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3 Reasons Why Business Outsource IT Services [and Win Problems]
Dmitry Ovcharenko
Alcor BPO provides both IT enterprises and startups with a comprehensive solution for effective software devel... Read more
31 August 2021
11 min
How to Find Solution Developers for Hire Fast?
Alina Grytsenko
Alcor is a BPO company that knows how to orchestrate all your operational tasks, including the hiring proce Read more
19 August 2021
5 min
IT Staff Augmentation vs. Managed Services. What’s Better, When and for Whom?
Sergiy Ovcharenko
Sooner or later, many IT product companies step back from the traditional outsourced services and seek wise ... Read more
29 July 2021
8 min
5 Tips to Hire Pro Vue.js Developers. And an Ultimate Solution for That
Maryna Panchuk
If you need to find experienced Vue.js developers for hire, our BPO company is ready to do it via t ... Read more
09 July 2021
7 min
5 Software Testing Outsourcing Best Practices
Sergey Ovcharenko
5 Software Testing Outsourcing Best Practices... Read more
29 May 2021
5 min
Is There a Difference Between Nearshoring, Offshoring and Onshoring When Outsourcing IT Services?
Dmitry Ovcharenko
Whenever tech leaders need to get experienced software developers on board, they choose between two business e... Read more
29 April 2021
7 min
Need to Hire an Asp .Net Developer? Consider This Turnkey Solution
Maryna Panchuk
Technology-savvy ASP .NET developers have helped companies such as SpaceX, MasterCard, and Slack to build Read more
26 April 2021
4 min
Need to Hire Dedicated Magento Developers? We Have a Turnkey Solution in Eastern Europe
Maryna Panchuk
Every owner of an e-commerce business wants to ensure a top-level customer experience through the website w ... Read more
23 April 2021
7 min
Instead of Hiring a Ruby on Rails Development Team Consider This Solution
Marina Panchuk
It’s challenging to hire a team of Ruby on Rails developers because the community of RoR coders is relati ... Read more
21 April 2021
7 min
Alcor Turnkey IT Support Solution vs. Technical Support Outsourcing
Viktoriia Keliar
Alcor Turnkey IT Support Solution vs. Technical Support Outsourcing... Read more
20 April 2021
5 min
Wise Offshoring Risk Management: The Top 8 Threats
Sergey Ovcharenko
Outsourcing and its variations in the IT domain have become a generally accepted management tool for tech busi... Read more
31 December 2021
7 min
4 Tips on How to Outsource Recruitment Process
Maryna Panchuk
During times of crisis, some businesses collapse while others keep flourishing. What's the magic formula? T Read more
08 February 2021
6 min
4 Tips How to Manage Offshore Development Team Effectively
Dmytro Ovcharenko
Managing offshore development teams is never without challenges, yet when running an R&D office abroad the ... Read more
24 December 2020
8 min
IT Offshoring Pros and Cons. Benefits, Risks and Limitations
Sergey Ovcharenko
The arrival of new technology companies boosts the demand for IT specialists, and already we see the Wester ... Read more
19 December 2020
8 min
Outsourcing vs. Offshoring: How to Choose the Best Option
Dmytro Ovcharenko
Outsourcing vs. Offshoring: How to Choose the Best Option... Read more
24 December 2020
9 min