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If You Need to Hire a Dedicated Java Developer, We Have a Ready-Made Solution

IT Recruitment Team Lead
If You Need to Hire a Dedicated Java Developer, We Have a Ready-Made Solution - Alcor BPO profile
26 May 2021
4 min

Java developers bring value to almost every IT product: web, desktop, or mobile (mostly for Android). Besides, most of them use this programming language to create flawless IoT, big data, and e-commerce projects, so it’s no wonder why there’s always a demand for seasoned Java software engineers among different companies – from startups to enterprises.


If you need to hire a Java developer, it would be useful for you to learn about their expertise, effective ways to attract middle and higher-level programmers, important recruitment stages, and a solution that will help you get rid of the administrative and operational side of employing them. No need to look it up yourself because I’ve already collected everything you need to know about finding a Java developer for hire in this article!


Alcor Ready-Made Solution: Get Your Own Offshore Dedicated Development Center in Eastern Europe


The best way to hire a Java coder for your company is by cooperating with a professional vendor that specializes in IT recruitment. For example, Alcor is a business process outsourcing services provider that can establish an offshore R&D center for tech product companies – fully backed up by operational support.


Such companies as Samsung, ThredUp, Smartling, InScale, SDL, and others have already benefited from our Java hires and keep profiting from the work of these professionals. For example, when, an American IT product company that develops a platform for marketing and sales processes in B2B, needed to recruit several Java developers in their Ukrainian development hub, our company hired 7 skilled Java programmers for them in just a few weeks.


But what services do we offer to successfully set up a Java development hub in the right way?

IT recruitment 

To hire a dedicated Java developer with any skills for your project, our IT researchers and recruiters first analyze your staffing needs and then access Alcor’s database with over 80,000 talents to meet these needs.


After that, we conduct several interviews with software engineers – like an HR interview, a technical interview, or even a final one, depending on the number of interviews in your company. By the way, we guarantee to hire 5 programmers for you in 4 weeks and provide you with a 3-month employee warranty, plus help you manage your offshore team efficiently.



Legal & compliance 

Our lawyers do their best to keep your Java team abiding by local laws. They are ready to take care of your intellectual property security, legalize your foreign workers in Ukraine, and even help with your M&A deals.

Payroll & accounting 

Our team of finance experts will always take the responsibility to consult you on financial modeling, pay salaries, and taxes for your developers, and prepare detailed monthly reports to keep things under your control.


This was the reason why Sitecore, a global content management system provider, reached out to us to outsource accounting and payroll services. Before they found our company, they suffered from poor accounting that affected the company’s ROI. We restructured accounting for Sitecore, optimized their payroll, and even helped them to save costs with our solutions.

Real estate  

Before the pandemic, we were helping our clients with leasing offices, procurements, redecorations, and property management. But we adapted to the Covid-19 changes and now set up home offices and infrastructure for your offshored developers.

Additional services 

In case your business is new to Ukrainian developers and hasn’t enough recognition here, we can develop your employer branding strategy and boost your appearance in the local media.


Your-own-software-R&D-center - Alcor BPO


4 Websites to Seek a Java Developer for Hire


If you want to find a Java programmer for hire on your own, you might try to do this via professional networks and job-seeking websites, such as:

  • Indeed 

Indeed is an online job board for posting vacancies and resumes for people all around the world. Yet despite the wide selection, their site algorithms might appoint the wrong candidate for your job posting.

  • LinkedIn 

This network connects employers and candidates and allows everyone to share insights from different industries. But if you don’t know how to approach a Java developer for hire, most candidates will ignore your invitations to connect.

  • Upwork 

There’s hardly anyone who hasn’t heard about this outsourcing platform. However, while some people seem to have success on Upwork, others find it challenging to ensure the hands-on experience of candidates.

  • Toptal  

Toptal might seem similar to Upwork but it provides vetted talents. Nevertheless, there are fewer skills on Toptal, and developers there charge more than the ones on Upwork.



What Do You Need to Know to Hire a Dedicated Java Developer


Before you hire a Java programmer, you need to be aware of the common hard skills of such engineers: Java, Spring, Kafka, cloud computing (AWS), Git, and Scala.


Apart from that, a dream Java coder should know how to process big data, handle high-load systems, and build faultless custom applications using machine learning. By the way, in case you’re in to hire a Java developer with DevOps or React experience, be prepared to spend a lot of time and money since such professionals are scarce on the market.


Once you’ve analyzed the essential skill set of Java engineers, you may also consider the gross salaries of Java coders in the most IT-friendly countries. I’ve decided to do it for you and compiled data about the wages of Java engineers of all levels in the USA, Germany, the UK, and Ukraine for April 2021 (see also the AWS developer salary rates across the world). Please note that all salaries mentioned below are before taxes except for Ukrainian ones. To calculate gross salaries in Ukraine, add 5% of taxes.


Java-developers-Ukraine - Alcor BPO


Eastern Europe is now considered one of the best offshoring locations for delegating business operations. It has become a reality since certain Eastern European countries like Ukraine offer effective financial incentives – like only 5% that software engineers pay in income tax.


Beyond that, there are over 200,000 tech specialists in Ukraine, 32,000 of which are middle, senior, and team lead Java specialists. Most of them can easily switch from Java to other programming languages and technologies, so one needs to be quick to hire the most talented developers.


Ukrainian Java coders share a similar working culture with their Western and European counterparts and possess such soft skills as teamwork, flexibility, self-development, and others. Besides, half of them speak English at upper-intermediate and advanced levels, so there are no problems in communication with foreign colleagues.


Another thing to keep in mind if you want to know how to hire a Java developer is the working conditions that they are expecting. First and foremost, you have to provide procurements and IT infrastructure to establish remote home offices for programmers. Also, it’s popular now to provide offshore developers with good medical insurance that covers Covid-19 testing and treatment because of the pandemic.


Final Thoughts


Every CTO who is looking to hire a dedicated Java developer can try to recruit such a specialist themselves. But if your company is not an enterprise, it’s unlikely that you have an IT hiring department to achieve this goal. Thus, you should partner up with a professional recruitment vendor that can hire Java coders for you more efficiently.


Luckily, there are plenty of providers – like our BPO company Alcor – ready to find Java stars for you. Apart from IT recruitment, we can provide support of other operational functions that you might need, such as legal, accounting, real estate, and additional services. So, the only question is: “How many Java coders do you need?”


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Which hard skills are must-have for a professional Java developer?

They must know Java, Spring, Kafka, cloud computing (AWS), Git, and Scala. Also, such engineers must be flexible to switch between programming languages, frameworks, and other technologies. Besides, a dream Java coder should know how to process big data, handle high-load systems, and build faultless custom applications using machine learning.

What is the annual salary of Java programmers?

As an example, a middle Java developer earns $90,000 in the U.S., $67,000 in Germany, $66,500 in the UK, yet only $48,000 in Ukraine.

How can you hire Java coders quickly and efficiently?

You should hire Java developers via a professional IT recruitment vendor. For example, our company can hire more than 20 Java engineers for you in 3 months, help with legal & compliance services, be in charge of local taxes and developer salaries, and set up your branded office in Ukraine in only one month.

What do you need in your offer to recruit the most talented Java engineers?

Apart from offering to work with the latest technologies, receive a competitive salary, and become a part of their friendly team, many companies also help Java programmers to set up a home office, make the necessary procurements, and add medical insurance that covers potential Covid-19 expenses.

Contact Us

Contact us to receive a free analysis of your positions!

It includes the salary ranges and availability of the requested developers in Poland, Romania, and other countries in EE (as well as time-to-hire metrics and other KPIs for your case).

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