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It includes the salary ranges and availability of the requested developers in Poland, Romania, and other countries in EE (as well as time-to-hire metrics and other KPIs for your case).

All about IT recruitment

Team Leasing in IT: Benefits, Challenges, Alternatives
Sergiy Ovcharenko
Whenever you need to find software developers for a project or task, you will probably want to choose a staffi... Read more
08 June 2022
8 min
PEO Services: Pros and Cons of Cooperation with Your Company
Viktoriia Keliar
Some business leaders successfully extend their staff or even hire software engineers abroad via such solut Read more
06 June 2022
8 min
7 Best Practices in Recruiting Software Developers
Marina Panchuk
Software developers impact the modern world ubiquitously: starting with small apps for delivery and ending ... Read more
03 June 2022
10 min
Hungarian Developers: Insight into IT Market, Rates and Benefits of Hiring
Marina Panchuk
Recently, Eastern Europe has become a strong competitor to other regions in terms of software development s ... Read more
27 May 2022
11 min
Average ETL Developer Salary: Deep Dive Into Worldwide Research
Maryna Panchuk
Average ETL Developer Salary: Deep Dive Into Worldwide Research... Read more
18 May 2022
12 min
Average .NET Developer Salary Worldwide Research
Nadiia Kovalchuk
The global IT sector is growing exponentially every single year. In order to remain competitive, tech companie... Read more
11 May 2022
13 min
Average Angular Developer Salary All Over the World Analysis
Nadiia Kovalchuk
In case you want to build highly responsive and robust web applications that perform well on any device, yo Read more
09 May 2022
11 min
Software Development Team Structure: Must-Have Players for Your Team
Marina Panchuk
Success stories always started with people, yet proper managing and structuring were instrumental. To bring ... Read more
27 April 2022
10 min
Average PHP Developer Salary: Worldwide Research Analysis
Marina Panchuk
The Hypertext Preprocessor / PHP scripting language is 27 years old but still holds a vital place among oth ... Read more
22 April 2022
12 min
Advantages of Co-Located Teams: Do You Really Need to Work Together?
Sergшy Ovcharenko
Advantages of Co-Located Teams: Do You Really Need to Work Together?... Read more
21 April 2022
9 min
5 IT Outsourcing Trends for 2022: Has Covid Impacted the Future?
Dmitry Ovcharenko
IT outsourcing is a staffing solution that involves delegating programming tasks to third-party vendors. Compa... Read more
02 February 2022
7 min
How Business Process Outsourcing of IT Services Benefits the Business
Dmitry Ovcharenko
Business process outsourcing of IT services is an effective way to cut finances. You delegate some (or all) Read more
12 January 2022
9 min
Distributed IT Team Model: Benefits, Challenges and Best Practices
Dmytro Ovcharenko
Companies have lately been pushed to rethink their team structure, which has taken the concept of remote wo ... Read more
31 December 2021
9 min
Dedicated Software Development Team Model vs. Your Own Software R&D Center
Sergiy Ovcharenko
Once a company has opted for offshoring, it’s crucial to compare several possible business models and cho ... Read more
30 December 2021
10 min
4 Types of IT Engagement Models: How to Choose the Right One?
Sergiy Ovcharenko
4 Types of IT Engagement Models: How to Choose the Right One?... Read more
24 December 2021
9 min
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