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Blog about running software R&D in Europe | Alcor BPO

12 Things a CEO Should Know Before Starting IT Outsourcing in Ukraine
Sergey Ovcharenko
Creating a technology business requires considerable outflow, and its expansion will cost even more. After fig... Read more
31 December 2020
10 min
4 Tips How to Manage Offshore Development Team Effectively
Dmitry Ovcharenko
Managing offshore development teams is never without challenges, yet when running an R&D office abroad the Read more
24 December 2020
8 min
9 Things CEO Should Do Before Starting Offshore Software Development
Dmitry Ovcharenko
Nowadays, for every company, it’s vital to keep up with emerging trending technologies. However, constant ... Read more
24 December 2020
11 min
IT Offshoring Pros and Cons. Benefits, Risks and Limitations
Sergey Ovcharenko
The arrival of new technology companies boosts the demand for IT specialists, and already we see the Wester ... Read more
19 December 2020
8 min
Outsourcing vs. Offshoring: How to Choose the Best Option
Dmitry Ovcharenko
Outsourcing vs. Offshoring: How to Choose the Best Option... Read more
24 December 2020
9 min
Why IT outsourcing does not work for startups?
Sergey Ovcharenko
When starting up a product development business many entrepreneurs encounter a shortage of funds, so to... Read more
24 December 2020
Do not get into the trap: TOP 12 mistakes IT companies make when opening R&D center in Ukraine
Dmitry Ovcharenko
More and more American tech companies are becoming enthusiastic to set up their own R&D center in Uk Read more
04 March 2019
7 min
How to open your own R&D office in Ukraine
Dmitry Ovcharenko
When it comes to opening a new R&D office, companies may feel confused and frustrated. I unde ... Read more
25 January 2019
5 min
Top 5 Reasons for Israeli Companies to Open R&D Center in Ukraine
Information technologies continue to multiply. The entrepreneurs make every effort to ... Read more
19 April 2018
How to Start a Remote Development Office: Key Points
Dmitry Ovcharenko
Every 4 years Ukrainian IT market is growing twice in size. The forecasts of experts f Read more
21 September 2017
4 min