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It includes the salary ranges and availability of the requested developers in Poland, Romania, and other countries in EE (as well as time-to-hire metrics and other KPIs for your case).

All about IT recruitment

Dedicated Development Team in Romania
Marina Panchuk
It's becoming a trend for American and Western tech companies to set up their software development operations ... Read more
06 October 2023
8 min
Software Development in Eastern Europe
Sergiy Ovcharenko
Exploring overseas options for product development offers IT companies a world of advantages. This includes Read more
26 September 2023
13 min
Staff Augmentation in Latin America
Sergiy Ovcharenko
Today, 90% of business leaders grapple with the same giant puzzle piece:  recruiting and retaining top-tie ... Read more
25 September 2023
8 min
Staff Augmentation in Bulgaria
Dmytro Ovcharenko
In 2023, McKinsey expects the demand for tech talent to grow from 9.2 million jobs to 9.4 million in the US ... Read more
14 September 2023
7 min
Colombia Business Taxes for the IT Industry
Viktoriia Keliar
Colombia Business Taxes for the IT Industry... Read more
05 September 2023
10 min
IT Outsourcing to Poland in 2024
Sergiy Ovcharenko
Venturing into IT outsourcing proves to be a strategic approach for western tech companies, allowing them to t... Read more
10 August 2023
15 min
Outsourcing Software Development to Colombia
Sergiy Ovcharenko
Latin America keeps proving itself as a strong and promising region for software development. A huge pool o Read more
04 August 2023
10 min
Nearshoring Software Development to Colombia
Dmytro Ovcharenko
Colombia has been widely recognized as the Silicon Valley of Latin America, catching the attention of such ... Read more
27 July 2023
10 min
10 Ways to Automate the Recruitment Process in Your Company
Marina Panchuk
Recruitment has always been a highly competitive field, which puts to the test a company's adaptability to ... Read more
19 July 2023
11 min
Integrated Team: Is It a Good or Bad Option for IT Businesses?
Sergiy Ovcharenko
Integrated Team: Is It a Good or Bad Option for IT Businesses?... Read more
17 July 2023
11 min
Outsourced Product Development: Pros, Cons & Best Alternatives
Sergey Ovcharenko
The IT field is always bursting with an abundance of captivating product ideas that are just waiting to sweep ... Read more
06 July 2023
8 min
Virtual Recruiting Assistant: Do you Need to Hire Them for Your Tech Business?
Alina Grytsenko
The recent trends in the sphere of HR are both alarming and hopeful. On the one hand, Deloitte reports stag Read more
05 July 2023
10 min
AI Engineer Salary by Country 2023
Maryna Panchuk
AI technologies are reshaping the world, changing the way we live and work and revolutionizing various indu ... Read more
04 July 2023
11 min
How to Find and Hire the Right Shopify Developers
Alina Grytsenko
Being represented in more than 170 countries and making up 10% of total US e-commerce, Shopify is an e-comm ... Read more
23 June 2023
11 min
Software Engineer Shortage: Myth or Fact?
Dmytro Ovcharenko
Software Engineer Shortage: Myth or Fact?... Read more
21 June 2023
12 min
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