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Career at Mitigram

Mitigram is a cutting-edge platform for seamless trade financing. Thanks to Mitigram, corporate and financial institutions can digitise their financial records, help assess risks in real time and fully manage their workflow. Mitigram was founded in Sweden in 2014 and has already grown to be an efficient and renowned tech solution for businesses. Its applications are now used by more than 300 international corporations, including Nokia, Volvo, ArcelorMittal, Bridgestone, Ericsson, Louis Dreyfus Company, Siemens Healthineers, and over 150 banks.

We help our clients leverage technology — advanced AI, APIs, and Swift connectivity — to digitise their trade, risk assessment and market pricing analysis.

According to Malin Bäcklund, Interim CEO of Mitigram, gaps in connectivity cost the whole industry $4 trillion annually. Our goal is to bridge it by helping our clients keep up with ever-evolving technologies.

The Mitigram Team

Connectivity Holds Value
Mitigram was designed with users and usability in mind. We use breakthrough AI and Natural Language Processing technology to structure and make sense of data in financial records. Through APIs, we connect everything needed — SWIFT, e-mails, web and other partner channels. To top it off, the embedded MIS tools in our platform bring detailed data analysis and intelligent reports to our users.

To achieve this, we’ve diversified the products on our platform. Meet them all:

MitiSquare gives access to a global market network and leverages data to assess your risks, company capacity and pricing strategy to help find that competitive edge;

MitiManager is in charge of all financing data, regardless of its format or channel. Plus, it opens the doors to the network of corporate & banking communication regarding trade;

MitiGateway turns unstructured data from buyers into digitised records, further enhancing customer service.
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Prizing Ideas & Minimizing Bureaucracy
Right now, Mitigram is looking for a passionate team member who is ready to contribute fresh ideas to uncover a treasure trove of value for our clients. You’ll be joining a highly collaborative team of like-minded people, aimed at appreciating creative input and avoiding bureaucratic stumbling blocks.

In order to become part of our team, you’ll need to go through an initial HR interview with Alcor. After that, there are these following stages:

- 1-hour meeting with our COO;
- test coding assignment to be completed at home; it usually takes 1-1.5 hours and we don’t impose a strict deadline;
- a technical interview with our CTO.

If you succeed, we’ll welcome you for a 3-month evaluation period! Afterwards, apart from offering an enjoyable working environment and paid days off, we’ll cover your medical insurance and compensate for educational & wellness activities (up to $600-700).

We’re waiting for your CV to continue our global trade revolution!
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Better Secure than Sorry
Mitigram follows European GDPR compliance and cloud-based solutions. The cloud helps store all financing data on the cloud connected to our datacenters in Stockholm, ensuring no data breaches but giving flexibility. Furthermore, the trade data is encrypted via an enterprise-specific key and governed by a permission & access framework.

We’ve also taken great care to ensure that transactions in our clients’ system are immutable, protected with automated Intrusion Detection Systems and monitored by our 24/7 Security Operations Center. As a result, this seamless, secure and straightforward digital financing platform is at your fingertips.
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Front-End Software Engineer - Alcor BPO
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