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Inflection Inflection is a Silicon Valley IT company that develops products for screening employees and customers using big data, privacy policies, and risk management solutions. One of them is GoodHire, an industry-leading employee background check platform for businesses of all sizes.

We help over 80,000 companies from various industries to screen, assess, and make reasonable decisions concerning recruitment and cooperation with clients.

Our goal is to promote ethical information sourcing when it comes to recruitment, the sharing economy, and government data.

The Inflection team

Why it’s exciting to work at Inflection!
First of all, you will work on game-changing products for safe and easy screening of people. Such an experience might be crucial to upgrade your skills and boost your career. Secondly, our multi-national company has offices in America, Israel, and Ukraine, so you will have an opportunity to learn about different work cultures and connect with people from all around the world.

Also, we value transparency, accountability, integrity, fun, and other important aspects of performing tasks to simplify the working processes and openly communicate with colleagues.
What you will receive if you choose Inflection...
Apart from a competitive salary based on your skills and expertise, we also offer equity options that bring additional financial compensation. Besides that, we care about your personal and professional growth, so we allocate additional funds for your training and education. Such company perks as health insurance, 20 paid vacation days, 10 sick leave days, regular promotions, a flexible schedule, and others are included as well.
Our team not only loves working, but also creating precious memories!
The thing that makes us different from other companies is that we encourage our employees to participate in interesting volunteer activities. You have three workdays per year to spend on projects that inspire you and bring value. Our team also enjoys spending time together outside the office, so we often conduct offsite meetings, trips, and interesting events.
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