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Tubular Labs Tubular is a technology company from California that develops a video measurement ecosystem with smart analytics regarding advertising campaigns, competitors and other video content metrics. Founded in 2012, we have grown to more than 100 employees worldwide. Our software tracks over 4B videos, 10M influencers, and 90K brands to help media companies make data-driven strategic decisions.

We aim to drive business growth of media companies with actionable insights from their video content.

Our mission can be formulated as “empowering the world to create with confidence.”

The Tubular Labs team

Creating a place you’d love to work for...
Being an employee-oriented company, we have a good social package for positions across our offices. At Tubular Labs, you’ll have not only life and health insurance, but also flexible time off, paid vacations and sick leave days. Get secured by our parental support and commuter perks. We also want to celebrate teamwork and develop our people, so our employees enjoy various team building activities, mentorship, and other community events.
Unique culture that makes us a team
The culture of diversity and constant growth is what brings us together. We value people with a strong desire to learn and help others. That’s why our team welcomes newcomers who are transparent, empathic, and open. One of the most valuable things for us is a genuine desire to contribute to the common success. From our side, leaders at Tubular Labs are ready to support you and encourage ideas.
Engineering principles we follow
Our locations are distributed across the most prominent engineering hubs in Europe and the USA: Mountain View, New York, San Francisco, London, Singapore, and Kyiv. Our Ukrainian development team in Kyiv works on data systems and engineering infrastructure following the main rule “Make useable data, make data useable". The developers at Tubular Labs believe in our products, work on innovations, and strive to deliver delightful digital experiences for our users.
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