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It includes the salary ranges and availability of the requested developers in Poland, Romania, and other countries in EE (as well as time-to-hire metrics and other KPIs for your case).

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Should You Nearshore Software Development to Argentina in 2024?
Dmytro Ovcharenko
The rise in demand for digital transformation — poised to reach a remarkable $2.3 trillion in 8 years — ha... Read more
06 January 2024
13 min
9 Successful and 5 Bad Offshoring Examples
Dmytro Ovcharenko
Today, more and more IT entrepreneurs are implementing innovative approaches to doing business. The global Read more
29 December 2023
15 min
Goals for Software Developers to Boost Productivity
Dmytro Ovcharenko
Setting performance goals every quarter is like adding jet fuel to a company's engine — it usually result ... Read more
27 December 2023
13 min
Build-Operate-Transfer Model for IT Outsourcing
Sergey Ovcharenko
The IT industry is advancing “at the speed of light” and offers exciting technologies and innovations f ... Read more
22 December 2023
19 min
Nearshore Software Development in Mexico 2024
Maryna Panchuk
Nearshore Software Development in Mexico 2024... Read more
22 December 2023
13 min
Hiring Developers from Bulgaria in 2024
Marina Panchuk
The dynamic technology market, burning shortage of skilled developers, the recent pandemic, and financial and ... Read more
13 December 2023
10 min
Software Development Outsourcing to Argentina in 2024
Sergiy Ovcharenko
According to most research, the global shortage of software developers will reach a mark of 4.0 million s Read more
28 November 2023
15 min
Software Development in Poland: Facts and New Reality
Maryna Panchuk
In order to find competent software developers and avoid overpayment, Western businesses set up their devel ... Read more
22 November 2023
14 min
Hire Developers in Romania: Portrait, Challenges, Salaries
Marina Panchuk
87% of employers worldwide struggle to fill positions in their companies. This problem is even more severe ... Read more
10 November 2023
12 min
Team Augmentation in Poland: Overview for 2024
Maryna Panchuk
Team Augmentation in Poland: Overview for 2024... Read more
07 November 2023
8 min
Mexico's Taxes & Regulation for Tech Companies
Viktoriia Keliar
Mexico stands out as a top choice for IT companies from neighboring North American countries that seek nearsho... Read more
30 October 2023
11 min
Software Engineers in Colombia: Salaries & Insights
Maryna Panchuk
Higher pay is one of the main criteria that motivates tech talent to cast their nets wider for new job pros Read more
18 October 2023
8 min
Software Engineer Salaries in Mexico for 2024
Alina Grytsenko
According to the latest data, the talent gap in the US is significant, with 8.8 million job openings but on ... Read more
17 October 2023
8 min
How 2024 Looks for Software Development in Romania
Sergiy Ovcharenko
Today, Romania stands out as one of the top locations for running a tech business due to its impressive dev ... Read more
13 October 2023
10 min
Bulgaria as a Software Development Outsourcing Destination
Sergiy Ovcharenko
Bulgaria as a Software Development Outsourcing Destination... Read more
11 October 2023
7 min
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