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RX Vantage RX Vantage is a California-based technology company that provides intelligent apps to connect physicians with life science reps. Our products improve the way medical offices exchange information with reps by implementing virtual meetings and online management, utilizing our cloud-based software. As well, in 2020 we acquired the onPoint Oncology company to provide better data management and more effectively respond to client needs. And now we are in need of Ukrainian engineering talent to join us in further headway!

We help over 6,000 medical practices and cover all major life science companies.

Our mission is to revolutionize patient care by empowering communication between healthcare providers and life science experts.

The RX Vantage team:

Remote work, bonuses, health insurance, and more...
At RX Vantage, we have developed the philosophy of “work from anywhere” that helps us engage top specialists from around the world and create a diverse team. We had been practicing this long before the pandemic, so our employees have felt less stressed during the quarantine. Therefore, working with RX Vantage means having flexible working hours and annual bonuses based on performance reviews, plus paid vacation and national holidays. We will also support you in mastering your skills by offering to pay for your engineering classes and certifications. The last but not least benefit is the opportunity to have good health insurance.
Meet our collaborative environment
We are happy to have very little turnover and watch our employees grow professionally inside the company. This has become possible because of the desire to learn, a friendly atmosphere, and strong collaboration in the team. Everyone at RX Vantage strives for transparency, so that’s what we expect from our newcomers as well. Our management board is open and encourages the team to speak up - we are always ready to discuss and implement new ideas with our employees. As part of this culture of satisfaction, RX Vantage also values a work-life balance.
You can be the perfect fit!
We’re looking for gifted engineers who have solid experience working with the React.js framework, including hooks and context API. Our product development team also uses such technologies as GraphQL, Apollo Client, Lerna, and Yarn workspaces. If you’re looking for that long-term stable job at a profitable company, you are welcome to apply! In return, we might just offer you some truly challenging work with cutting-edge technologies and the opportunity to work in collaboration with our leading senior-level engineers.
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