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Virtual Interview

Head of IT Recruitment Department
Virtual Interview - Alcor BPO profile

When it comes to the question of what is a virtual interview, the definition speaks for itself. The virtual interview is one conducted remotely via the platform for online conferencing. Now, not less than 80% of companies use video interviews as a part of their hiring process. Indeed, it significantly facilitates the process by offering the following benefits: 

  • Flexibility. The virtual interview can be easily conducted at any location and takes no commute time to achieve the interview location. What’s more, both an interviewer and a candidate can pick the atmosphere that comforts them the most: it could be a room at home or a conference room in the office. 
  • Bigger talent pool. The tendency of tech teams working remotely and flexible hiring options gave tech companies access to the wider candidate database all over the world. Feel free to reach out to the best tech talents at any existing location. 
  • Recording option. It’s impossible to remember every single detail about the interview you have conducted. Sometimes we need to come back and clarify some things or double-check facts. Virtual interviews make such an option possible.  

Yet just like in any other case, there could appear some inconveniences in terms of technical problems, background distractions, or just psychological difficulties in establishing contact online. So, I prepared my top 8 tips to dodge a bullet during the virtual interview with the tech specialist: 


1. Do the pre-screening - This approach ensures a time-saving, cost-effective, and more selective approach to the hiring process. All it takes is creating a questionnaire to clarify some basic information about the candidate: like the desired salary, previous experience, or values. Thus, you will have more time for specific questions in an online interview. Also, you can set up a virtual-prescreening interview where the candidate will record their answers.

2. Use automated interview scheduling - Automated scheduling allows candidates to pick the time right from the timetable of the recruiter. The process is simple: the recruiter would indicate their availability on their calendar, provide a link, and the candidate would choose a suitable time. It especially comes in handy when there are more than two interviewees.


3. Get ready. Prepare for the virtual interview just like you would do for an in-person interview. Analyze the CV of the candidate, prepare questions, and be ready to present your tech company.


4. Ask every candidate the same questions - It is key to being as objective as possible. What’s more, it’s a way to establish a consistent framework for future selection procedures. By evaluating each candidate's capabilities without bias, you increase the likelihood of identifying top-notch candidates.


5. Be attentive to non-verbal signs - We all know, it is much easier to control them in person than in a virtual interview. In fact, humans can understand body language on a subscription level, but in online mode, this task may turn into an uphill battle. And also engage your mimics - show your engagement with the signs on your face (but don’t overdo it).


6. Try not to interrupt - Without even mentioning that interrupting people is a sign of bad manners, remember that candidates are already stressed. To make them keep their focus on a certain topic you want to let them finish their thought. Take notes on what they are saying and ask questions afterward.


7. Clarify long pauses - Make it clear to your candidate why the silence appears. We are all humans: sometimes we have to take notes, contemplate what was just said, or think over an answer to the IT specialist's question. Just make sure you don’t leave your candidate on hold.  

8. Send an email the next day - At least a short thank you note is definitely a must-thing-to-do after the virtual interview - just to appreciate the time that person spent talking to you and showing interest in your IT company. The best way is, of course, to share your feedback as soon as possible. In this case, HR virtual assistant can come in handy.


A well-prepared virtual interview can increase your chances for successful hiring of IT specialists  even in the era of global tech talent shortage. 

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