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Privacy Notice

This privacy notice has been prepared solely for the purposes of internal recruitment. 



Who we are. Alcor-Ukraine LLC together with its affiliates, associates and partners (collectively “Alcor”, “we” or “us”) has collected your personal data when looking to fill:  


a) an open position for which we are considering you, and/or 

b) available roles for which we will consider you in the foreseeable future.  


Personal data that we process. Apart from the information you directly provided to us (if applicable), the personal data we have collected about you may also include the information found on publicly accessible sources (such as LinkedIn, other job-search platforms, and, wherever applicable, Facebook, Instagram and other websites where and to the extent they contain the data directly related to your occupation & professional experience) that normally amounts to the following: 


  • contact details – such as full name, physical address, e-mail address, postal address, phone number, user IDs in messengers and telecommunication applications (e.g., Skype); 
  • demographic information – such as age, gender, country of temporary and/or permanent residence, immigration status; 
  • information referring to a professional background – such as education data, professional experience & skills, credentials, references, former or current job title, role, occupation, industry, employers and/or clients, participation in various projects. 


Moreover, during the selection process, we may gather and process other information about you – for instance, referring to your interests and preferences, as well as any other data that is relevant for the evaluation of your professional skills and knowledge, or which is provided by you at your own wish. 


In some cases, your personal data may be presented to us by a third party (for example, your former colleague or friend). In this case, that person is responsible for receipt of your consent for sharing the data with us. 


How we process your data. We will process your data to the extent necessary to fill the available role at Alcor, based on our legitimate interest in growing and improving our business by approaching new specialists.  


Retention period. We would like to keep your data for 2 years from now (in particular, to be able to offer you future job opportunities), or, as the case may be, until the vacancy for which we are considering you at any given moment is closed, whichever is later.  


Transfer of your personal data. We may share your data only based on your explicit consent, or as provided in our Privacy Policy. 


Right to object. You can ask us to stop processing your personal data and we will abide so as long as we rely on our legitimate interest as described above, except if we can demonstrate other compelling legal grounds for the continued processing. 


Right to file a complaint. If you have a concern with respect to the way we process your personal data, you can report it to the relevant supervisory authority (the contacts of the European Union national data protection authorities are available at the website of the European Data Protection Board). 


Our privacy practices. This Privacy Notice should be read together with our Privacy Policy which describes how we process your personal data and lists your data subject rights in this respect.  


Contact us. If you want us to delete your data and stop contacting you, you may ask us to do so by one of the following means: 





Telephone: +380-44-359-13-60 


Postal address: 01033, Ukraine, Kyiv, Simi Prakhovykh str., 58/10.