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Engineering Manager Salary in Tech Companies: Worldwide Market Analysis

Team Lead of IT Researchers at Alcor
Experienced IT researcher with a solid knowledge of sourcing tools for attracting the best tech talents.
05 December 2022
8 mins

Software development teams are the main asset of any IT company, as they are the driving force towards business success. However, even the most genius programmers need a guiding star to achieve their desired goals — an engineering manager (EM). These professionals usually take on responsibility for the development process, effective team leadership, and business growth opportunities. 


If you are an IT executive looking for a competent EM, continue reading this article and learn more about the expertise of these specialists, factors that determine their salary, and destinations with the most affordable rates. 


Engineering Manager Salary Market Trends


The Engineering Manager is an engine of software development. Even though these professionals are rarely involved in the actual coding, they are accountable for the technical design, architecture, and operation of the product, ensuring high quality and regular maintenance of its systems and programs. Good results come from meticulous planning, efficient research & development team coordination, and clear project execution. Check out the complete list of an EM’s daily responsibilities below.


EM Responsibilities


Considering the current number of IT companies in the tech industry of the United States, which is around 600,000, the demand for engineering managers will only increase. According to the popular job search websites, there are at present about  200,000 open vacancies for these specialists in the US, with LinkedIn having 140,000, Indeed – 30,000, and Glassdoor – 20,000 as of November 2022.



Primary Factors that Influence the Salary of an Engineering Manager


Desired Skills & Knowledge

There is no universal set of skills for an EM, since each IT company comes up with their own job requirements. Yet from my professional experience, I can tell that the Engineering Manager skill stack can be divided into 3 groups: technical, team leading, and project management.

 Successful Product



The Engineering Manager salary is largely affected by the level of higher education. The difference between the rewards of professionals with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees can reach 13%, while the Ph.D. ensures an even higher rise in the average income of an Engineering Manager. 


Experience Level

Naturally, the salary varies depending on the level of experience, and engineering managers are not an exception. When choosing the leadership path, these professionals can further get to Senior Engineering Manager and then become Director of Engineering once they gain enough experience.


Company Size 

The price tag for the Engineering Manager can also vary, depending on the local market. In the USA, tech remunerations are hugely affected by the Big Five that tend to offer real success salaries. For instance, Google is ready to pay their engineering managers $230K, Apple — $200K, and Microsoft —$195K per year. But how much does an Engineering Manager make on average in other countries?


Engineering Manager Salary: Key Takeaways


My team and I have collected some data on Engineering Manager salary (by area) to help you identify low-cost destinations for hiring such specialists. All currencies were converted to US dollars at a relevant exchange rate for November 2022.


Gross annual income, USDNorth AmericaSouth America
Engineering Manager$137,000$45,000
Senior Engineering Manager$158,000$55,000
Director of Engineering$174,000$66,000


Gross annual income, USDWestern & Nordic EuropeEastern Europe
Engineering Manager$90,000$60,000
Senior Engineering Manager$107,000$80,000
Director of Engineering$120,000$90,000


Gross annual income, USDEastern &
Southern Asia
Middle EastAfrica
Engineering Manager$71,000$65,000$52,000
Senior Engineering Manager$87,000$110,000$70,000
Director of Engineering$102,000$128,000$83,000


Average Engineering Manager Salary in North America



Gross annual income, USDUnited States
CaliforniaTexasFloridaNew York
Engineering Manager$165,000 $150,000$146,000 $168,000
Senior Engineering Manager$180,000$167,000 $165,000$175,000
Director of Engineering $210,000 $185,000 $180,000$205,000



The average income of an Engineering Manager in Canada is slightly lower than in the USA: $115K-$157K.



Although not included in our general calculations, Mexican engineering managers receive 2,5 times lower annual compensations than their Canadian colleagues — $45K-$64K. 


Average Salary of the Engineering Manager in South America


Gross annual income, USDNorth AmericaSouth America
Engineering Manager$158,000$115,000$50,000$40,000
Senior Engineering Manager$172,000$143,000$63,000$47,000
Director of Engineering$190,000$157,000$72,000$60,000



The IT industry in Brazil is not too far ahead of the Mexican one, offering the average Engineering Manager salary of $50K-$72K for an EM.



The median Senior Engineering Manager salary in Argentina constitutes $47,000.


Engineering Manager Income in Western & Nordic Europe


Gross annual income, USDUnited Kingdom
EnglandScotlandWalesNorthern Ireland
Engineering Manager$85,000$83,000 $75,000$72,000
Senior Engineering Manager$98,000$95,000$88,000$90,000
Director of Engineering$132,000$130,000$123,000$120,000



German engineering managers are some of the most well-paid in the region, earning on average $97K-$133K per annum.



The annual Engineering Manager income in France spans from $85K to $110K.



In Italy, the Engineering Manager salary ranges from $74K to $103K.



The median reward of the Senior Engineering Manager in Spain is rather modest: $90,000.


Gross annual income, USDGermanyFranceItalySpain
Engineering Manager$97,000$85,000$74,000$77,000
Senior Engineering Manager$120,000$97,000$88,000$90,000
Director of Engineering$133,000$110,000$103,000$100,000



Norway is recorded as a location with the most generous average salary for an Engineering Manager: $103K-$140K.



The price tag for the Director of Engineering in the Netherlands constitutes around $130,000.



Senior engineering managers in Sweden are paid about $112,000 annually. 



Austria is not lagging too far behind the Netherlands, offering $93K-$120K for the Engineering Manager.



The Engineering Manager annual salary in Belgium is not principally different from the one in Austria: $88K-$117K.


Gross annual income, USDNorwayNetherlandsSwedenAustriaBelgium
Engineering Manager$103,000$98,000$92,000$93,000$88,000
Senior Engineering Manager$125,000$117,000$112,000$115,000$107,000
Director of Engineering$140,000$130,000$125,000$120,000$117,000


Salary of an Engineering Manager in Eastern Europe


Gross annual income, USDUkrainePolandRomaniaHungaryCzech Republic
Engineering Manager$60,000$65,000$62,000$55,000$57,000
Senior Engineering Manager$80,000$86,000$83,000$77,000$76,000
Director of Engineering$88,000$95,000$90,000$85,000$88,000



The average salary for an Engineering Manager in Ukraine ranges from $60K to $88K.



Polish engineering managers receive some of the highest annual compensations in the region: $65K-$95K.



The annual salary of the Engineering Manager in Romania spans from $62K to $90K.




Hungary offers quite modest remunerations for an EM in Eastern Europe: $55K-$85K.


Czech Republic

The Director of Engineering in Czechia earns on average $88,000.


Engineering Manager Salary in Eastern & South Asia


Gross annual income, USDChinaJapanSouth KoreaSingaporeIndia
Engineering Manager$70,000$88,000$65,000$100,000$30,000
Senior Engineering Manager$86,000$105,000$80,000$122,000$43,000
Director of Engineering$108,000$114,000$97,000$140,000$50,000



Senior engineering managers in China earn on average $86,000 annually.



Japanese EMs receive the second highest compensation in the region: $88K-$114K.


South Korea

The Engineering Manager income in South Korea is like in China: $65K-$97K.



Engineering managers in Singapore are paid the highest annual remuneration among Asian countries: $100K-$140K.



Unlike its neighbors, India offers the lowest salary for the Director of Engineering — $50,000.


Engineering Manager Income in Israel


Gross annual income, USDIsrael
JerusalemTel AvivHaifaKarmiel
Engineering Manager$90,000$102,000 $78,000$80,000
Senior Engineering Manager$118,000$125,000$97,000 $100,000
Director of Engineering$132,000 $140,000$120,000$125,000


Engineering Manager Salary in Australia


Gross annual income, USDAustralia
Engineering Manager$123,000$120,000 $115,000 $112,000
Senior Engineering Manager$147,000$142,000$132,000 $130,000
Director of Engineering$168,000$157,000$150,000 $145,000


Alcor Knows How to Find the Best Engineering Manager for Your Tech Team!


Headhunting a seasoned engineering manager with proper competences and cultural similarities can be quite challenging, especially if doing it in the offshoring destination. That’s why, in order to hire software developers in Eastern Europe, one US-based product company, assigned this arduous task to Alcor. 


Firstly, our IT recruiters created an ideal candidate profile and attractive employer value proposition. Secondly, our researchers conducted applicant sourcing and CV screening. After that, our recruitment team carried out job interviews to provide our client only with the most appropriate candidates. As a result, an offer was made to the best-matched candidate who has already started to make an invaluable contribution to the client’s application elaboration in their software research and development center in Eastern Europe.


Would you also like to get full-cycle IT recruitment just like our clients Sift,, Dotmatics, and Ledger? Then choose Alcor BPO as your trusted partner! We have over 10 years of experience in IT recruitment services, a team of 40 tech headhunters, and a solid pool of 600,000 Polish and Romanian programmers. You will be delighted with our fast and effective IT hiring, as it takes us only 3-6 weeks to close 1 position, while 98,6% of our candidates successfully pass the probation period.


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🏆 Which factors influence the average Engineering Manager income?

Among the factors influencing the Engineering Manager income are experience level, education, demand, and location. Read this article to learn more about these and other aspects that shape the EM’s annual salary.

🏆 Which countries offer the highest Engineering Manager salary?

Engineering managers in the USA, Australia, Canada, Israel, Norway, and Singapore receive the highest annual remunerations.

🏆 Where are the most affordable Engineering Manager compensations?

The lowest salary for engineering managers can be found in Hungary, Czechia, Mexico, Argentina, and India, where it varies from $30K to $88K.

🏆 How can an IT company hire a proficient Engineering Manager?

The best way to headhunt a highly qualified Engineering Manager in your offshore development team is by partnering with an experienced IT recruitment company. Your ideal partner should have a solid team of IT recruiters, a large pool of candidates, outlined guarantees, and more.

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Contact us to receive a free analysis of your positions!

It includes the salary ranges and availability of the requested developers in Poland, Romania, and other countries in EE (as well as time-to-hire metrics and other KPIs for your case).

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