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Eptura is a global worktech company that provides software solutions for people, workplaces, and assets to enable everyone to reach their full potential. Leveraging more than four decades of leadership experience in the software industry, we've assembled a team of top-tier engineering experts to create a product that transforms the way companies work their world.

With a staggering user base of 16.3 million individuals spanning 115 countries, Eptura has earned the trust of over 16,000 of the world's most prominent organizations. Recognized names such as Zoom, Slack, Unilever, Johnson & Johnson, and Comcast Corporation rely on our solutions. Based in the United States, our extensive team of over 1,000 professionals is strategically dispersed around the globe, from New York to Frankfurt and all the way to Sydney. Now, we're excited to embark on a new adventure in Ukraine!

We enable workplaces, people, and assets to perform at their best through a better understanding of how the world works.

Our goal is to build a better future at work — one where everyone can thrive.

The Eptura Team:

Revolutionizing the workspace management
The shift to flexible working has made it increasingly difficult for businesses to operate their spaces and maintain assets effectively. The Eptura team decided to bridge the gaps between traditionally siloed systems, creating a unified worktech platform that connects workplace and physical asset management capabilities in a single solution.

Our innovative product offers companies a powerful advantage: enhanced visibility into how their workspace is used and how their equipment performs. This newfound insight empowers businesses to make informed decisions about their immediate and long-term requirements, enabling them to operate more efficiently and adapt to changing work dynamics.
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Make a change with us
We totally get that job interviews can feel a bit overwhelming. That’s why we've streamlined the process to just two simple stages. First up, a quick 30-minute screening call with the recruiter. We'll cover the basics and get a feel for your soft skills. Then we’ll invite you to a technical interview, which usually lasts no more than an hour. This is where we dig deeper into your qualifications and coding skills to make sure you're a great fit for our team. And voila, after a successful passing, you are a part of our team!

When you join us, you'll get some awesome perks like competitive remuneration, an IT kit full of essential goodies, a personal accountant, and a generous benefits package. It includes 10 business days of paid sick leave, paid official weekends and holidays (as per Ukrainian law), up to 18 paid inactivity days per year, and medical insurance coverage (after probation). Plus, you'll have the opportunity to participate in our corporate training and team-building activities.
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Our values drive us to success
In our quest for the ideal candidate, we place a high emphasis on values, which serve as the bedrock of our accomplishments. They not only mold the culture within our company but also set the tone for nurturing enduring relationships with our customers. We don't just talk about our values; we embody them every single day.

So, what do we encourage?

- Curiosity is what moves us forward. Our hunger to know more and share what we learn with others.
- Flexibility is a part of our DNA. We're always developing, not just in how we work but also in the products we create. We're forward-thinkers, continuously exploring what lies ahead.
- Transparency is our policy. We're straightforward in our communication — saying what we mean and consistently delivering on our promises.
- Teamwork — one together and all for one. We stand by each other, offering support, and jointly celebrating our wins.
- Humbleness goes hand in hand with equality and respect. We all roll up our sleeves to get the job done.

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 - Alcor BPO
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