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It includes the salary ranges and availability of the requested developers in Poland, Romania, and other countries in EE (as well as time-to-hire metrics and other KPIs for your case).

Tech recruitment

Top 10 Questions for a Developer Interview
Marina Panchuk
With software development being on the rise, hiring rare talent has become more arduous and time-consuming. Ac... Read more
09 January 2023
12 mins
Average Django Developer Salary: Worldwide IT Companies Research
Nadiia Kovalchuk
Building highly scalable and reliable websites to promote products and services can be costly. That’s why Read more
30 December 2022
7 mins
Full Lifecycle Recruiting: Stages, Pitfalls & Solutions
Alina Grytsenko
An end-to-end recruitment process helps tech companies better plan their IT recruiting, as well as effectiv ... Read more
12 December 2022
8 min
Engineering Manager Salary in Tech Companies: Worldwide Market Analysis
Nadiia Kovalchuk
Software development teams are the main asset of any IT company, as they are the driving force towards busi ... Read more
05 December 2022
8 mins
7 Common IT Recruitment Challenges and How to Solve Them
Marina Panchuk
7 Common IT Recruitment Challenges and How to Solve Them... Read more
29 November 2022
12 min
IT Staff Augmentation vs. IT Outsourcing Models. Trends & Decision Making Tips
Dmitry Ovcharenko
If you’re looking for ways to extend your company, staff augmentation might help you to deal with it. This b... Read more
17 November 2022
9 min
Average Golang Developer Salary [Worldwide Research]
Nadiia Kovalchuk
There is probably no one in the market who hasn't heard about the rapidly spreading programming language ca Read more
28 October 2022
10 min
Average COBOL Programmer Salary: Worldwide Analysis among IT Companies
Nadiia Kovalchuk
In 2022, COBOL programmers mostly maintain and update existing enterprise software that was developed using ... Read more
27 October 2022
8 min
Software Development in Poland: Facts and New Reality
Marina Panchuk
In order to find competent software developers and avoid overpayment, western businesses set up their devel ... Read more
04 October 2022
8 min
Team Augmentation in Poland: Reasons, Benefits and Current Market Overview
Marina Panchuk
Team Augmentation in Poland: Reasons, Benefits and Current Market Overview... Read more
23 September 2022
8 min
How to Hire a Team of Offshore AI Developers for Your IT Сompany
Marina Panchuk
Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been evolving at an unprecedented pace during the last decade. For some compa... Read more
15 August 2022
11 min
Global Research of the Average Software Team Leader Salary
Nadiia Kovalchuk
A software team leader is the leading engineer in a development team, the one who coordinates other develop Read more
05 August 2022
12 min
Average Automation Engineer Salary Worldwide Research
Nadiia Kovalchuk
Nowadays, software becomes more complex, its production pace speeds up, and the application updates can occ ... Read more
01 August 2022
14 min
Average iOS Developer Salary: Worldwide Research Among Tech Companies
Nadiia Kovalchuk
The demand for mobile applications is rapidly growing due to smartphone proliferation, specifically Apple p ... Read more
29 July 2022
10 min
Average Salary for Business Intelligence Developer Worldwide Research
Marina Panchuk
Average Salary for Business Intelligence Developer Worldwide Research... Read more
22 July 2022
11 min
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