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Career at MyHeritage

Established in 2003, MyHeritage is the world’s leading company that helps families uncover the origins of their DNA and retrace their history. So far, we have been featured by The New York Times, Tech Crunch, Good Morning America and other well-known platforms thanks to our engineering excellence.

Based in Israel, we have a team of more than 100 developers and Q&A engineers in 5 offices all over the world. Currently MyHeritage is looking for enthusiastic programmers in Poland, Romania and Bulgaria to join our team and foster innovation together.

MyHeritage provides 100 million users with the top-notch technology and infrastructure to browse through records, test their DNA, create their own family tree online and learn more about their ethnic background.

The mission we set out to fulfill is to make family history traceable, accessible and available for all.

The MyHeritage Team

Connecting the family dots
Presently, we have amassed 9 billion historical records, 4.3 billion DNA matches and 45 million family trees. All these resources and experience help us trace long-lost relatives and reunite families. On our website, users can take an affordable DNA test and match their roots across 2,114 geographic regions.

Other ways to outline family history are online family trees and search databases. The minute our user creates a family tree, we leverage our Smart and Record Matches technology to email them updates on their ancestors. They can also search through our extensive database just using the name of their family members. Last but not least, we have developed Deep Nostalgia — a tool that allows you to animate your family photos. 107 million animations have already been made by our users.
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Not only doing well, but doing good in the world
The idea behind MyHeritage belongs to our CEO, a tech veteran and expert genealogist Gilad Japhet, who turned his passion for family history into a leading company with millions of users across the globe.

Besides developing award-winning technologies, at MyHeritage we invest in good deeds, such as looking into the family trees of heirs of stolen properties to help them reclaim their family heritage or reuniting entire families. Our keen sense of adventure and exploration helps us untie the most complicated genealogical mysteries.
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Welcoming in the team and offering numerous perks
To become part of our talented team, you will need to be on top of the latest technologies in your domain and go through four interview stages: an interview with Alcor, a technical interview with our team, another one with our Web Director and, finally, the last one with our Human Resources Manager Adi Shaham.

From our side, professional growth, friendly experienced teammates and career planning along with regular performance reviews are key attributes that you get upon joining our company. At MyHeritage, we also provide our employees with all the documentation maintenance support, free medical insurance, sport compensation and online yoga classes, free English lessons with a native speaker, happy hours and other online company events. Another tradition of ours is to organize business trips to Tel Aviv to meet up with the team.
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 - Alcor BPO
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