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Ми надамо вам статистику про кількість потрібних вам розробників в Польщі, Румунії, Україні та їхні середні зарплати. Під час спілкування ми також обговоримо очікувані терміни найму і дамо рекомендації з приводу закупівлі обладнання, юридичних вимог, платіжних відомостей і розрахунку заробітної плати програмістів.

Кар'єра в Unifly

Unifly is a global leading provider of Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) technology that connects authorities with pilots to safely integrate drones into the airspace. Founded in 2015 by a small group of aerospace and tech experts, we have grown into a Soonicorn with award-winning platform and 57 teammates on board. Unifly has been expanding its horizons exponentially, operating on 4 continents, including such locations as Belgium, France, Spain, Austria, USA, Japan, and Malawi. Since 2015, we’ve engaged over €33M in investments and continue growing.

The Unifly Team:

Recruitment process at Unifly
We know that long marathons of job interviews can be frustrating and exhausting. Therefore, we decided that our hiring process would consist of only 3 stages with each lasting no longer than 30-60 minutes. To join the Unifly development team, first you need to send your CV for screening and then we invite you to the first interview with our CCO. After that, you will either chat with our Head of QA/Mobile teams or have a technical task to complete. In this way, we will be able to assess your competence in programming while you get an insight into work that our developers do at Unifly. And finally, after the successful completion of 2 stages, you will have a closing interview with our CEO.
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What's it like working at Unifly?
Our company is driven by innovation. That’s why we’re looking for a software developer who would be a tireless generator of ideas, an unstoppable force of progress, and a life-long learner ready to face challenges. Unifly is a closely-knit team where each member contributes to mutual success. This means that a superstar who wants to fly high all alone is not our ideal candidate. Still, we respect our employees’ individuality and encourage autonomy. While everyone is responsible for their own piece of work, they are also aware of all company processes and goals. We also believe in flexibility - as our team members know how to work hard and at the same time have fun!
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Shaping the airspace of tomorrow
Witnessing a growing number of drones in the airspace, we made it our mission to develop technology that could ensure a secure integration and supervision of autonomous aviation. That’s how our team came up with the Unmanned traffic management system. By using Direct and Network Remote ID, it makes for the possibility to establish contact between drone operators and authorities, plan and approve flights, keep track of drone traffic, and manage no-fly zones. There are 3 types of interfaces in our product portfolio: a mobile app, web interface, and a public API. Here at Unifly, we believe that the proliferation of drones will eventually eliminate the gridlock, enhance the transportation, cut down on pollution, and increase flexibility. As a result, our life will become much easier and safer. Are you willing to develop the next radical innovation in the drone space? Then send your CV!
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