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Blog about running software R&D in Europe | Alcor BPO

Looking for Offshore Developers for Hire? Consider This Alternative
Sergey Ovcharenko
These days the western tech industry is experiencing a lack of skilled IT professionals. That's why both large... Read more
19 April 2021
9 min
Looking for an Offshore Web Development Company? Consider Our Solution
Dmitry Ovcharenko
If you’ve ever heard of how good, fast, and cheap web development abroad is, you must be craving to give Read more
31 March 2021
7 min
Wise Offshoring Risk Management: The Top 8 Threats
Sergey Ovcharenko
Outsourcing and its variations in the IT domain have become a generally accepted management tool for tech b ... Read more
31 December 2021
7 min
4 Tips on How to Outsource Recruitment Process
Marina Panchuk
During times of crisis, some businesses collapse while others keep flourishing. What's the magic formula? T ... Read more
08 February 2021
6 min
12 Things a CEO Should Know Before Starting IT Outsourcing in Ukraine
Sergey Ovcharenko
12 Things a CEO Should Know Before Starting IT Outsourcing in Ukraine... Read more
31 December 2020
10 min
IT Offshoring Pros and Cons. Benefits, Risks and Limitations
Sergey Ovcharenko
The arrival of new technology companies boosts the demand for IT specialists, and already we see the Western I... Read more
19 December 2020
8 min
Outsourcing vs. Offshoring: How to Choose the Best Option
Dmitry Ovcharenko
The global IT market is developing by leaps and bounds, as a dire shortage of software engineers becomes mo Read more
24 December 2020
9 min
Why Ukraine is a Great Fit for International Tech Companies
Dmitry Ovcharenko
When looking for an offshore location, you might find a range of articles claiming that Ukraine is the best ... Read more
21 April 2020
7 min
Unlock Your Business Potential – Leave the Operational Work to Experts
Dmitry Ovchareko
Did you know it costs $5,000 on average to hire and train an HR representative? What else could you ... Read more
11 October 2019
4 min
Why IT outsourcing does not work for startups?
Sergey Ovcharenko
Why IT outsourcing does not work for startups?... Read more
24 December 2020
Top 5 Reasons for Israeli Companies to Open R&D Center in Ukraine
Information technologies continue to multiply. The entrepreneurs make every effort to kee... Read more
19 April 2018
How to Start a Remote Development Office: Key Points
Dmitry Ovcharenko
Every 4 years Ukrainian IT market is growing twice in size. The forecasts of experts for the ... Read more
21 September 2017
4 min