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Blockchain Developer Salary: Worldwide Research Among Tech Companies

Team Lead of Recruiters at Alcor
Accomplished tech recruiter with 8 years of experience building software teams for product tech companies in Eastern Europe.
24 April 2023
10 min

Blockchain adoption is undoubtedly one of the hottest technology trends on the market. Businesses across numerous industries integrate it to enable efficiency, security, transparency, and automation of processes. Statista forecasts that blockchain market size will reach $163 billion by 2027. Meanwhile, some industry reports claim that blockchain will contribute about $120 billion worldwide by 2024, creating a global economic influence that has never been seen before. Without a doubt, the number of businesses integrating this technology will only increase. But where can IT companies hire seasoned Blockchain developers for a reasonable price?


Alcor knows the answer, as we are experienced in providing IT recruitment services in Romania, Poland, and other Eastern European countries. So, keep reading this article to find out about Blockchain market trends, global rates for these IT specialists, factors that influence their salary, and top destinations to hire Blockchain developers.


Types and Roles of Blockchain Developer


Blockchain is a disruptive technology that was originally created to power the digital currency Bitcoin. It represents a decentralized and encrypted database/ledger that contains information about transactions and assets, distributed between the permissioned participants of a particular business network. The data is stored in the block, and when filled, it gets closed and linked to previous blocks, making up a chain secured by the cryptographic algorithms. These blockchain systems are designed, built, and maintained by the Blockchain developer. This tech specialist is also responsible for developing and optimizing blockchain protocols, smart contracts, and web applications needed to store and share Big Data, transparently and safely without intermediaries. Basically, there are 2 types of such programmers: Core and Software Blockchain Developers. 


Core Blockchain Developer

This type of Blockchain expert creates workable and manageable blockchain networks. They are responsible for the development of blockchain architecture and design of consensus protocols and security patterns. Core Blockchain Developers also monitor and optimize the network environment to ensure a secure implementation of decentralized applications (DApps). 


Blockchain Software Developer

For their part, Blockchain Software Developers use the created foundation to build new blockchain applications and web varieties. They handle both the front-end and back-end development of DApps as well as blockchain database application programming interfaces (API) that support blockchain integration. 


Blockchain Developer: Market Trends


With increasing adoption of Blockchain solutions, developers knowledgeable of this technology are now some of the most sought-after professionals in the world. According to the DevSkiller’s Digital & IT Skills Report 2023, the demand for blockchain coding skills increased by 552% in 2022. Glassdoor, in their turn, recorded a whopping 300% jump in Blockchain developer job listings. In the USA alone, there are currently about 50,000 jobs for Blockchain developers on ZipRecruiter.


However, it’s becoming more challenging for companies to find skilled Blockchain engineers due to the overwhelming shortage of these experts. The number of Blockchain developers globally has doubled since 2018, constituting approximately 250,000 in 2020. It’s possible to assume that this number could have touched the 400K mark last year, which is still below the market’s needs. New initiatives and programs, as well as available bootcamp courses, are meant to accelerate programmers’ upskilling. According to SlashData’s 2022 State of the Developer Survey, 30% of developers are now learning about blockchain applications, while 58% are interested in them. High annual rewards are another reason for IT specialists to start the Blockchain career path. Continue reading this article to find out about the Blockchain developer worldwide salary rates.




Core Factors that Determine the Average Blockchain Developer Salary


Desired Skills & Knowledge

Those Blockchain developers who have deep specialized knowledge and skills, as well as coding experience, tend to get higher rewards. Their technical qualification usually encompasses such skills:

  • Programming languages 

A sound knowledge of the programming concepts and hands-on experience with at least one of the coding languages like C++, Java, Python, Golang, or Solidity (specific to Ethereum) is necessary to build blockchain applications. 

  • Blockchain architecture

A professional Blockchain developer should have a complete picture of blockchain technology, its working principles, frameworks, and architecture. Currently, there are four types of blockchain architectures: public, private, hybrid, and consortium, which a good Blockchain engineer should be aware of.

  • Cryptography & cybersecurity

The protection of sensitive data from unauthorized users and attacks by the means of encrypting is a must-have skill for well-versed Blockchain developers. Those engineers who have solid understanding of cryptographic concepts, digital signatures, hash functions, and RSA algorithm have all the chances to get an appealing remuneration. 

  • Data structures

Since the entire blockchain network is made up of data structures, Blockchain developers need to be familiar with various types of these data structures, including binary trees, heap, hashing, and graphs, etc.

  • Smart contract development

Another vital skill that can contribute to the annual salary of a Blockchain developer is the creation of smart contracts – digital self-executing agreements that contain all the terms and conditions agreed between two or more parties. Vyper, Solidity and Chaincode are commonly used to write smart contracts.


Soft skills are just as important as technical qualification for a Blockchain engineer. Among the core ones are outstanding communication & cooperation skills, high level of adaptability, time management, problem-solving, and a proactive attitude.


Industry & Company Type

Both industry and company that Blockchain developers work in can largely influence their annual income. For instance, experts engaged in finance or healthcare tend to earn higher salaries due to the complexity of apps and the importance of data security. It’s likewise with company types. Naturally, governmental institutions offer much lower salaries than international tech firms.



The annual Blockchain salary can also vary depending on the location. For instance, the USA, Canada, and Australia offer some of the highest annual remunerations in the global market which oftentimes go way above the $100K mark. Meanwhile, the developer salaries in Eastern Europe are about 2-3 times lower. For you to get a grasp of the Blockchain developer salary by countries, my team of recruiters collected relevant data from reliable resources which is presented in the tables below.


In case you are curious about the payscale of other IT specialists, check out our research on the average Automation Engineer salary and average iOS Developer salary.


Average Blockchain Developer Salary: Key Takeaways

Gross annual income, USDNorth AmericaSouth America
Junior Blockchain Developer$76,000$31,000
Middle Blockchain Developer$105,000$49,000
Senior Blockchain Developer$138,000$70,000


Gross annual income, USDWestern & Nordic EuropeEastern Europe
Junior Blockchain Developer$47,000$31,000
Middle Blockchain Developer$76,000$62,000
Senior Blockchain Developer$100,000$83,000


Gross annual income, USDEastern &
Southern Asia
Middle EastAfrica
Junior Blockchain Developer$41,000$70,000$35,000
Middle Blockchain Developer$62,000$95,000$60,000
Senior Blockchain Developer$80,000$120,000$83,000


Average Blockchain Developer Salary in North America



Due to the growing demand for Blockchain developers, US tech companies offer mind-blowing annual salaries to attract the best experts. The average income of a Blockchain developer here ranges from $93K to $180K, with New York providing the most generous remunerations.


Gross annual income, USDUnited States
CaliforniaTexasFloridaNew York
Junior Blockchain Developer$105,000$93,000$97,000$110,000
Middle Blockchain Developer$132,000$128,000 $140,000$150,000
Senior Blockchain Developer $154,000$152,000$175,000$180,000



The Canadian tech market offers $90K-$150K for engineers with Blockchain and cryptocurrency expertise. 



Mexican Blockchain professionals receive $35K-$83K per annum.


Average Blockchain Developer Salary in South America


Gross annual income, USDNorth AmericaSouth America
Junior Blockchain Developer$93,000$90,000$35,000$32,000$30,000
Middle Blockchain Developer$138,000$120,000$57,000$50,000$48,000
Senior Blockchain Developer$180,000$150,000$83,000$72,000$67,000



The annual Blockchain engineer salary in Brazil is between $32K and $72K.



The salary of a Blockchain developer in Argentina is somewhat similar to Brazil: about $30K-$67K a year.


Average Blockchain Developer Salary in Western & Nordic Europe


United Kingdom


Gross annual income, USD
EnglandScotlandWalesNorthern Ireland
Junior Blockchain Developer$58,000$47,000 $45,000$40,000
Middle Blockchain Developer$87,000$72,000$70,000$65,000
Senior Blockchain Developer$110,000$100,000$98,000$90,000



The German IT market is an absolute leader in the region in terms of annual wages for Blockchain engineers that span between $62,000 to $125,000 per year.



The average salary of a Blockchain developer in France is decent, ranging from $47,000 to $100,000 per annum.



Italian Blockchain experts earn some of the modest annual wages in the region: about $45K-$97K.



The Blockchain and Cryptocurrency developer salary in Spain is $40K-$90K a year.


Gross annual income, USD
Junior Blockchain Developer$62,000$47,000 $45,000$40,000
Middle Blockchain Developer$87,000$72,000$70,000$65,000
Senior Blockchain Developer$125,000$100,000$97,000$90,000



Norwegian developers who apply Blockchain solutions receive the highest annual rewards among the Nordic European countries: $58K-$120K.



The IT employment market in the Netherlands offers about $100,000 per year for senior Blockchain developers.



The average Blockchain engineer salary in Sweden is $45K-$98K.



Austrian developers with Blockchain technology experience earn on average from $42,000 to $90,000 annually.



In Belgium, Blockchain developer salary ranges from $48,000 to $105,000


Gross annual income, USD
Junior Blockchain Developer$58,000$47,000 $45,000$42,000$48,000
Middle Blockchain Developer$87,000$72,000$70,000$65,000$65,000
Senior Blockchain Developer$120,000$100,000$98,000$90,000$105,000


Average Blockchain Developer Salary in Eastern Europe



The average Blockchain developer salary in Ukraine spans between $30K and $82K a year.


Polish developers knowledgeable in Blockchain technology are paid some of the highest annual remunerations in Eastern Europe: about $33K-$90K.




The Romanian Blockchain engineer income is quite similar to Polish: $31K-$85K annually. 



Hungarian Blockchain specialists receive quite modest annual wages: $29K-$77K on average. 


Czech Republic

In Czechia, a Blockchain programmer salary usually ranges from $30K to $80K.


Gross annual income, USD
UkrainePolandRomaniaHungaryCzech Republic
Junior Blockchain Developer$30,000$33,000 $31,000$29,000$30,000
Middle Blockchain Developer$60,000$67,000$64,000$58,000$60,000
Senior Blockchain Developer$82,000$90,000$85,000$77,000$80,000


Average Blockchain Developer Salary in Eastern & South Asia



The Blockchain developer salary in China varies from $40K to $72K.



The Japanese IT industry offers appealing annual remunerations for Blockchain specialists: about $45K-$90K.


South Korea

South Korean Bitcoin developer salary is not as high as in neighboring Japan: $35K-$70K.



The Blockchain developer income in Singapore is the highest in the region: $60K-$120K per annum.



Indian Blockchain programmers receive some of the lowest annual wages worldwide which tend to range from $22,000 to $50,000.


Gross annual income, USD
ChinaJapanSouth KoreaSingaporeIndia
Junior Blockchain Developer$40,000$45,000 $35,000$60,000$22,000
Middle Blockchain Developer$60,000$70,000$57,000$92,000$35,000
Senior Blockchain Developer$72,000$90,000$70,000$120,000$50,000


Average Blockchain Developer Salary in Israel


Gross annual income, USD
JerusalemTel AvivHaifaKarmiel
Junior Blockchain Developer$83,000$80,000
Middle Blockchain Developer$110,000$100,000
Senior Blockchain Developer$135,000$120,000


Average Blockchain Developer Salary in Australia


Gross annual income, USD
Junior Blockchain Developer$100,000$115,000$90,000$92,000
Middle Blockchain Developer$125,000$130,000 $115,000$115,000
Senior Blockchain Developer $140,000$145,000$133,000$130,000


Expertise and Education of Blockchain Developers across the World


Unlike some popular positions, hiring a seasoned Blockchain developer can be quite a tricky task. And it’s not only due to the talent shortage, but the broad range of skill requirements and specialized knowledge that these IT professionals should be armed with. To navigate through them, there is a so-called SHIME Skills Framework.


shime skills_blockchain dev


Meanwhile, if hiring Blockchain experts abroad, cultural similarity, business ethics, and English proficiency are those aspects that also need to be considered. They will determine the effectiveness of communication and cooperation between your in-house and remote tech teams, and the overall ability of the offshore Blockchain developers to become an invaluable part of your company. 


There are numerous offshoring options out there to choose from. However, western IT businesses tend to benefit the most from offshoring to Eastern Europe. Not only does this region have moderate taxes and tech salaries, but also a huge pool of qualified software developers that share western values and have a good command of English. Such well-known tech companies as Google, Apple, ThredUp, Oracle, and have already assembled their development teams in Eastern Europe. 


Recently, one Swedish blockchain company also expanded to this region. They wanted to hire senior and lead backend developers with Blockchain expertise for a reasonable price. Therefore, the company reached out to the local expert Alcor. We assigned 5 headhunters to provide our client with IT recruitment services in Poland and other EE countries. They included ideal candidate profile creation, pre-screening of eligible candidates, job interviewing, and working with offers/counter offers, etc. After tapping into our network of 600,000+ talents, our IT recruiters found the right candidates, and one of them even exceeded all client expectations! Apart from 7 years in backend development and 2 years in blockchain, the candidate was also well-versed in С++, Solidity, and had hands-on experience with databases.  



Final Thoughts


To revolutionize the way of business and gain competitive advantage, many companies have been in active search for competent Blockchain developers. As our research reveals, the inflated salaries in western countries, particularly the USA, become a driving force for tech businesses to opt for lower-cost destinations like Eastern Europe. To hire top-notch Blockchain developers both time- and cost-effectively, the cooperation with Alcor can come in handy. It takes us only 3 months to undertake a full-cycle IT recruitment in Bulgaria, Poland, or Romania to assemble a tech team of 20+ devs for you!

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🔗 1. What are the main types of Blockchain developers?

There are Core Blockchain Developers and Blockchain Software Developers. The former work on blockchain architecture and design consensus protocols and security patterns, while the latter build blockchain applications based on a foundation created by the Core Blockchain Developers.

💰 2. What is the salary for a Blockchain developer in the USA?

The American Blockchain specialists are the most well-paid in the world. Their annual income spans between $93,000 and $180,000, with New York offering the most generous salaries.

💵 3. How much do Blockchain developers make in Eastern Europe?

The average salary of a Blockchain engineer in Eastern Europe ranges from $29K to $90K annually. Read this article to know more about the annual wages in each country of the region.

💎 4. Which country has the best Blockchain developers?

When it comes to hiring offshore Blockchain programmers, Eastern Europe has the best price-to-quality ratio. Western IT companies can benefit from moderate rates as well as a pool of over 10,000 qualified Blockchain experts who have high English proficiency and similar mentality

🎯 5. How can IT companies hire Blockchain developers in Eastern Europe?

The most efficient and cost-effective way to hire skilled Blockchain developers is via an experienced IT recruitment company which has local expertise, a solid team of headhunters, outlined guarantees, and transparent pricing.

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It includes the salary ranges and availability of the requested developers in Poland, Romania, and other countries in EE (as well as time-to-hire metrics and other KPIs for your case).

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