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Cubyn Cubyn is a French technology company that develops the #1 logistics and fulfillment platform in Europe for the e-commerce industry. This solution enables our clients (Rakuten, BackMarket, Fleux, Tealer and others) not only to organize the supply chain, but also track the performance and predict the best shipping option.

We help e-commerce players save up to 30% of their transportation costs by leveraging warehouses and software.

Our mission is to empower merchants by building the logistics network for the Internet.

The Cubyn Team

Planned growth
In order to fulfil our ambitions of building logistics, we plan to double our team of 85 people by the end of 2021. Our company employs over 85 professionals who work on the product from all over the world and 300 employees working in our warehouses in France and Spain. Since we raised €35M on 18 March 2021 from a Series C funding round, our company is ready to expand in Ukraine and hire the best talent there.
Our values and work ethics
At Cubyn, we believe in diversity and inclusion, that’s why we support #WomenInLogistics and drive action in this movement. Our core values are Impact, Ambition, Humility, Ownership and Leadership. This lets everybody in the organization to have an impact on product development. The Cubyn team also appreciates transparency and decentralization to make everyone feel engaged and valued.
Cubyn benefits
As the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, we focused on the well-being of our team. Remote work is allowed at Cubyn, and we support our employees by providing them with financial support for home equipment. Cubyn ensures a decent salary for its IT specialists, and when working with us you also have a 25-day vacation and budget for health insurance.
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