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Average JavaScript Developer Salary Worldwide

Team Lead of IT Researchers at Alcor
Experienced IT researcher with a solid knowledge of sourcing tools for attracting the best tech talents.
13 May 2022
9 min

Being one of the most demanded languages, more and more tech specialists worldwide equip themselves with JavaScript, opening the way for professional growth. And due to high demand, JavaScript coders are well-paid, making this programming language even more attractive for learning. In this article, I will take a world tour to get an ultimate insight into the average JavaScript developer salary based on the research of my team. 


JavaScript Developer Salary Worldwide: Key Takeaways  


Before moving to a global overview of the salary rates, let’s analyze what directly influences these numbers. The first point is the seniority level that reflects the degree of qualification and years of experience. There are three rungs: junior (0-2 years), middle (2-5 years), and senior (more than 5 years of practical experience). Accordingly, this differentiation impacts the JavaScript programmer salary significantly. The second point is the knowledge of frameworks and libraries that contribute to the developer’s expertise and value. Apart from this, JS engineers have different specializations due to their range of responsibilities. JavaScript front-end developers deal with HTML, CSS, etc., whereas full-stack specialists can manage both frontend and backend and also work with databases, design, and system engineering.  


My team compiled data from Salary Expert, PayScale and Glassdoor on the median salary worldwide. These numbers represent average wages in different regions around the world, but there are dramatic discrepancies when it comes to certain countries that I will illustrate later in the article.  


The table below represents salary rates as of summer 2022: 


Gross annual income, USD

North America

South America


 Front-End JavaScript Developer


Full-Stack JavaScript Developer




Gross annual income, USD

Eastern Europe

Western & Nordic Europe


 Front-End JavaScript Developer


Full-Stack JavaScript Developer




Gross annual income,
Eastern & Southern AsiaMiddle EastAfrica
 Front-End JavaScript Developer$29,000$41,000$51,000$46,000$64,000$80,000$26,000$37,000$46,000
Full-Stack JavaScript Developer$42,000$56,000$39,000


JavaScript Global Market Trend


The market potential of JavaScript developers is another noteworthy topic. I suggest analyzing it through the lens of supply and demand in the labor market. 


According to Developer Nation, in Q3 2021 there were approximately 16.5M developers who used JavaScript. The soaring popularity and relative ease of learning attract entry-level developers to start with JavaScript, as 4M software engineers entered the labor market with JS last year. Doubtlessly, these numbers are hefty and show promising growth. 




The demand, in turn, is conducive to JavaScript developers worldwide, as there are more and more vacancies. The main reason is that JS is the language primarily used for website development. For instance, on Indeed there are more than 40,000 vacancies for software developers who know JavaScript in the USAEastern Europe is another location with a developed tech infrastructure in such countries as Poland, Ukraine, and Romania. These regions are very popular among tech companies for opening their IT hubs, especially Warsaw, Kyiv, Lviv, and Bucharest. Only these three countries offer more than 7,000 vacancies for JavaScript specialists on LinkedIn, boasting of more than 1M software developers in general. Along with this, a JavaScript software engineer salary in Eastern Europe is vastly different from the USA or Western Europe. You will see it for yourself when we study every region in detail. 



Quality, Expertise and Education of JS Programmers in Different Countries


In general, JS engineers have a degree (bachelor’s or master’s) in computing or maths for which employers are ready to pay a bit more. JavaScript is a language primary used for web development but it’s rarely the only tool JS coders have in their arsenal. So, tech stack is another factor that influences salary for a JavaScript developer. A lot of tech companies value JS engineers who have expertise in such frameworks as React, Angular, and Vue. JQuery, for example, remains one of the most popular JavaScript libraries used by Google, Facebook, and WordPress.


According to DevSkiller report 2022 on tech talent hiring insights, frameworks and libraries are frequently tested with JavaScript for technical screening. Thus, top IT skill pairs include 13.8% JS&HTML, 10.9% JS&Angular, and 7.9% JS&SQL. As you see, companies look for developers who can verify their knowledge of JavaScript, its frameworks and libraries. That’s why more than a quarter of developers surveyed plan to learn Angular, while a third aim at React.


As well, extending the professional stack and taking up new technologies greatly contribute to the quality of work. Some countries have proven that their JavaScript programmers are worth hiring. As mentioned earlier, Eastern Europe is one of the well-regarded destinations to find JS developers. Due to a vast talent pool and solid experience in programming, tech giants decide to expand their business there, successfully managing offshore teams. Leading remote teams is not a challenge for them due to the programmers’ soft skills, such as independence, ability to work in a team, and good English skills. Another factor that reinforces this perfect match is cultural similarities. Software developers from Eastern Europe follow a western-inspired work ethic that values responsibility and hard work.


Have a look at Sift, one of the leading companies that deals with product security and fraud prevention. The company chose Eastern Europe to hire software developers for team extension. To enter the foreign market with flying colors from the very beginning, Sift addressed us as a local all-in-one-place provider. Even though while headhunting there were some challenges like finding engineers with a unique stack, our recruiters managed to find 17 talented developers for them. The hiring quality speaks for itself – there were no substitutions. Our specialists also took care of perks management for the EE team – getting stock options was legally compliant thanks to our legal team. 


JavaScript Developer Salary in North America


To outline the average salary for a JavaScript developer in North America, we selected three countries: the US, Canada, and Mexico. Notwithstanding, the average pay in the US and Canada significantly differs from the one in Mexico.




As an undisputed leader in the tech arena, the US has a lot to offer. The JavaScript engineer salary per year is one of the highest: $75K – $130K, compared to other regions and countries, however the numbers in different cities vary:


Gross annual income, USD
Los AngelesNew YorkChicago
JavaScript Developer$116,000$104,000$99,000
Full-Stack JavaScript Developer$128,000$116,000$108,000




In comparison with the US, Canadian salaries are lower: $45K – $110K. If you decide to hire a full-stack JS specialist in Canada, he/she will cost you $86K per year. 




Mexican front-end developers have the lowest wage in North America. The average scale spans between $17K and $29K. The Full-stack javascript developer salary in this region starts from $28K.


Gross annual income, USDNorth America
The USACanadaMexico
JavaScript Developer$105,000$77,000$20,000
Full-Stack JavaScript Developer$113,000$86,000$28,000


JavaScript Developer Salary in South America




In Brazil, a front-end JS developer with 1-3 years of experience receives $9K, while mid-level experts earn $15-20K and seniors $28K.




An Argentinian JS specialist makes between $12K up to $20K per year. Full-stack specialists make $30K.


Gross annual income, USDSouth America
JavaScript Developer$18,000$17,000
Full-Stack JavaScript Developer$26,000$30,000


JavaScript Developer Salary in Western & Nordic Europe 


The United Kingdom


The UK offers competitive salaries for JS specialists: the average rates are between $50K – $65K.


Gross annual income,
The United Kingdom
EnglandScotlandWalesNorthern Ireland
JavaScript Developer$59,000$57,000$50,000$53,000
Full-Stack JavaScript Developer$64,000$60,000$64,000$56,000




German JavaScript coders make approximately $45K – $67K per year. In Berlin, salary rates are higher than in the rest of the country. The Entry-level JavaScript developer salary is $45K, middle developers earn $52K and seniors $67K. 




In France, JS programmers earn almost the same amount of money as the ones from Germany: $40K – $64K, although in Paris senior-level developers are paid $68K while junior-level specialists tend to earn $46K. 




Developers from Italy make less than their colleagues from the rest of Europe: $31K – $47K. Full-stack specialists earn $44K per year. 




Spain also offers rather small salaries for JS specialists: $25K – $55K per year. Spanish full-stack JS developers make $37K. 




Norwegian specialists who deal with JS coding language make $30K- $90K per year, while full-stack engineers have one of the highest rates in Europe – $62K. 




In the Netherlands, the average pay rate is $30K – $85K. In Amsterdam, junior JS developers make $35K and work with full-satck developers will cost you $58K per year. 




Sweden provides the following salary in Europe for JS programmers: $24K – $76K. The compensation for a full-stack specialist is $52K. 




JavaScript engineers in this country have moderate salary rates: $50K – $63K.




A JavaScript developer salary in this country is approximately the same as in Germany or France: the lowest annual mark is $28K, while the highest is $60K. 


Gross annual income,
Western & Nordic Europe
JavaScript Developer$54,000$52,000$38,000$34,000$58,000$45,000$49,000$43,000$44,000
Full-Stack JavaScript Developer$63,000$58,000$44,000$37,000$62,000$52,000$52,000$51,000$69,000


JavaScript Developer Salary in Eastern Europe 




Ukrainian IT companies offer IT software engineers $19K – $48K per year. The wage for a full-stack specialist is approximately $42K.




In this country, the average base rate is $37K – $53K per year. In the capital city Warsaw the JavaScript software engineer salary is slightly higher. If you decide to hire a junior specialist, it will cost $39K per year. Hiring a mid-level developer in Warsaw is about $45K, while senior is $50K. 




Hungarian IT specialists have a similar salary rate $20K – $39K. Full-stack developers are paid almost the same as the ones from Ukraine. 


Czech Republic 


Czech coders are paid one of the highest compensation in Eastern Europe: $30K – $58K, while full-stack coders make approximately $49K per year. In Prague, junior tech specialists make $36K, mid-level $41K. A Senior JavaScript developer salary in the capital is $63K. 




The Romanian salary rate spans between $18K and $48K per year. In Bucharest, JS specialists make slightly more than in the rest of the county. Full-stack specialists have almost the same wage as in Hungary.


Gross annual income,
Eastern Europe
JavaScript Developer$30,000$43,000$27,000$41,000$30,000
Full-Stack JavaScript Developer$42,000$50,000$39,000$49,000$38,000



JavaScript Developer Salary in Eastern & South Asia 



The average JS coder salary in China is neither high nor low: $37K – $64K per year, depending on the developer’s seniority.




Japanese developers boast of competitive salaries in this region. The range is from $55K to $95K per year. Full-stack specialists are paid the most – $78K. 


South Korea


JS engineers from this country make almost the same amount of money as their Chinese colleagues: $35K – $62K. 




This country is a leader among Asian countries when it comes to salary rates. A JS developer can make $56K- $97K per year. 




Indian developers earn less than their colleagues from this region. The JS programmer annual salary ranges between $13K and $23K. 


Gross annual income,
Eastern & South Asia
ChinaJapanSouth KoreaSingaporeIndia
JavaScript Developer$50,000$75,000$49,000$77,000$19,000
Full-Stack JavaScript Developer$63,000$78,000$38,000$72,000$24,000


JavaScript Developer Salary in Israel 


Israel offers rather hefty wages: a junior JS developer makes $51K, while the salary rate for a developer with more than five years of experience is $108K per year. Full-stack specialists are offered a generous compensation of $94K. 


Gross annual income, USDIsrael
JavaScript Developer$84,000
Full-Stack JavaScript Developer$94,000


JavaScript Developer Salary in Australia


Australia provides JS developers with competitive salaries compared to other regions in the world. The average annual income is $74K- $130K while the wage for full-stack developers starts at $120K. 


Gross annual income, USDAustralia
JavaScript Developer$102,000
Full-Stack JavaScript Developer$120,000


Alcor BPO Sets Up Software Teams of Best Javascript Talents  


Hiring talented JavaScript engineers abroad with a trustworthy partner results in a dedicated team. Consider Alcor as your provider for building your own development team! 


Alcor is an international recruitment service provider that focuses on filling tech positions for IT product companies. We help foreign companies find talented programmers from Eastern European countries such as Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. Our recruitment department is a team of experienced specialists who already found skilled software developers for such well-known tech companies as Tonic, BigCommerce, Ledger, Globality, Sift, and Samsung, etc. The recruitment team takes care of everything: starting from sourcing and finishing with employment procedures – but the final decision of hiring remains with you. We provide 3 months warranty to substitute a candidate free of charge!


We also help establish your own offshore software development center, providing a full set of operational services: payroll & accounting, legal compliance, employer branding, and others.


Tech giants such as BigCommerce, Google, Microsoft, and Motorola have already decided to hire developers in Eastern Europe, benefiting from high-quality service and low JavaScript web developer salary in this region. Shall Eastern Europe become your destination for finding JavaScript engineers? Alcor can make it happen! 

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💡 What country offers the highest salaries for middle and senior JavaScript developers?

The leading country where a JS coder can make the most is the United States. In America, the average salary ranges from $75,00 for an entry-level developer to $130,00 for a senior. In Los Angeles, a junior developer will cost you $83,000, whereas in New York their colleagues make $88,000.

💡Is it better to hire JavaScript developers from UK or Germany or from Ukraine or Poland?

A significant difference in salary rates is the crucial factor to consider. In the UK, a mid-level JS developer will cost you $71,000 and $64,000 in Germany, while in Poland a coder with the same level of expertise costs $36,000. This is the main reason why tech companies opt for hiring developers from Eastern Europe, sacrificing no quality but saving on their budget.

💡 Which countries are the best to hire JavaScript software developers?

Eastern Europe became a popular destination to hire JS coders due to a big talent pool, moderate salaries, and high-quality work. Skilled developers from Poland, Ukraine, and Romania already code for top American product companies!

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It includes the salary ranges and availability of the requested developers in Poland, Romania, and other countries in EE (as well as time-to-hire metrics and other KPIs for your case).

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