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Automated Recruiting

Head of IT Recruitment Department
Automated Recruiting - Alcor BPO profile

Automated Recruiting stands for use of technology and software to automate the recruitment process. Such a system was created to facilitate recruitment by implementing new technologies and replacing manual hiring activities. Automatization of your recruitment process allows for minimizing the biased approach and human factor in picking the right specialist, making the process more objective. Additionally, it saves a significant amount of time on different steps of the talent acquisition process and improves the applicant experience. There are several parts of the talent acquisition process where automated recruiting will be useful: 


- Creating candidate database 

- Job advertisement  

- Engagement with candidate 

- Planning interview 

- Candidate background research  

- Online communication (like video conferencing)  

- Record keeping  


In 2023 IT recruitment is a tall order. Here are a few factors that created a demand for automated recruiting: 

  • High demand for IT developers. In recent years we have become witnesses to the accelerated pace of technological transformation in the world. Technologies are growing exponentially: for now, there are 1.35 million tech startups in the world and the industry is growing avalanche-like. 
  • Tech developers shortage. According to IDC Market Perspective, the global shortage of full-time developers will increase to 4.0 million by 2025. As the industry is growing, recruitment needs to adjust to a new level as well as automated recruiting might be the key to an IT company’s success.
  • Need for fast hires. Time matters. While you are providing your six interviews, your perfect candidate is likely to give preference to another tech company, as they only conducted three of them. Therefore, it would be so cool to have some automated recruiting tool to collect necessary data and save this time on the interviews, right?
  • Need for narrow-specialized candidates. Employers often make it difficult for candidates to meet their expectations by setting overly specific and narrow skill requirements. This strategy can be problematic as it creates a difficult situation for recruiters and reduces the number of potential candidates. An automated tool could be used to source and select such candidates. 
  • Increased turnover rates. It is no surprise that the IT industry has a higher turnover rate of 12.9%, making IT recruiters fill the same position over and over again. Automated recruiting partially solves the problem by helping to quickly identify top candidates and their motivation.

The essence is that we need automated recruiting to streamline and optimize the recruitment process, reduce bias, save time and effort in the initial screening process, and identify top candidates efficiently. So, here are our top-8 useful tips in case you are new to automated recruiting and wonder where to start implementing it:  


1. Automatically schedule the interviews - Let your candidate come up with a time that works best for them by allowing candidates to schedule themselves in the hiring system based on represented available time slots. This eliminates the need for laborious and time-consuming back-and-forth scheduling between recruiters and candidates.


2. Launch advertisments - Automated job posting software can be used to publish job ads across popular job boards or social media platforms with just one click. This eliminates the need to manually post job ads on each platform separately, saving time and efforts.


3. Create a chatbot - I can agree that the chatbot will never be able to reveal the topic as good as a real recruiter, yet chatbots and messaging tools can be implemented to interact with potential candidates who show interest in the job opening. For instance, it may help to answer frequently asked questions and provide initial screening, allowing recruiters to focus on more qualified candidates.


4. Simplify audience targeting - Automated recruiting can be used to target specific audiences with job ads based on various factors like demographics, tech stack, and search behavior. This helps to reach a larger pool of potential candidates and can result in higher-quality applicants, as well reduce the cost-per-hire metrics as you won’t need to look for help from a targeting specialist. 


5. Start with prescreening - To streamline the recruitment process, employers can set up pre-recorded video interviews or text-based questionnaires. The candidates can complete the task on their own whenever they have spare time. This saves time and effort by allowing recruiters to screen unqualified applicants and minimize unnecessary interview rounds. Also, it’s a good chance to prepare for the interview in advance.


6. Appy assessment tools - Create a system to input correct answers into the hiring tool to do the scoring and ranking process automatically. Moreover, it's possible to specify screening criteria so that automated decisions can be made on your behalf. This can reduce bias and guarantee the consistent evaluation of all candidates.


7. Use AI analytics - It might sound mind-blowing but there already exist some tools that are able to analyze the emotions and behavioral patterns of the candidate by screening records of the interview. It will help to pick your A-player as you will get more information about their soft skills (like confidence, diligence, patience, etc.). 


8. Digitalize record-keeping - Automated recruiting simplifies the process by turning complex data into easy-to-understand formats. This saves time and effort by eliminating the need to manually review data, identify pitfalls, and adjust strategies. With automated reporting, analyzing situations and making decisions is easy with just a glance. Additionally, automating reporting allows for better tracking of key metrics and provides insights for future improvements. 


To help you navigate through the process of digitalizing your recruitment workflow, I also prepared seven apps that would come in handy on your way to looking for the best candidates in 2023:  


SmartRecruiters. It is a save jat that should definitely be on your radar in 2023. Among its main features are direct sourcing, interview management, tech company branding, job post advertising, internal mobility, candidate management system, and social media sharing. It also brags AI and candidate engagement tools that offer top-tech hiring capabilities to meet the needs of the IT labor market. Whether you are seeking to recruit employees who work on-site or remotely, SmartRecruiters is adaptable and can be customized to help you cast a wider net and draw in A-players.  


Huntly. Huntly is a brand-new tech recruitment marketplace that streamlines the hiring process for tech recruiters and global product companies. This platform acts as a bridge between IT companies and recruiters. It allows tech recruiters to recommend their candidates and get a generous bonus for each successful hire. This innovative approach to recruitment is designed to save time for both recruiters and employers, ensuring that companies can find the best talent quickly and efficiently. 


Comeet. Let this app do the candidate screening, interview and communication management, provide mobile support, reporting and analytics, and improve collaborative recruitment. Its collaborative features enable the recruitment team to work together and come up with decisions. Plus, you can take advantage of the free trial version before fully committing. 


Ideal. An innovative AI-powered screening tool designed for enterprise teams to quickly identify the best candidates in their talent pool. With its ability to screen thousands of candidates in seconds and integrate with existing databases, it can help streamline the recruitment process. The tool uses data from resumes and assessments, as well as a chatbot feature to engage candidates and produce unbiased assessment results. Ideal automates up to 70% of top-of-funnel interactions, workflows, and assessments, reducing the time to fill and saving recruiters up to four hours a day. 


LinkedIn Recruiter. With over 700 million users, LinkedIn Recruiter is the starring social network for professionals to showcase their work history, skills, and recommendations. While it's not exclusively for job seekers, it's an excellent platform to expand your tech developers' database. The platform simplifies the hiring process with search filters and recommendations that narrow down the search to find candidates that match your criteria. Once you've found your ideal candidates, you can reach out to them with InMail, increasing your chances of a response. A perfect scheduling tool that integrates with your video conferencing software, making it easier to book meetings for recruiters and candidates. The app has over 60 additional integrations, such as user directory solutions and file storage like Dropbox and Google Drive. It automatically organizes meetings and provides meeting briefings with tech candidates, details, and job history from your ATS. What’s more, can also generate relevant documentation, like employee contracts. 


Workday. One last app I want to recommend is Workday HRM software, which enables recruiters to handle tasks related to management. This software offers various functions, such as self-service, and makes it possible to manage employee organization, staffing, payroll, and oversee activities like legal policies. With Workday, you can monitor your workforce and generate analytical reports based on factors like salary, employment history, job position, and other dimensions. Additionally, Workday provides the ability to model various types of organizations, departments, or matrix structures independently and concurrently. 


Although there are many ways to implement automated recruiting, a reliable hiring specialist is always a number one priority. Alcor has more than 10 years of experience in IT recruitment all over Eastern Europe. Our team of 40 recruiters has already hired hundreds of candidates for known tech companies like Big Commerce, Sift, and Ledger. We not only hire great candidates but guarantee you’ll get a new one (at no cost!) if the candidate doesn’t pass the probation period (which hardly ever happens with us). So, contact us in case you need a reliable recruitment partner.  

We guarantee:


software developers within 1 month


software developers within 3 months


software developers within 1 year


months warranty to substitute our candidate free of charge

If we don’t meet the deadlines we will hire the rest at no charge to you!

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