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Tired of IT outsourcing?
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All-in-One Place to Establish your OWN Development Office in Ukraine


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Your Own Development Office


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Why Ukraine?

  • access to the pull of 200,000 IT professionals 20,000 graduates from Tech universities each year
  • 70%-30% cost saving compared to the US and EU respectively
  • 100+ R&D Centers Oracle, Boeing, Siemens, Samsung, Ericsson and others are already in Ukraine
  • 2-3 hours from Europe to Ukraine It takes only a few hours to travel from London, Berlin or Paris to Ukraine, visa-free both ways.

You will Receive

Full control

Own Development Hub

  • 2-3 times cheaper

    Yes, your own development team and office costs 2-3 times cheaper than working via an IT outsourcing provider.

    Transparent pricing. No need for a large up-front investment. No buy-out fee.

  • Easy recruiting

    Recruiting is easier because software developers prefer working on a product and having "the ownership" of their work.

  • Own branded office

    You get your own branded R&D office (captive center) in your own physical office.

  • Intellectual Property and expertise

    You fully control your Intellectual Property and unique expertise.

  • Manage a cross-border team with ease

    It is easy to build and manage your cross-border team. Your developers are employees of your company, part of your corporate culture and fully committed to your goals.

IT Outsourcing

  • Cloudy pricing

    Cloudy pricing with a markup that nobody can clearly explain.

  • Developers may be assigned to other clients

    The middleman has to consider the interests of other projects and clients, so good developers are allocated among them.

  • Another company's brand

    You work under the brand of another company with a team sitting at a middleman’s premises.

  • Middle-man controls Intellectual property

    IP is transferred indirectly and you have to invest in educating of middleman's employees, who can switch from one project to another.

  • IT outsourcing scares away investors!

    It is very hard to outsource core competencies with unique expertise and trade secrets; thus IT outsourcing scares away investors.

  • You have to coordinate all details

    With middleman's executives, the engaged employees perceive the outsourcing company as their real employer.

Why Alcor?

Transparent Pricing

We provide comfortable pricing and full transparency. Pay as you grow. No need in large upfront investment.

No buy-out fee

We do not charge any buy out or other hidden fees.

Fast Recruitment

We vow to hire 5 developers in the first month, 20 in a 3-month period, and 100 within a year. If we do not meet the deadlines, we will hire the rest at no charge to you.

Your People

Get fully committed developers, no intermediaries. You can build out own brand and corporate culture with the same KPIs for people having a sense of ownership over your product

Shelter and business navigation

if your company or developers get a fine due to us, you will get 100% compensation.

A-la carte services help

All-in-one place to establish and run your team and office. Pay only for what you use.

Our clients say

Thanks for helping us to make our dreams come true! We are very excited to have our own R&D presence in Ukraine!

Elena Leonova Director of Product Management at Bigcommerce.

Grammarly starting collaborating with Alcor from the year of 2015. We started with Business Travel service and Legal
support, and we were always happy with the quality of service. Alcor is our trusted partner.

Olesia Gavrik Chief Accountant at Grammarly

After being involved with distributed engineering teams for a couple of decades I can say it with great confidence: Alcor’s model is the best and the most modern way to set up R&D center in Ukraine. We use the entire range of services Alcor
provides. Legal support is rock.

Andrey Akselrod
Andrey Akselrod CTO at PEOPLE.AI

It’s extremely important to US companies to be confident as to legal structures and operational comfort for doing business in a foreign country. Since Alcor specializes exclusively in IT and possesses the best practices, we are happy to launch our own branded R&D center in Ukraine with their full cycle of Legal & Finance & Recruiting & Office Support and intention to grow up to 35+ by the end of 2017.

Farhad Shamshirzan
Farhad Shamshirzan Director, Software Engineering at Certent DisclosureNet

Thanks to the efforts of Alcor, our 100+ development team in Ukraine can focus on our clients and shipping an amazing product to them. We are happy to get all back-office solutions in one place, including Accounting, Recruiting, IT Employer branding and Business Travel.

Boris Glantz CTO at Tonic Health

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We respect your privacy and will never share your data with any third party









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