MasterCard, and Slack to build successful solutions for their enterprises. This framework by Microsoft lets you create smooth web, desktop, mobile, and many other applications and services – if you hire dedicated .NET developers.


But, where to find them? 


To hire a .NET coder most efficiently and save thousands of dollars on this process, cooperate with a professional vendor who specializes in tech recruitment and can also provide operational backupAt least this is what Grammarly, BigCommerce, Sift, Dotmatics, and many other IT product companies did. 


Need to Hire an Asp .Net Developer? Consider This Turnkey Solution - Alcor BPO


Alcor Turnkey ODC Solution: Get Your Own R&D Center in Eastern Europe  


If you’re looking to hire a team of ASP.NET coders that will develop and maintain your product, do this with a trusted business process outsourcing services provider. For instance, we allow IT product companies to hire software engineers by establishing their offshore development centers (ODCs) in Ukraine. In the case of ASP.NET programming experts, it’s easier to find them via our solution than any other .NET development companysince we provide the full cycle of back-office management, for example: 


Recruitment services

Finding a seasoned ASP.NET developer for hire will be a no-brainer for you because our professional IT researchers and recruiters will find up to 5 such software engineers in one month


For instance, a client of ours that provides the top equity and disclosure management platform needed to hire .NET programmers but couldn’t do it efficiently for a long time. When they found out about our services, they immediately contacted us, and our talented recruitment team hired 7 .NET professionals for them in just a few weeks. 


Legal assistance

The legal & compliance specialists will make sure your ASP.NET programmers abide by both local and your country’s laws. They can take care of everything: from tax planning to M&A deals supportto ensure the flawless work of your offshore developers.  


Payroll & accounting support

Our team of payroll & accounting managers properly allocate your finances after we hire ASP.NET developers for your business. Even if you’re located in the United States, you can manage your cash flow abroad with the help of our financial team that provides transparent invoices and pays local taxes for you every month.  


Real estate and additional options

Before we hire .NET developers for you, you will get your development office and procurements in Ukraine. Alcor will provide you with a list of 5 top office locations within five days. If you don’t need a physical office, we’ll set up a home working space and infrastructure for your ASP.NET engineers. Other additional services such as employer branding might come in handy to promote your brand overseas. 


All of this will not only let you alleviate the operational weight but also receive a .NET developer for hire to achieve top-notch results in product development. At the same time, your dedicated ODC via Alcor will become a place that will unite your team and let them cooperate to develop a better custom product for you. You will also benefit from this offshoring model if you learn how to effectively manage your overseas ASP.NET programmers.  



Alternative Options of Hiring .NET Developers 


If you’re interested in hiring ASP.NET programmers through outsourcing, take a look at these platforms:  

  • LinkedIn

Employers usually can’t get enough of LinkedIn since this site connects you with the best employees internationallyNevertheless, it’s difficult to hire a dot net developer via this network because most good developers either land better job offers or ignore recruiters. 

  • Upwork 

Upwork is a place where you can find any skills in all parts of the world. However, this freelancing platform is a gig “human cloud” – which means that you won’t always receive high-quality work.  

  • Dice 

Dice is a popular platform to look for tech talents for your project. Their database provides access to millions of IT professionals but it’s challenging to find the right candidate here because of high competition. 

  • Glassdoor 

This is one of the most well-known job-seeking websites in the world. You can look for top candidates for any position on Glassdoor. The only inconvenience you may face here is that you’ll need to spend months attempting to hire .NET programmers that meet your expectations. 



This is How to Hire a .NET Developer the Best Way  


It’s always been complex to attract and hire seasoned .NET engineers because of the high demand for such specialists. If you don’t want your competitors to poach the top talents, especially fullstack ASP.NET developers, you need to know how to effectively conduct interviews. That is why the only viable solution here is to outsource recruitment to professionals.  


A reliable vendor knows that the best way to get top-notch .NET engineers on board is to interview them in 2-3 steps, but it’s essential to do thorough candidate research before inviting someone to the interview. Thus, your recruitment process with our company may look like this: 

  • Candidate sourcing  

At this stage, our team drafts the portrait of your ideal candidate, and IT researchers start sourcing eligible candidates. We start with the analysis of .NET programmer necessary hard skills: ASP.NET or migration to frameworks like ASP.NET Core, Web API, C#, WCF, NUKESQL, and many others depending on your specific product.  


Speaking about soft skills, powerful communication, teamwork, critical thinking, self-development, and enthusiasm are the most crucial for a good ASP.NET developer for hire. Besides, web .NET programmers are younger and have better English proficiency than desktop .NET engineers in Ukraine 

  • HR interview 

How to hire a .NET developer and not make a mistake? Let your provider interview them first to spot their strengths and weaknesses. Besides, this recruitment stage lets you save time if the candidate is unsuitable. 

  • Pre-screening questions 

After that, it’s time to check their practical knowledge. To do this, tell them to describe how they ensure that their application and data are secure. Or ask them, “How would they build fault tolerance service/application?” 

  • Tech interview or online coding session 

Our recruiters suggest conducting online coding sessions that take up to one hour and let programmers demonstrate their skills. Or we can host a tech interview upon your request. But our clients rarely want us to give candidates test tasks since many good engineers quit at this point. 

  • Final interview 

At this step, you’re free to either approve the candidate or keep looking for another .NET coder. For example, SBTech, a leading provider of sports betting solutions, approved 16 programmers that we hired in one month! The company still enjoys the performance of our candidates and accomplishes new results every day. 


Beyond that, you should provide your .NET stars with favorable working conditions to retain them. For instance, prepare a social package that covers Covid-19 insurance. It’s also great to allow your developers to have a flexible schedule – mix remote and office work during the pandemic. 


In the end, let’s talk about the average ASP.NET developer salary of junior, middle, and senior-level employees in the most IT-friendly countries in the world to make the final decisionBy the way, the wages of full-stack ASP.NET engineers that can do both front-end and back-end are usually higher than presented below. 


I’ve singled out 4 countries: the USA, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Ukraine. The data was taken from reliable tech market insights providers such as GlassdoorPayscaleand Djinni, and it’s accurate for April 2021. Please note that all salaries mentioned below are before taxes except for Ukrainian ones. To calculate gross salaries in Ukraine, add 5% of taxes.


salaries-asp-net-developers - Alcor BPO


Final Thoughts  


Finding a perfect ASP.NET developer for hire that will have important hard and soft skills to create even enterprise-level apps or services is challenging. However, it’s not impossible if you work with a trustworthy BPO company like Alcor. We will recruit the right .NET programmers to develop your tech legacy. 


Because of our well-thought recruitment strategy that involves several hiring stages, you’ll be equipped with loyal and skillful team of .NET coders. With professional ASP.NET development integration, your core product will help your business to reach another level. 


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How to hire ASP.NET developers that will satisfy your business needs?

Work with a vendor that has insider .NET developer market knowledge and can set up a development team for you like Alcor.

What hard and soft skills are the most important for a .NET coder?

Hard skills of a .NET coder are ASP.NET, C#, Microsoft SQL, Web API, etc. Soft skills include effective communication, teamwork, critical thinking, self-development, and enthusiasm.

How can you spot a bad .NET programmer?

They usually embellish their portfolios and fail online coding sessions or tech interviews.

How much does it cost to find ASP .NET developers for hire in Ukraine?

A Middle .NET developer in Ukraine earns $43,000 per year, while a Senior .NET engineer makes $62,500 annually. Add 5% of payroll tax and vendor’s fee which depends on the number of developers you need.

Contact Us

Contact us to receive a free analysis of your positions!

It includes the salary ranges and availability of the requested developers in Poland, Romania, and other countries in EE (as well as time-to-hire metrics and other KPIs for your case).

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