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Average Salary for Business Intelligence Developer Worldwide Research

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22 July 2022
11 min

The Business Intelligence developer is a prestigious and much-in-demand role among product tech companies with enormous growth. These specialists operate with massive databases by dint of gathering, analyzing, and interpreting information that facilitates profitable business processes. Since decisionmaking highly depends on proficient data analysis, companies hunt for the best specialists from different regions and countries. Keep reading this article to explore business intelligence developer salary range around the globe and find out about the best destinations for hiring them!


Business Intelligence Developer Market Insights 

Now BI tendencies continue developing and providing big tech companies with analytical solutions for KPI improvement, profit markup, and customer acquisition. Forecasts for the Business Intelligence market is promising enough: the market size is expected to reach $33.3 billion by 2025. With these rapid development of technologies, the future holds plenty of innovations when it comes to BI: prescriptive analytics, BI through NLP (natural language processing), and data governance.  
Since BI is used in different industries such as healthcare, finances, the education system, and IT, the demand for specialists is growing. Some of the most popular job boards have plenty of job ads for Business Intelligence developers (as of June 2022). On Glassdoor, for example, there are more than 5,600 vacancies. On Indeed there are more than 14,000 job openings for BI specialists just in the United States. About 57% of IT enterprises with more than 10,000 employees hunt for BI developers, making them key players in big tech companies.  


BI developer vacancies


As you can see, the BI market is experiencing a flourishing period as more and more tech companies want Business Intelligence talents to join their teams. To attract good specialists and manage the hiring process, tech companies tend to choose experienced recruitment service providers. For instance, Dotmatics is an American product company that develops scientific software which connects science, data, and decision making. They chose to delegate the recruiting process to a reliable partner. The result exceeded all expectations: they assembled a team of 30 tech talents within a year! Moreover, the majority of the positions were filled with the first candidate, making it possible to hire desired IT specialists quickly. 




Key Factors that Impact the Salary for
Business Intelligence


Skills & Knowledge


Expertise is one of the most crucial points that predetermine a BI developer’s income. A competent specialist must have experience with BI tools, DB/DBA background, SQL knowledge, and the ability to work with corporate cloud storage and Power BI. Soft skills also don’t remain aside – these developers are expected to have an analytical mindset, good memory, attention to details, and strong intrapersonal skills.


BI developer soft and hard skills


Experience Level


The years of experience is another factor that should be mentioned, as salary rates get higher in accordance with the seniority of specialists. Juniors should have 1-3 years of technical experience, mid-level programmers 3-5 years, and senior BI developers must have more than 5 years. IT employers also take into consideration a graduate degree (a bachelor’s degree in computer science or related sphere is a must). They also prefer candidates with several years of back-end experience and knowledge of SQL (SSRS and SSIS). Such specialists can claim a higher salary rate.




It’s not out of place to associate a business intelligence developer salary with a country or region. Since the wages significantly vary, it may be an essential factor to consider before you decide on where to hire a BI developer. For instance, the US on average offers $111K of annual base pay to a Business Intelligence Database Engineer, while their Polish colleagues earn only $39K a year.




Business Intelligence Developer Salary:
Key Takeaways

My team gathered data from such resources as
SalaryExpert, Glassdoor, and Talent. com to compile the following table. It includes the annual salary for a business intelligence developer across main regions worldwide.


Note: All the currencies were converted to US dollars at an exchange rate for July 2022. All wages include taxes.


Average base annual income, USD

North America South America 
Business Intelligence Director$92,000$26,000
Business Intelligence Architect$52,000$72,000$93,000$21,000$29,000$36,000
Business Intelligence Database Engineer$56,000$70,000$93,000$19,000$27,000$34,000
Business Intelligence Developer $47,000$66,000 $86,000 $16,000$22,000$28,000


Average base annual income, USD

Eastern Europe Western & Nordic Europe 
Business Intelligence Director $49,000$70,000
Business Intelligence Architect$30,000$37,000$46,000$45,000$67,000$86,000
Business Intelligence Database Engineer$25,000$35,000$40,000$41,000$64,000$83,000
Business Intelligence Developer $22,000$28,000$35,000$46,000$66,000$81,000


Average base annual income, USD

Middle East Eastern & South Asia South Africa 
Business Intelligence Director$123,000$92,000$81,000
Business Intelligence Architect$57,000$81,000$100,000$50,000$70,000$88,000$29,000$41,000$51,000
Business Intelligence Database Engineer$54,000$76,000$95,000$47,000$67,000$86,000$39,000


Business Intelligence Developer$44,000$62,000$76,000





Average Business Intelligence Developer Salary in North America



Business intelligence developer salary in the US is the highest is this region. The average pay scale spans between $82K and $165K, where BI directors tend to earn the most.


Average Base annual income, USD The United States 
California Washington Florida New York Texas 
Business Intelligence Director$166,000$132,000$143,000$148,000$162,000
Business Intelligence Architect$132,000$109,000$124,000$125,000


Business Intelligence Database Engineer$125,000$111,000$109,000$110,000


Business Intelligence Developer $117,000$97,000$96,000$104,000




Canadian wages are generous enough but still lower than in the USA. An annual salary ranges from $54K to $112K.



This country offers the lowest compensation in North America. Mexican entry-level BI specialists earn only $19K-$24K per year, while seniors make $33K-$44K


Average Base annual income, USD North America 
The USA Canada Mexico 
Business Intelligence Director$140,000 $94,000 $34,000 
Business Intelligence Architect$122,000 $85,000 $28,000 
Business Intelligence Database Engineer$112,000 $78,000$26,000 
Business Intelligence Developer$101,000 $83,000 $21,000 


Business Intelligence Developer Salary in South America



In this business intelligence report, the developer salary in Brazil is estimated at $15K-$35K per year. The position of BI director is the most well-paid while BI developers earn the least.



Argentinian specialists are offered  lower wages than their Brazilian colleagues. On average, Business Intelligence developers earn only $13K-$30K per year.


Average Base annual income, USD South America 
Brazil Argentina 
Business Intelligence Director$27,000


Business Intelligence Architect$21,000 


Business Intelligence Database Engineer$22,000 $17,000 
Business Intelligence Developer$19,000 $16,000 


Business Intelligence Developer Salary in
Western & Nordic Europe


United Kingdom

BI talents from the UK receive rather competitive annual remuneration: $45K-$75K. The numbers vary from country to country. BI developers from England have the highest wages – $53K-$75K while their fellows from Northern Ireland have the lowest – $45-69K.


Average Base annual income, USD The United Kingdom 
England Scotland Wales Northern
Business Intelligence Director$75,000 $70,000$69,000
Business Intelligence Architect$65,000$62,000$60,000$66,000 
Business Intelligence Database Engineer$59,000$50,000 $52,000


Business Intelligence Developer$57,000 $46,000 $49,000 $45,000 



Germany offers hefty compensation in business intelligence. A BI developer salary in this country is $52K-$72K per year. 



Developers from France earn slightly less than the ones from Germany: starting with $58K for a BI database engineer to $67K for a BI director.



Italy offers rather small pay rates compared to other European countries. Hiring a BI specialist in this country will cost you $43K-$60K per year, depending on the seniority level and position.



Spanish entry-level tech talents earn the least in this region: less than $60K per year. The most well-paid position is the BI director earning $58K.



Business Intelligence developers from Norway get about $57K-$70K annually. The salaries of a BI architect and a BI database engineer are almost the same, while BI directors tend to earn the most.



The Netherlands offers slightly more than Norway when it comes to business intelligence developer jobs the salary range for a BI architect is $54K-75K and $50K-$70K for a BI database engineer.



Different types of BI specialists from Sweden earn about $50-70K per year. Similar to the rest of Europe, BI directors make the most – $65K-$75K.



The business intelligence developer salary range in Austria is rather moderate: $48K-$70K. It’s worth noting that BI directors and architects have the same compensation, while BI database engineers earn less.



The average rates in Belgium are similar to the German ones: $55K-$75K.


Average Base annual income, USD

Western & Nordic Europe 
Germany France Italy Spain Norway Netherlands Sweden AustriaBelgium
Business Intelligence Director$72,000 $67,000$60,000$58,000$70,000$69,000$67,000$67,000$71,000
Business Intelligence Architect$61,000$55,000$47,000$41,000$61,000$65,000$54,000


Business Intelligence Database Engineer$60,000$58,000$43,000$48,000$60,000$64,000$51,000$52,000$55,000
Business Intelligence Developer$52,000$48,000$45,000$35,000$52,000$54,000$52,000$48,000$64,000


Average Business Intelligence Developer Salary in Eastern Europe



Ukrainian compensation is one of the lowest among Eastern European countries: $30K-45K per year.



IT companies in Poland offer the second-highest salary rates in Eastern Europe: $40K-$55K. The salaries of architects and database engineers are almost the same.



Hungarian BI architects and database engineers have similar salaries – $32K-$40K. Business Intelligence directors earn the most – $35K-$55K per year.


Czech Republic

This country has the most generous wages to offer. BI specialists from the Czech Republic make $30K-$70K.



Romanian salaries are close to Ukrainian: $30K-$40K of base annual income. As usual, BI directors earn the most: $35K-$45K.


Average Base annual income, USD

Eastern Europe 
Ukraine Poland Hungary Czech Republic Romania 
Business Intelligence Director$45,000$55,000$45,000$60,000$40,000
Business Intelligence Architect$35,000$50,000$37,000$54,000


Business Intelligence Database Engineer$32,000$45,000$34,000$47,000$30,000
Business Intelligence Developer$30,000$40,000$30,000$42,000$26,000



Business Intelligence Developer Salary in
Eastern & South Asia



Chinese wages start at $39K for a BI database engineer with 1-3 years of experience. BI directors with more than 5 years of experience earn approximately $100K per year.



In Japan, BI specialists from entry to senior levels have rather generous compensation: $55K-$134K.


South Korea

In this country, BI developers receive almost the same salary as their Chinese fellows: $37K-$96K per year.



Singapore offers the highest salary rates in this region: $59K-$135K.



A business intelligence developer salary in India is the lowest in this region. Entry-level specialists earn $14K-$27K while seniors tend to earn up to $50K per year.


Average Base annual income, USD Eastern & South Asia 
China Japan South
Singapore India 
Business Intelligence Director$84,000$105,000$75,000$106,000


Business Intelligence Architect$57,000$81,000$54,000$87,000


Business Intelligence Database Engineer$77,000$52,000$82,000$19,000
Business Intelligence Developer$45,000$64,000$43,000$69,000$17,000


Business Intelligence Developer Salary in Israel 


Israel has a lot to offer BI specialists since the salary rates span between $61K and $100K. Business intelligence directors are paid the most generous compensation: almost $100K per year. BI architects and data engineers have almost the same income.


Average Base annual income, USD Israel 
Business Intelligence Director$99,000 
Business Intelligence Architect$79,000
Business Intelligence Database Engineer$75,000
Business Intelligence Developer$61,000 


Business Intelligence Developer Salary in Australia


In Australia, a senior business intelligence developer salary ranges from $100K to $140K per year. The wage for entry-level developers starts at $65K while mid-level specialists make $80K-$95K.


Average Base annual income, USD Australia 
Business Intelligence Director$121,000
Business Intelligence Architect$109,000 
Business Intelligence Database Engineer$103,000
Business Intelligence Developer$93,000 


Business Intelligence Developer Salary Ranges:
Top Destinations


Since wages around the world greatly vary, many US-based IT product companies decide to hire offshore developers due to the beneficial price-quality ratio. One of the most popular destinations for this purpose is Eastern Europe. The key reasons why tech entrepreneurs opt for this region are:


Salary rates:

As you can see, the average business intelligence developer salary in Eastern Europe is significantly lower than the American or Asian one. Just to illustrate: In the USA 3 mid-level Business Intelligence database engineers will cost you $315K per year, while in Poland you can hire 8 of them for the same amount of money! 


Vast talent pool:

Such countries as Poland, Ukraine, and Romania can boast of more than 580,000 tech specialists. Hungary numbers 80,000 software developers while the Czech Republic has 95,000. All in all, Eastern European countries are home to about 1M programmers.


Strong technical background:

Most IT specialists from Ukraine, Poland, and Romania have a degree in computer science or math. In 2020, for example, information technology was the most popular field of study in Poland – more than 33,000 applicants decided to obtain a degree in IT. While in Ukraine, more than half of tech specialists have a higher education.  


Soft skills:

Engineering talents from Eastern Europe are western-inspired, so they value teamwork and a strong work ethic. They are also comfortable with any kind of feedback and ready to establish good working relationships with clients and colleagues. Moreover, Eastern European IT specialists have a good level of English, thus less obstacles in communication.   



Looking for a Flexible BI Developer Team?
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If you want to hire a BI developer for your team, consider collaborating with a reliable IT recruitment service provider. With Alcor, you will get fast and quality filling of positions. Just to illustrate: 80% of our candidates introduced to a client get an interview invitation. Moreover, on average we send only 8 CVs to get 1 accepted offer. This is possible thanks to 10 years of experience in the tech market and a team of over 40 professional recruiters and researchers who specialize in hiring middle and senior software developers from Eastern Europe. To find the best tech talents, Alcor recruiters use premium resources and their own database of more than 200,000 candidates. After sourcing potential candidates, our headhunters conduct the interviewing & technical pre-screening stages, outline the candidate’s motivation, and compile a transparent review. Then we forward the best applicants to the client and they make the final decision 
Alcor is a one-stop shop where you can also find legal compliance and payroll & accounting services. We can handle the management of many burdensome processes while you stay focused on your product development. Such tech enterprises as Samsung, Ledger, Sift, and Grammarly have already taken advantage of our services!  
For example, is a product tech company from the US that decided to hire Ukrainian developers and open its R&D center in Kyiv. Alcor took care of all their back-office operations so that could transparently run their business in Ukraine. Our recruitment department found over 25 software engineers for them, including specialists with rare AI skills who joined the company’s development team. Our lawyers made sure that their business was fully compliant with both American and Ukrainian law, while our accountants organized a smooth payroll process. With Alcor, launched their own representative unit abroad in just 1 month!   


what we do alcor 

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🔎 How much does a Business Intelligence Developer cost on average?

The wages greatly differ from country to country. For instance, the average cost for a BI developer per year in the US is $113K compared to $40K in Poland. Thus, specialists with the same expertise and level of experience have different average incomes around the globe.

💰 What country offers the highest salaries for BI developers?

An absolute leader is the United States. In the US, senior BI specialists can make up to $165K per year, mid-level specialists earn $105K-$125K, and juniors are paid approximately $90K.

💡 Is it a good idea to hire Business Intelligence developers in Eastern Europe?

Eastern Europe is one of the most popular offshoring destinations when it comes to hiring BI developers. Due to dramatic differences in salaries, a vast talent pool, and high-quality specialists, a lot of tech companies hire Polish, Ukrainian, and Romanian tech talents.

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